Smoking And Alcohol Massively Destroys You Sex Drive FAQ

How Smoking & Alcohol Destroys Libido

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Welcome to now lets cut the bullshit, your libido is what makes you a man and if you lose that because of your stupid actions.

 Here’s the easy way to get your libido back through just popping a pill.

I like a drink and have been known to smoke when i drink but after a little research into the negative effects of alcohol and smoking on your libido, I have made sure I have slowed down on it all.

After I did the results were astounding so without further a do let me give you the info and FAQsIi managed to find out.

Smoking and alcohol are known to lower a man’s sexual stamina in the bedroom. We get mail all the time from men asking how they can improve their sexual performance. Most of these people are smokers or drinkers and by giving those things up, you can gain more confidence and better performance in the bedroom.

Most of these people are smokers or drinkers and by giving those things up, you can gain more confidence and better performance in the bedroom.

Smoking and Sexual Performance

Smoking will lower the body’s ability to carry oxygen to your erect penis. Smoking causes damage to your lungs so your ability to carry oxygen is reduced.

University studies such as ones being done at the University of Kentucky, are looking at smoking and how it impacts sexuality. Smoking has its impacts, but so does alcohol, just to a lesser extent.

If you huff and puff doing simple activities, then this is going to translate to the bedroom as your performance will suffer as a result of your smoking habit.

For good sex you need proper blood flow antismoking inhibits this blood flow which wrecks your performance.

Alcohol and Libido

There are many enhancement products that tell you to avoid drinking alcohol when you take them Alcohol is considered a depressant, so the brain can’t communicate as well with the penis so your erection isn’t as hard as it could be.

When men drink, they desire sex more, but this has the opposite effect as too much alcohol simply destroys the man’s ability to perform. You may nit even be able to have an erection or even ejaculate after consuming alcohol.

A study published in 1998 by researchers at UCLA conclude that men that drank alcohol wanted sex five times as often, but only about 20% of the participants could actually perform during sex after consuming alcohol.

The male anatomy is complex and we get more sexual vigour when we have testosterone in the body. When we consume alcohol, the liver has to break down the alcohol has to share this work with testosterone.

When the liver has too much alcohol to deal with, it can’t produce testosterone at a reasonable rate.

This tends to impact the muscularity system and you won’t be able to get hard as well as you can when you’re not drinking.

Alcohol reduced inhibitions, so you’ll desire sex more often.

At the same time, alcohol dulls the pleasure chemicals we have in the brain so your orgasms are less intense and may not occur at all.

How You Can Reduce Impacts from Alcohol and Smoking on Sexual Performance

If you want better sex you need to cut back on smoking and alcohol use by a wide margin or even stop both altogether if you want more satisfying sex.

If you drink a lot, then your sexual performance is going to suffer. This will be more pronounced as you get older.

If you want help with your performance, then a product such as Vigrx Plus may help as it will increase the blood flow to your penis so you get harder and are ready for sex.

If you lead a healthy lifestyle reduce alcohol as well as smoking, your sex life is going to improve by a wide margin.

Male enhancement products can help you along with a good diet, exercise, and a reduction in bad habits get the performance in the bedroom that you may be lacking.

Now I hope that along with the advice above and a libido boosting supplement you will achieve the sex life and want and desire for sex that you want and deserve.

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