Pituitary Powder & Penis Enlargement:

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There’s been a lot of hype over ingredients such as pituitary powder. The claim is that since the pituitary gland is the source of hormones that we need for growth, that the powder must contain the nutrients we need for growth when it’s taken.

The pituitary gland contains growth hormone and some other chemicals we need for proper functioning of the body.

Pituitary Powder for Penis Enlargement:

There’s not been a lot of research into pituitary gland based supplements. There’s been studied into the oral consumption of HGH or human growth hormone, but not of pituitary supplements.

Since there’s been no real studies or trials done on pituitary powder, it’s unlikely that this will help you in terms of actual penis enlargement.

If you take HGH as an oral supplement, this really won’t impact growth as it doesn’t survive as functional growth hormone when its broken down by the stomach acids. For this reason, the pituitary powder isn’t going to help you with penis enlargement.

The lack of concrete information about pituitary powder means that there’s not enough evidence on its effectiveness to recommend that you take it.


I would avoid pituitary powder as it isn’t going to impact any penis enlargement routine to any degree. You can find it in male supplements, but this ingredient isn’t going to be beneficial to you.

There’s a lack of evidence about pituitary powder so it’s not recommended as an effective supplement for your routines.

My Conclusion:

You can still take male supplements that feature pituitary powder, but be aware that the individual ingredient isn’t going to benefit your penis enlargement routine.

Supplementation with pituitary powder on its own isn’t going to provide you with anything positive and its best avoided.

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