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Hi and welcome to Best Erection Boosters and here is my review of Max Performer male enhancement Pills. My name is Tim Smith and this is my personal review site.

I had heard a lot about Max Performer over the past year. And all positive reviews, so I was excited to try it myself and detail my personal results.

I have to say now that I am pleased with the results and I can highly recommend it to you and any of my friends.

I gained strength and longevity of my Erections and my Libido was greatly improved. Max Performer has gone straight to number 1 on my top 3 because of this.

The other great thing is that the formula they have devised is natural. Unlike Viagra for example which can have negative side effects.

Max Performer Results:

  • Increased My Want & Desire For Sex/Libido
  • Gave me longer lasting erections
  • Made my penis bigger & harder when erect
  • Made my orgasms more intense & enjoyable
  • My sperm volume multiplied within a week
  • General improvement in energy levels at home & work
  • Benefited me with increased stamina making love

Before I carry on with the full review. I would like to just say that I couldn’t be more pleased with Max Performer. It’s given me great results and fast. There’s lots of info on their official website.

Which I’ll post the link below. That being said, I have done my best here to give you all the information you might need.

Final Results After 3 Months:

So Max Performer has been around for a couple of years now. And it’s sold by a company called Silver Blade Nutrition. It is the first product Silver Blade Nutrition have developed.

Max Performer is a leader in male enhancement. This male enhancement pill they say is for men who would like to enjoy their sex life.

Whilst improving their relationship through the positive benefits brought about by their much-researched Formula.

Upon my research, I have found that a lot of thought went into the ingredients included in Max Performer.

There’s a chapter below in which I touch upon the main ingredients. That set the Max Performer supplement above the rest. But for now this is what Max Performer achieves:

  1. Increase the blood flow to your sexual organs
  2. Boost the user’s libido/ want and desire for sex
  3. Increase your stamina/ energy Levels
  4. Give the user natural gains in penis length
  5. Give the user natural gains in penis girth
  6. Have a positive effect on the user’s mood
  7. Enable the user to last longer whilst having sex
  8. Give you harder stiffer better quality erections
  9. Heighten and intensify the user’s orgasms

The Big Question, Do They Work?

The answer is “YES”, that is as simple as it gets, as far as my experience, it worked for me. With other enhancement supplement’s I have heard of mixed results.

Yet with my research of Max Performer, I have only found positive feedback. It is still early days as the Supplement has only been available for a couple of years.

But to me, it seems to be a strong start for Max Performer.

I have worked out as I do for each of my top 3 supplements the rough percentages of men who see positive benefits.

I do this by using the feedback I get here on the site, Youtube and my research. The numbers are amazing. I contacted the guys at max performer and they said they have a less than 1% refund rate, which is brilliant.

Another thing worth a mention is the fact that they offer a guarantee (as do most). The 100-day money back Guarantee applies to all orders of a 3 month supply or more.

On the website, it states that if after 90 days of use you are not satisfied you can send the three empty boxes back. Along with the three full boxes and you will get your money back in full.

It’s quite a good thing to see. As I’m sure plenty of people will feel a lot safer. If they don’t get the gains and help from Max Performer they expect they can get their money back.

It demonstrates the confidence Silver Blade Nutrition have in Max Performer.

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How Max Performer Works:

Max Performer has many different benefits, unlike most enhancement pill. That tend to lean towards giving you one major benefit. Max Performer have gone after the 5 main issues.

That men seeking the benefits of Male Enhancement Supplements tend to suffer from. which are as follows:

  1. Lack Of Libido
  2. Erectile Dysfunction
  3. Premature Ejaculation
  4. Low Stamina
  5. Low Fertility

I’ll begin with libido and the inclusion of Maca. Maca is well documented and used in many medications for its Aphrodisiac properties.

Sexual therapists use it as part of treatment for people with low sex drive. It helps thousands of sufferers around the world on a daily basis.

Many Male Enhancement Pills use it in their formula. Although Max Performer does include it a higher

dose of 1000mg. Korean Ginseng is also part of their blend. And this has the same qualities as above along with a few others that I must touch upon later.

Now on to Erectile Dysfunction. which I suffer with. And which was one of my main motivations for researching natural supplements?

Max Performer includes Horny Goats Weed. And this is used for increasing the flow of oxygen-rich blood around your body more.

The fact that it enables the increased movement of blood flow into your sexual organs. Is the main way it helps Erectile Dysfunction sufferers.

It enables the penis to become erect and gives benefits through regular use. The rise in blood flow into your penis makes the channels within your penis expand and grow over time.

Premature Ejaculation gets beaten with the use of Korean Ginseng. This is because of the way in which it heightens energy levels and concentration. This enables the user to be able to focus whilst making love and helps with control.

Korean Ginseng also helps low stamina. It brings boosted energy levels and enables the user to go for longer when making love. Zinc is another ingredient in Max Performer.

That helps with stamina by boosting the bodies function of testosterone production. This enables the user to have more virility and vigour.

