Herbal v Blue Pills Consumer Review:

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Herbal V Blue Pills Review:

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Herbal V Blue Pills are a male enhancement pill that claims to help with erection issues in men. They are a natural solution for men seeking help with erectile dysfunction.

They are manufactured in the United Kingdom and come in packs of 10 at a time. The newest addition to the brand is the Herbal V Blue double strength pills.

Herbal V has been around for around 5 years and is fairly well established In the male sexual health supplement market. They have been featured in many publications and magazines etc over the years. Herbal V is available on sale at Amazon and many retailers across the internet.

They are made by a company called Medex Scientific.

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Herbal V Blue Pills & Its Side Effects?

I used herbal v blue double strength pills for 10 days. I had no side effects from their use. I have read a couple of reviews where people suffered minor headaches.

As with most supplements were headaches are an issue I would simply recommend drinking plenty of water to keep hydrated, especially when having sex. Herbal V does boast a 100% natural blend so there is not much to worry about in my opinion.

How Much Does Herbal V Blue Cost ?:

Herbal V Blue is rally very cheap and this is a warning sign when it comes to potency. I have learned over the past few years that the cheaper the supplement the lower the inclusion rate of the beneficial ingredients.

The pills are offered on Amazon for around $15.74 and the different sellers offer bundle packages. IE the more you buy the cheaper they are. The postage costs run at around $5 and they come in plain packaging.

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Herbal V Blue Ingredients List & Benefits:

Herbal V don’t have a very solid foundation for their formula. Being all natural it is a positive. But the thing to watch out for here is the fact there are only 4 main ingredients and they are not really that beneficial to men looking for good results and gains.

They also do not show very high inclusion rates, so their effectiveness is not going to be great. Below are the 4 main ingredients

  1. Oat, Avena Sativa: Oat Straw or Oats Milky Weed, known for its erection-enhancing qualities.
  2. Vitamin C: Boosts libido & Helps give better quality erections.
  3. Korean Ginseng: Favoured for boosting energy & vitality and vigor.
  4. Zinc: Mainly used to boost the user’s semen/sperm volume & increase virility.

You get what you pay for here with Herbal V blue double strength pills. To get good results you will need to spend a little more.

In my experience supplements around the 40 to 60 mark are the best quality and strength. I know it all depends on suppliers. Below is the best I have found this year.

the pros and cons of using male enhancement pills

Pros & Cons Of Herbal V Blue Pills:


  • Very cheap and affordable
  • 100% natural formula
  • Available in different sized packages
  • Widely Available on the internet


  • Mild Side effects
  • Low Inclusion rates
  • Only 4 ingredients
  • No real noticeable benefits when trialed

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My Results For My 10 Day Herbal V Trial

I took the little blue pills as stated. You take 1 a day for however long you wish. I took it with water and o be honest I saw a little boost in sex drive but that was about it.

I have to say its a NO if you ask would I recommend it to you guys. There are far superior supplements out there today which give a whole host of benefits. Below I have left links to a couple of other options.

If you feel I have missed anything please feel free to contact me via live chat or the contact form. You can also leave a comment below.

Have Fun And Above All Stay Safe



Below is my personal favorite;


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Herbal V Blue Pills

Herbal V Blue Pills

Erection Quality







  • Available Online
  • 100% Natural Formula


  • No Guarantee
  • Not Top Rated


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