Saw Palmetto & Penis Enlargement:

Saw Palmetto featured image for consumer info article
One popular ingredient used in many male enhancement products is Saw Palmetto. It’s been known to help with prostate problems and this is why it often added to male enhancement products.

How It Works:

There have been tests done on Saw Palmetto to see how it impacts the prostate. Some tests have shown promise while others have produced an inconclusive result.

Saw Palmetto may be able to reduce the swollen prostate size by a small degree according to some of the tests. Men that have erectile dysfunction due to a swollen prostate may see some relief if they take Saw Palmetto.

There’s also an increase in penis hardness as more blood flow is produced when you take Saw Palmetto.

If you have prostate problems, Saw Palmetto may be able to help you. It contains some essential fatty acids that are key to good health and this can impact penis enlargement as well.

If your body is healthier, this will make it easier to gain size when doing any sort of penis enlargement routine.


Saw Palmetto is recommended if you have any sort of prostate issue as it can help men that have these problems.

It can be used as a supplement to help enhance your penis enlargement routines. If you’re already healthy, it’s unlikely that Saw Palmetto will have any real result on your penis size. If you need more fatty acids in your diet, Saw Palmetto can be a great supplement for that purpose.

You can find it in pills and extracts and it’s often combined with other ingredients in male enhancement products.

My Conclusion:

Saw Palmetto is a decent male enhancement ingredient for men that have prostate problems. It can help you if you have this sort of condition.

For healthy men, Saw Palmetto isn’t going to do that much, but you can still take it as it has essential fatty acids that your body needs. You can still take any male enhancement that has Saw Palmetto, it just won’t produce the results that other ingredients will give you in terms of penis size.

It can be a good supplement to compliment your penis enlargement routine because of the health benefits it provides for you.

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