Now low fertility is one thing that affects a lot of men and it can be a major issue in the way it affects their lives. Max Performer has Selenium included.

which under trial has seen the test subjects sperm/semen levels rise by 100%. That’s a doubling of their sperm/semen production through the use of Selenium alone.

Another ingredient is Zinc. which we have already touched upon above. And holds the same qualities as selenium helping sperm production.

The Ingredients:

image of six of the max performer pill ingredients

Here is a brief description of the most powerful ingredients in Max Performer. The blend has been carefully formulated by some of the UK’s leading nutritional specialists and is manufactured in the UK. Manufactured under consumer rules and regulations.

  1. Maca used in Max Performer at 1000mg. Used as an Energy booster and aphrodisiac for over 2000 years. Along with giving the user a noticeable surge in fertility. Maca also has a high nutritional value.
  2. Korean Ginseng Known as the superior herb. This powerhouse boosts your want and desire for sex/libido. And is used to boost your energy levels. As proven in many reputable medical studies. It improves your concentration levels and increases your sexual stamina.
  3. Horny Goats Weed Horny Goats Weed increases the blood flow to your sexual organs. And holds it there as long as your excitement level is up. It helps build and protect your cells. Hence the growth gains in your penis. It also helps towards protection from serious health threats. Such as prostate and bowel cancers.
  4. Zinc needs no introduction. Zinc creates over 300 enzymes and helps with hundreds of your bodies daily processes. It’s proven to give you a better nights sleep. And protects your prostate health. And boosts testosterone levels, which as men we all need. You use Five milligrams of zinc every time you ejaculate.
  5. Cordyceps heightens the user’s sex drive and want and desire for sex. It’s also used in Chinese medicine as an aphrodisiac. Cordyceps helps users sperm motility and benefits men with Erectile Dysfunction. Cordyceps increases the user’s flow of oxygenated blood to their sexual organs. Helping with ED and enabling the user to hold an erection for longer.
  6. Selenium Great for detoxing. Selenium is a powerful antioxidant and is necessary for healthy sperm production. Studies have shown users can double sperm production. so its uses for adding extra virility and fertility to the user are beneficial.
  7. Bioperine eases users bouts of depression. Increases production of serotonin and dopamine, they are the feel-good chemicals in your brain. Bioperine helps with concentration when making love. And having sex, and also boosts testosterone like a few of the previous ingredients. It is now used in many Male Enhancement Formulas.

That’s a few of the main ingredients in Max Performer. There are a few more included but these are the most beneficial.

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How Many You Need To Take?

On the packaging, you receive there are easy to follow instructions. They state that you should take 2 tablets a day. They come in blister packs and are a blue colour.

I recommend you take them with water and food. I usually take my supplements during the morning with breakfast. That said there is no reason why you can’t take them one at a time but still in the same 24hr’s.

Any Side Effects?

As you have realized by now that if I had experienced any I would have mentioned it by now. I have also not found any mention of side effects throughout my research at all.

So the answer has to be “NO” from my experience and understanding.

Max Performer Shipping:

  • Max Performer delivers worldwide
  • They ship the orders free of charge worldwide
  • Your order gets tracked and sent by courier
  • You can get next day delivery on certain orders
  • Your order arrives in a plain packaging
  • They will send you your tracking number within 24hrs

Max Performer Packages:

Max Performer offers a few different packages as do most companies. The bigger the order the cheaper the cost to you as they reward Customer Loyalty.

They offer a standard one month supply for people who are just giving it their first try. They also offer a three month supply and a six month supply.

After my review, I would say that a three month supply would be preferable. To experience benefits in the long term. That said, I received results 3-4 days into my review.

Current pricing:

  1. 1 Month Supply, 60 Tablets, Free Shipping = $69
  2. 3 Months Supply, 90 Tablets, Free Shipping, 100 Day Money Back Guarantee = $138
  3. 6 Months Supply, 180 Tablet, Free Shipping, 100 Day Money Back Guarantee = $200

To check the price in your local currency >>CLICK HERE<<

As you can see Max Performer offer three packages. The price is brought down to give you savings as they do reward customer loyalty.

Max Performer has an official “Dedicated Website”, this should always be used to be sure that you purchase the Genuine quality supplement and not a fake.

My Thoughts On Max Performer:

I have suffered from several sexual related issues. They have always caused me problems without the use of Sexual Health Supplements.

I have benefited in the past through the use of a few of the Supplements I have reviewed. Max Performer as it stands at this moment in time is Number 1 in my top 3. Within the first week, I noticed great results.

By the end of the third, I had no issues with my ED and my desire for sex was back.

The flow of blood to my penis had made a big change to the size and feel of my penis. My sperm/semen volume was a hell of a lot greater.

I can say that with prolonged use I’m sure anyone would see permanent changes. Relating to any issues mentioned above. Such as Erectile Dysfunction Premature Ejaculation Lack of Libido Low Stamina and Fertility.

