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Most male enhancement manufacturers make a lot of wild claims about their products.  The most common claim that they make is that the product will give you a bigger penis and add inches to your penis almost overnight. 

This sort of claim is of course, course false and it leads to a lot of misunderstanding and wasted money. 

To make it easier for you to find the quality male enhancement product because they are out there, as I have reviewed many of them for you.  In this review, I look at Andro Enhance.

All About:

The company that makes this product explains that their supplement will give you more libido, give you a better erection, give you more stamina, and provide you with more sexual confidence. 

Their marketing this product aboard younger men that want an edge in their sexual performance and older men that have declining sexual performance. 

They have two websites and the first one is designed to help older men that have lost their sexual vitality and the other website is to entice younger men to buy the product so they get a sexual edge. 

It would make more sense to sell the product to all men instead of creating two separate websites, but this is all just marketing techniques that the company is using.

The Ingredients:

All the slick marketing in the world will not matter if the product does not have quality male enhancement ingredients that are known to work in the industry. 

The website does not list the ingredients that are in their formula were discussed to any great degree so this is highly suspect. 

Upon further research, I found some of the ingredients. Andro Enhance includes the following ingredients:

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  • Horny goat weed this is a very common ingredient found in most mail supplements
  • L-Arginine this is also found in many male enhancement products because it helps increase blood flow to the penis
  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract this is often found in weight loss supplements so it’s unknown why it’s in a male enhancement products
  • African Mango Extract this is another weight loss supplement
  • Acai Berry Extract this is another supplement which helps with weight loss
  • Raspberry Ketones this is found in many weight loss supplements
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract this is also known to help with weight loss
  • Psyllium Husk this is often used during a colon cleanse
  • Yacon Root helps maintain cholesterol and blood sugar levels and will support the digestive system 

It’s clear to see that most of these ingredients are for weight loss and not sexual enhancement. 

It’s very odd that the company would include all of these weight loss is ingredients in a supplement supposed to be designed to help men get a better erection and have better sexual health.

My Results:

The two ingredients in the formula which are designed to help with male enhancement are simply not enough to do anything at all. 

If you take this supplement you probably will lose weight, but it’s not going to enhance your sexual performance. 

The ingredients in this product are highly abnormal for the male enhancement and will definitely not produce any sort of male enhancement.

This is the sort of product they will run into when looking for male enhancement products.  You need to be very cautious when purchasing any male enhancement. 

You need to research the product thoroughly and know exactly which are getting thoroughly.  Most men would not research Andro Male and is naturally assume that they’re getting a high-quality male enhancement and that they will have a better sex life as a result of taking this supplement.

Free Trial Scam:

Another problem with this product is either as a free trial scam offer.  Many companies will offer a free trial of the product, but they will have a very short window in which the free trial is effective. 

In many cases, you may only have a couple of days before the free trial expires as the free trial starts as soon as the product is shipped to you not when you receive it. 

If you don’t return the product within the short free trial window, you are automatically charged the full amount which is usually a full month supply. 

If you don’t cancel you keep getting charged each month for another supply and this will continue indefinitely. 

This is a called an automatic billing cycle and many companies that have very poor-quality products will use this sort of scam because they know that their product is inferior to the high-quality male enhancement products on the market and doesn’t really worked at all. 

The end of getting money from you for it at least a one month supply before you cancel.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong about free trial offers because many companies do this, but they usually give you a decent amount of time to try the product out before they put you on a monthly billing cycle. 

Poor quality companies will use a very short window free trial so you almost are going to have to pay for the product because by the time it arrives at your doorstep the free trial is almost over or will over in a few days so you need to pay the full amount.


Another red flag on this product is that there are no customer reviews to be found.  If you’re going to buy a male enhancement product you need solid reviews, customer testimonials, has a clinical trial done on it, and extensive documentation available to ensure that the product you’re buying is going to help you with your sexual dysfunction.

My Conclusion:

Andro Male is a very poor quality male enhancement product which I 100% don’t recommend you try at all or even sign up for the free trial offer. 

The company is misleading you and including ingredients in the formula which are designed for weight loss and not male enhancement. 

You’re wasting your money with this supplement and I would suggest that you try something else and avoid this product entirely because it simply not worth it in any way whatsoever.

Have Fun And Above All Stay Safe

Warm Regards

Tim Smith

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