Thai Agra Enhancement Pills Review

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Now Thai Agra has been around for a fair amount of time. You can skip to my Top Rated Viagra Aternative by >>Clicking Here<<

The companies claim to do the following Be 100% natural, increase sexual performance, treat erectile dysfunction, improve the user’s mood, relieve tension. Thai Agra also mentions on the packaging that it is high strength.

There is no official website that I could find anywhere. That is a little strange and not something I see very often. Viswiss is sold widely on the internet and is extremely cheap.

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Upon a little research the natural formula is exactly that and this, as I have said before, is definitely a great positive.

The Thai Agra pills are made by a reputable manufacturer called Herb Wizard. Herb Wizard produces many quality supplements and seems to be constantly expanding their product range.

Side Effects?:

I reviewed Thai Agra for 3 weeks and I experienced no side effects at all. I haven’t heard of any other users mentioning side effects either. I have heard of people with little or no benefits but side effects NO.

Costing & Shipping:

Thai Agra is very cheap, now this in my experience always means that the benefits are going to be small if any.

Know this is just down to the fact that a manufacturer can not produce a male enhancement pill that is truly effective for less than around $40.00 retail.

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Thai Agra pills are $4.99 yes I’m not joking. Now they do give you 120 pills for this but they are small and you have to take 4 per day.

The deals they offer are that if you buy 2 bottles you get a third one for free.

The Ingredients:

I have to say that there are only three ingredients included in Thai Agras formula. This is my experience is not enough to make a noticeable difference to anyone’s issues and give positive benefits and change.

The other point to remember here also is the only state the inclusion rate of magnesium and that is only 1%, the other two ingredients have no inclusion rates stated at all.

  1. Pure Thai Black Ginseng a great energy giver and helps with stamina
  2. Pure Butea Superba Best was known to boost libido in the user
  3. Magnesium Is known for helping with sleep and giving improved moods

The above ingredients are great if included at substantial rates. As said their inclusion rates are not stated anywhere that I could find. I can’t see why they would not state the amount added.

I use a supplement that includes its ingredients at 1000mg and I find this to be the best rate to see great results. Il leave a Link below to the review and article I have written giving you all the information you will need to make up your own mind.

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The Pros & Cons:

The Pros:

  1. Two great ingredients
  2. Low cost
  3. You get 120 pills

The Cons:

  1. No Inclusion Rates stated
  2. I experienced no positive benefits
  3. Not very much information out there on the product

My Results:

I managed only three weeks out of the four I was planning on doing. This was due to the lack of results and gave me nothing to report.

I was fairly disappointed with this review as you can imagine. I usually get at least some feedback for you all but not with this one.

Sorry for the lack of info there really wasn’t anything to report.

My #1 Choice – Max Performer

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Have Fun And Above All Stay Safe

Warm Regards

Tim Smith

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