Wild Yam & Penis Enlargement:

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Wild Yam is called Dioscorea dregeana in Africa and Dioscorea Villosa in North America. The plant is native to North America and some say that it’s a powerful aphrodisiac.

It contains some DHEA properties which help the release of sex hormones in the body. You can find Wild Yam in many male enhancement products.

Wild Yam and Penis Enlargement:

The theory behind Wild Yam is that it can trigger the release of sex hormones. This theory is most likely false as there’s no real scientific evidence that Wild Yam will trigger the release of sex hormones in the body to any degree.

Wild Yam may be able to generate more genital sensitivity, but there’s not a lot of evidence to back up this claim either.

I have been looking for evidence of this, but have not found it as of yet as to whether Wild Yam is able to do this.

If the penis is more sensitive this may make the processor penis enlargement easier as there’s more blood flow which is needed for a large penis.


I don’t recommend that you take Wild Yam for penis enlargement as there’s not enough evidence that it works for this purpose.

There are other supplements on the market that will do a far better job and produce the results that you want for penis enlargement. Wild Yam probably won’t do anything concrete for you and should be avoided.

My Conclusion:

Wild Yam isn’t an ingredient that’s going to be beneficial to your penis enlargement routine.

You should use other supplements, but if your penis enlargement product has wild yam you can still take it as there’s probably a lot of other ingredients in the product that will be beneficial to you.

Sorry for the lack of info there really wasn’t anything to report.


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