Treating ED without Pills:

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Men of any age can suffer from erectile dysfunction. It does tend to hit older men more often because men naturally lose some sexual function as they age.

Older men see libido drop as well as have a reduction in testosterone that can cause issues with ED some of the time.

There are many ways you can treat erectile dysfunction without resorting to penis pills or other methods which I discuss below.

Erectile Dysfunction:

Men will lose an erection about 25% of the time. This has to be noted because having a loss of erection some of the time doesn’t mean you have ED.

When you have a loss of erection most of the time or can’t get hard enough for sexual intercourse, you most likely have some sort of erectile dysfunction that needs to be addressed.

If you can get an erection 75% of the time, you’re considered to have a normal sexual function.

What Can Cause ED?:

There’s some common cause of ED that might not be medically related. For example, drinking too much, doing drugs, smoking, or just being nervous during sexual encounters can cause ED to occur.

Some medical conditions will cause ED like high blood pressure and medications will also cause it to occur. If you no longer have erections in the morning, you could have some sort of erectile dysfunction that should be addressed by your doctor.

Pornography can also cause erectile dysfunction because you can get addicted to pornography and need the stimulation of the pornography to get aroused.

You may find yourself unable to have sex with a regular partner if you’re addicted to pornography. 

These images and movies are unrealistic when it comes to sex and the fantasy you have may impact your actual sexual performance. By eliminating pornography from your life or reducing it, you may get your full sexual function back.

Treating ED:

As men age, you may require more foreplay and closeness with your partner to get an erection. It can take more time for older men to become aroused.

Younger men will get an erection almost instantly in a sexual situation, but older men may have more difficulty. If an older man tries to rush sex, they may find that their issue with ED can get worse.

Older men should take their time and allow their erection to occur naturally. If they continue to have issues, then a trip to the doctor is advised.

Older men can also wear a cock ring as this can keep blood in their penis for a longer duration and allow them to have more satisfying sex.

These devices only cost a few dollars, but they can be very effective for older men with issues with mild or moderate issues with ED.

You should also have open communication with your partner so your partner knows what you want during sex. You should communicate about things that turn them on. 

You want to talk openly with your partner because this may help you reduce your ED symptoms. If you’re both relaxed together there can be more intimacy and this can help you get your erection back in a natural way.

If you’re having problems with ED, you can also try avoiding penetrative sex and just enjoy the sexual experience.

You can do more than just focus on the erection You can lick, suck, kiss, fondle, and have plenty of foreplay. By doing this it can get you in the mood for more as you get aroused.

It’s important to take your time and not focus on the getting off part of sexual activity. Once you can relax and have fun, you’ll be able to enjoy sex more.

You can also have orgasms without having penetration sex so focus on that aspect of sex and just have fun with it.

My Conclusion:

If you still struggle and the thing you may need more help, please see a sex therapist or your regular doctor to address your sexual issues.

There are many ways that erectile dysfunction can be treated and you don’t have to suffer through the condition or feel ashamed of it.

My easy way to help fight erectile dysfunction is a penile pump or extender, below I will leave you the one I have found most helpful, you will see my review and results.

Have Fun ANd Above All Stay Safe

Warm Regards

Tim Smith


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