Why I Take Max Performer Now:

featured image of max performer pills and me holding a box

After this Review, I was so pleased with the blend they have used within Max Performer. That I take it as part of my Enhancement Supplement Regime. I have been down the Viagra route. And have steered now towards the natural Viagra alternatives such as Max Performer.

This was partly due to the side effects. And due to the inflated prices charged by the big pharmaceutical companies.

The supplements are well priced for what you get and the benefits are amazing. My girlfriend and our relationship is seeing the benefits too. It’s definitely one I recommend you check out.

I received my parcel within a couple of days and the service was good. The customer support on the official website was quick to respond and helpful. One of the best I’ve come across to date.

If you have any more questions related to Max Performer. Don’t hesitate to contact them as I’m sure they will be happy to help.

My Issues & What I Was Looking For:

Here are the issues I had at the beginning of the review and how I was expecting Max Performer to help

  • I wanted help with my low sex drive
  • I wanted help with my ED
  • I wanted to see a boost in my stamina and energy
  • See a noticeable gain in my penis size
  • A heightened feeling whilst orgasming
  • Increased sperm/semen volume

Here are my results after the three-month review (some of which benefits I received only a week in):

  1. My libido rose during the three months
  2. My erectile dysfunction has improved
  3. My stamina increased within a fortnight
  4. My erections are stiffer and last longer
  5. My sperm count has doubled

My First Month’s Results:

So after making my order for the three month supply from Max Performer. Which worked out at only $11 a week. Which I think is reasonable considering my results.

And the inflated costs of a lot of other male enhancement pills. I received the parcel in only a few days and it arrived in plain packaging.

Ok, so the first week I saw brilliant results within a few days. My energy levels went through the roof which was a great bonus. It helped me in my work and in the bedroom.

I usually tend to feel tired halfway through the day and especially after work and early evening.

My mood picked up at the beginning of the second week and I was feeling a lot happier within myself. Around the same time, my libido and sex drive began to get a lot better.

I am happy with these effects as I do suffer from a lack of want and desire for sex a lot of the time.

My main benefit within the first month. Was the fact my erectile dysfunction began to become less of a problem. I was finding it a lot easier to get and keep my erections. I still had some issues but it was definitely getting better so I was super happy.

Towards the end of the third week, I began to enjoy my orgasms a lot more. They were definitely becoming a lot more intense. I also found my semen and sperm volumes becoming a little bigger.

This wasn’t a benefit I was after but I see it as a definite bonus.

So that’s the first month done. As you can see I’m rather happy with the initial results, so it looks promising for the coming months.

Month 2, Results Increasing:

So all through the second month, my results from month began to grow. I was surprised and I am still, to be honest with the boost in my sex drive it has been building day by day.

My girlfriend was noticing the changes which cheered me up. And she was enjoying the experience along with me. I would say my sex drive was the best it had been for a long time and that made me confident in making love. The orgasms

I would say my sex drive was the best it had been for a long time and that made me confident in making love. The orgasms I experience are awesome the intensity is unreal. The good thing is that max performer is helping me go longer and control.

This helps me to concentrate and focus so I can ejaculate when I feel like it. Never had that before. Me and my girl are getting a lot better it seems. I just generally feel in a better mood all around.

It may be just because of the good sex. Although the inclusion of Bioperine is the cause of the good mood as it’s an anti-depressant. Brilliant that Silver Blade Nutrition chose to put this into the mix.

Month 3, My Best Results:

The benefits shone through in the third month. I am surprised that a natural supplement can give me such positive results. The effects on my Erectile Dysfunction are amazing.

I can’t speak more highly of Max Performer. As I am coming near to the end of this trial I am wondering how much more it can deliver?.

I am still experiencing gains all round so may carry on a while longer to see how for max performer can go. Will have to hold back on other trials and reviews if so. The one great point to mention is the boosted blood flow into my penis.

I have found that with such high inclusion rates as Max Performer has. All the ingredients seem to be stacking up in my body.

Which is the reason I think I can go even further and get even better results out of this supplement? It has to be my Number one choice now. Sorry, Vigrx Plus & Prosolution Plus. I am happy she’s happy and I feel confident again. No issues at the moment with going floppy, if anything harder than I’ve ever been.

I can now control my rhythm and how long I go for so a massive thumbs up. I may carry on with this trial so keep checking in and ill keep you updated.Would I recommend Max Performer To Friends And Family?

My Conclusion:

Well as you can see the answer is a resounding “YES”. I do recommend it as it has helped me and I am confident it can help everyone else.

Please leave a comment below with some feedback on my review. I’m always happy to hear from everyone and if you have any questions about Max Performer.

Or anything else to do with any issues you may have, I will try to help where ever I can.

Thank you for reading and watching the video.

You can visit the Max Performer site below to get a little more information and place your order today.

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Have Fun And Above All Stay Safe

Warm Regards

Tim Smith


Max Performer