Quick Tips & Tricks To Using A Penis Pump Safely

How to use your penis pump safely

How To Use Your Penis Pump Safely

Techniques & Tips for Maximizing Safety & Gains Using Penis Pumps:

Hello and welcome to Besterectionboosters.com today I am offering you a free guide I have put together over the past few months to help guys who use penis pumps.

The aim of this guide is to show you how to use them correctly and safely and how to get the best gains possible.

Many penis pumps like Penomet and Bathmate come with their own user’s guide.

On the correct usage of the device. By using a penis pump in the right way per specified directions, penile growth is achieved and safety is maintained. If these devices are used in the wrong way an injury or even permanent erection problems or erectile dysfunction may occur.

Here are the techniques for using you penis pump

The Safe & Easy Ways To Use Your Penis Pump

Techniques for Penis Pumping:

There are several pumping routines that can supplement the routines provided by the manufacturers that make the pumps.

There are several brands of pumps such as Penomet and Bathmate that are available for purchase. This article looks at the best ways to help you achieve gains and improve your erection quality.

Other topics we discuss include how to avoid common problems with these pumps especially those that might be experienced by beginners.

Biginners Guide To Using Your Penis Pump

Beginners Guide To Using Your Penis Pump

Penis Pumps and Beginners:

When penis pumping as a beginner, it’s not just the routine that matters, but the consistency of using the pump as well as the mindset of the user.

You nee dot be in the right frame of mind when doing your routine as not everyone will grow at the same rate when using a pump.

If you’re experiencing slow growth you must be persistent with the pump and have some patience.

How To Pump The Penis Using A Pump

How To Pump The Penis Using A Pump

Penis Pumping:

Advanced pumpers have achieved gains in girth as well as length using penis pumps, but girth usually what is achieve the most.

The penis gets thicker because the inner chambers of the penis expand. To gain length, jelquing exercises, manual exercises, and penis extenders can help achieve this more than a pump will.

One popular term used in pumping is called “packing.” This refers to how much of the penis chambers fill as well as contact with the inner wall of the pump.

As you progress with a pumping routine, the main growth indicator is moving up the pump’s cylinder size.

In many cases, a measurement gauge is printed on the cylinder so you can get a measurement with ease.

When you have great progress then this means the tube is “packed.”

If you’re reaching a great measurement quickly, this is an indicator that your routine is working out well and that gains are becoming permanent.

You can get these results by using best practices during your penis pumping routines.

Penis Pump Techniques

Penis Pump Techniques

Techniques for Penis Pumping:

Penis pumping can be done with a hydro pump or an air vacuum along with stretching exercises and others like jelquing.

Using all these techniques will help you get permanent gains. There’s more to pumping then just putting your penis into the pump.

There are techniques to penis pumping and if you use them is each session, it helps you get the gains you want.

Penis Pumping Routines:

The Pulse Technique For Penis Enlargement

The Pulse Technique For Penis Enlargement

Pulse Pumping:

Pulse pumping is a technique in which you change the pressure levels of the pump during your session. By varying and changing the pressure levels with each session it stimulates the penile tissues and they expand.

If you have a maximum pressure level for example, of 5in/Hg, then you can vary this pressure level for one minute.

You want to decrease the pressure level for about 50 seconds until it hits zero, then pump back up quickly to the maximum level.

You’ll repeat this process until you have finished your session.

The pulse pumping technique is efficient as it promotes an enhancement of blood circulation and the inner penis chambers are stimulated.

The Penis Pump Milking Technique

The Penis Pump Milking Technique

Milking Technique:

Milking is a technique that helps improve blood circulation. And it helps to stimulate the penile chambers. The milking technique is like masturbation, but a forceful motion should not be used.

You want to do this at a moderate and slow pace in short sets. To milk, you move the tube up and down the penis shaft.

You should only perform milking when the penis is used to the pressure of the pump during your session.

It usually takes 5-7 minutes for your penis to acclimate to the pressure of the pump.

You don’t want to milk for a long time as you may get edema which is swelling of the penis which is often referred to as the “donut effect.”

