Cnidium Monnieri & Enlargement:

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Using Cnidium Monnieri for Enlargement:

Cnidium Monnieri is sometimes called snow parsley and it’s a flowering plant. It can be found in male enhancement products and it’s said to help with the male erection.

It’s often called a herbal type of Viagra which is a common male enhancement drug.

Studies On The Effects of Cnidium:

During one study, an extract was taken called ostiole from the Cnidium plant.

The results of the study said that the ostiole extract impacts the erectile tissue of the penis called the corpus cavernosum as it releases nitric oxide which improves penis hardness through proper blood flow to the area.

Data indicated that the osthole provides a relaxation effect on the corpus Cavernosal tissue of rabbits so more nitric oxide is released.

Other study indicated that this was the case and even low dosages of osthol could improve nitric oxide levels in the body.

When taken in higher dosages the luteinizing hormone, testosterone levels, and the follicle stimulating hormone were also increased.

More Hormones:

follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and Luteinizing hormone (LH) work together in the body. These are essential hormones for proper function of the reproductive system.

They regulate development and growth. If you are deficient in these hormones you can have hypogonadism which leads to a diminished sex drive.

Their hormones also stimulate the production of testosterone which is needed for proper male sexual functioning.

Cnidium & Penis Enlargement:

Small dosages of Cnidium can stimulate nitric oxide production which helps with blood flow to the penis. There are studies that have been done that indicate this is the case.

If you have better blood flow you’re going to have a harder erection. Cnidium also impedes your hormones and the production of testosterone which is critical for male sexual health.

If you’re interested in penis enlargement, Cnidium is going to be beneficial to you.

My Conclusion:

You should take Cnidium as part of a penis enlargement routine. You can find it in many male enhancement products or you can take it on its own as a supplement.

Proper blood flow in the body is essential for quality erections and any ingredient which improves blood flow is going to be beneficial to you.

Now there is no real need to spend your hard earned money trying to achieve a better quality sex life, you need to know what works and how and know where to get it.

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Have Fun And Above All Stay Safe

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Tim Smith

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