Selenium The Wise Mans Choice…

Beautiful Selenium in all its Glory

Beautiful Selenium in all its Glory

Here we are with another little gem in the form of Selenium.

You know when you feel crappy and you need a detox. Well Selenium whisks that away.

Because you know what its a powerful Anti-Oxidant. Which stops the stress that oxidative stress causes to our cells.

Selenium is proven to relax and put at ease the tissues within you penis. So erectile dysfunction good by. Selenium is a must for healthy sperm production and mobility. We lose the stuff in our semen.

so any boost is a major edge I’m sure you will agree. When you are wanting to cum harder and with much more Volume its a must. I personally have trailed this bad boy for some time now.  It has to be said that it really does what it says on the tin.

It’s also said that it can reduce the chances of prostate cancer. Which in men is a very big deal. Selenium is also a great help when it comes to helping your body to absorb other trace elements, Vitamins and Minerals.

It also boosts the production of testosterone. So as you can imagine it boosts the sexual desire and function absolutely great news don’t you think.

High in Omega 6 so great when it comes to repairing damage after physical exertion i.e making love, having sex etc. According to a reputable study which was published in the International journal of General medicine back in 2011, Selenium along with vitamin E were administered to just under seven hundred infertile men.

And fifty-three percent showed total improvement in sperm motility and morphology, Motility is basically the free movement of your sperm and morphology is the process of repair and rejuvenation. Selenium is a widely known and very useful mineral in regards to anti ageing it protects the heart, lowers cholesterol and benefits eye health.

Your immune system gets a large kick from this mineral in the way of aiding the production of Glutathione one of the strongest antioxidants in the human body. Brazil nuts are the best item to extract Selenium from for sure.

I hope that you guys learnt a little of the benefits of this supplement.

have fun and above all stay safe

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