Niacin & Penis Enlargement:

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One of the essential nutrients we need is called B3 or Niacin. It’s also called nicotinic acid and we need it as a part of our regular diet or we can get a deficiency.

Common problems from lack of niacin include fatigue, lesions of the skin, nausea and other problems. For those that have bad cholesterol, niacin is often given to treat the condition as medical studies have indicated that niacin can help this problem.

You can also get niacin in workout formulas, daily vitamins, and in make supplements for penis enhancement.

Niacin is often applied to the skin or lips and can be a very effective vasodilator. Anti-ageing creams, as well as wrinkle creams, often have niacin as a component.

Niacin can plump the skin, reduce wrinkles, and give the skin better texture according to some studies. Niacin has antioxidant properties which work to improve the look of the skin.

It works well at giving the lips a full look as it can expand the capillaries of the lips, so they look fuller and redder than normal.

Niacin and Penis Enlargement:

Niacin can improve blood flow throughout the body, including to the penis when it’s taken orally in a supplement or on its own. Niacin can help with atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries and give you better blood flow through the body.

Niacin is found in many penis enlargement products and can give you a better erection. It can help you during pumping and jelquing sessions and aid in the recovery and repair of the penile tissues.

Niacin is often prescribed for vascular conditions because of its ability to improve blood flow. 

If you’re not getting 10-16 mg of niacin each day, you may develop a deficiency in it and this may be diagnosed as another problem and not niacin deficiency. Common signs of low niacin include:

  • A slow metabolism
  • Intolerance to cold and poor blood flow
  • Tiredness
  • Skin that looks aged


I recommend that you take niacin for penis enlargement. It should be a part of any health plan as it has many health benefits in addition to penis enlargement.

It improves blood flow which is critical to proper erections. You can get it in many multivitamins as well as male supplements. It’s recommended that you get 12-16mg each day to avoid deficiency. One way to get it is in a B complex supplement.

It’s also common in foods such as carrots, fish, beef, chicken, dates, avocados, legumes, nuts, broccoli, and mushrooms.

My Conclusion:

Niacin can help with penis enlargement so add it to your daily diet to reap the benefits of it. A good B complex is recommended or you can get it in a male supplement for penis enlargement.

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