This is usually caused when there’s a spike in the pressure level when the pump is moved up and down the penis shaft.

The Penis Pump Shaking Technique

The Penis Pump Shaking Technique


If the penis is erect, then the shaking effect will produce the best results. It can be difficult to maintain an erection inside of the pump when the session is long.

The shake technique can help maintain the erection level as it enhances blood flow and stimulates the nerve endings of the penis.

To shake you want to shake the pumps’ cylinder tube up and down by using a rocking motion of the hips or by using the hand.

You don’t want to do this forcefully, but enough to maintain the erection level. You can vary the intensity with the range of motion as this will give a good stretch to the base of the penis.

The Penis Pump Stretching Technique

The Penis Pump Stretching Technique

Wrapping Technique:

The wrapping technique is a simple one. You want to wrap the penis around a heating device during the session.

An electric heating pad can be used for this as it can be wrapped around the cylinder. Heat is produced around the penis shaft and to stimulate the blood flow which is a vital component of penis enlargement.

You don’t want to leave the wrap on for too long as blisters can be produced or penile damage can occur. If the wrap is on for too long, the tube gets quite hot.

Safety Tips For Using A Penis Pump

Safety Tips For Using A Penis Pump

Avoiding Penis Pumping Pitfalls:

You won’t get faster gains by doing penis pumping at high pressure for longer durations. If you do this, you may even suffer a penile injury.

To avoid injuries, you must do penis pumping in the right way. You’ll avoid injuries and get good results if penis pumping is done correctly.

Penis extenders are effective at increasing penis length and penis pumps can help you gain penis girth.

You should not use force when penis pumping. You want to go at a consistent and gentle pace. By going at a methodical pace, you’ll get faster gains.

Tips to Avoid Penile Injury While Pumping:

Do Not Over Pump When Using A Penis Pump

Do Not Over Pump When Using A Penis Pump

Don’t Over Pump:

You don’t want to over pump because this is the main cause of penile injuries. Many men over a pump because penis pumping can cause comfortable, sensual and in some cases, erotic sensations on the penis.

During the session, there’s no pain, but you must be careful about the amount of pressure that’s being created by the pump.

You must keep track of the amount of time that the penis stays inside of the pump. You must be conscious and cautious about the pressure and how long the session is so you stay within a safe range.

As a beginner, you must not use the techniques that advanced users use such as pumping marathons as you’re not sued to these devices yet and can cause injury to yourself.

Beginners should have a shorter session than those at an advanced level.

Take A Break When Using A Penis Pump

Take A Break When Using A Penis Pump

Taking Breaks:

You need to take brakes as this will help to stimulate blood flow. By taking a break reduced the pressure that is built up in the penile tissues.

A good rule is to take 3-5 minute breaks during a high-intensity session every 15 minutes. If you’re pumping at a low level, then a break every 30 minutes is recommended.

During your breaks do an exercise like stretching or jelquing.

If you’re a beginner, then your session should only last about 30 minutes and you shouldn’t have more than two sessions per day.

An intermediate user can have sessions that last about 1-1.5 hours. An advanced user can have a session that lasts 2-3 hours and has multiple sessions in a day.

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My Personal Results And Conclusion On Penis Pumps

My Own Personal Conclusion Regarding Penis Pump Use:

Make sure you follow the instruction that is supplied by the penis pump manufacturer. You want to avoid injuries when using a penis pump as this can lead to permanent erection issues and erectile dysfunction.

If you have never used a penis pump, then you should use a coach to help you.

There are male enhancement coaches online that can help you get started with penis pumping. There’s a lot of advantages to using a coach.

We have resources page you can check out that has plenty information on techniques, enlargement devices and other resources including clinical studies.

Always try to compliment pumps and extenders with a good quality Male enhancement supplement that should help with the blood flow and a whole host of other benefits.

From giving more stamina to increasing semen levels.

If there is anything you feel that I may have missed here in this guide please leave a comment or contact me via the live chat or contact page.

Have fun and above all stay safe



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