Using Arginine for Penile Growth:

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One of the key ingredients in penis enlargement is the amino acid Arginine. 

This is found in all sorts of male supplements and products. It works to enhance nitric oxide levels in the body which improve blood flow, and this is why it’s included in many supplements for penis enlargement.

Athletes also use Arginine because it brings more oxygen, blood flow, and nutrients to the muscles for added growth. 

You can have impaired neuromuscular functions if you’re too low on Arginine. Bodybuilders use Arginine quite often and the added benefit is better sexual function.

You should take around 3-6 grams prior to sexual activity for the best results, but don’t exceed 15-18 grams per day. A maximum single dosage is 8 grams. 

You usually get it in pill or powder form. You can use it with other enhancement techniques like penis exercises or penis pumps for added benefits.

The Benefits:

  1. Helps the body heal
  2. Helps tissues recover from exercise
  3. Add in nitric oxide production
  4. Provides better blood vessel vasodilation
  5. Can enhance HGH or human growth hormone in the body
  6. Helps reduce fat 

Arginine & Penis Enhancement:

The body will use arginine to produce nitric oxide. If the body has high levels or arginine it will produce more nitric oxide. 

If you have a lot of nitric oxide in the body, you have better vasodilation and more blood blow to your penis. Research has confirmed the arginine can be a benefit for penis enhancement. 

Arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide so the blood flow is improved. The major cause of poor erection is lack of blood flow to the penis and arginine can help improve this. 

Arginine can also help repair penis tissues after penis exercises or other penis enlargement techniques are done. 

Research shows that arginine will stimulate blood flow in soft tissues and will enhance blood flow to muscle groups that are stimulated including the penis.

My Recommendation:

Arginine is an excellent ingredient to include in any penis enlargement routine. 

You can get it in supplement form for the best results. This ingredient has been clinically proven to enhance blood flow to the penis for a better erection and enhanced sexual health.

Side Effects:

There can be a few side effects with arginine which are:

  1. Allergies – Don’t take it if you have allergies or if it causes an allergic reaction, stop usage and see your doctor. You could have swelling or the airway or breathing problems with arginine if you already suffer from allergies.
  2. Cirrhosis – If you have liver problems, caution is needed with arginine. Consult a doctor prior to use.
  3. Herpes – This ingredient may make herpes worse so avoid it if you have herpes.
  4. Low blood pressure – It may lower blood pressure which is a problem if you already suffer from low blood pressure.
  5. Kidney disease – If you have kidney disease arginine may raise potassium levels and it could create a life-threatening irregular heartbeat.
  6. Surgery – Don’t take arginine 2 weeks prior to any surgery as it can interfere with blood pressure control during and after an operation.

My Conclusion:

If you’re serious about penis enlargement, you need to include arginine. This is the number one ingredient you need for adequate penis enlargement.

Ensure that this ingredient is in any penis enhancement supplement that you take as you need it.

Have fun & above all stay safe

Tim Smith

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