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Jes Extender Penis Extender Review:

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In 1995, the Jes Extender was created.  The manufacturer claims that this device has helped men worldwide increase the length of their penis. 

This extender is a good alternative to penis stretching exercises, surgery, or penis enlargement pills.

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About the Jes Extender

This extender puts tension along the length of the penis and this causes more cell growth.  The cells grow because they are being stretched and minor tears occur so when the body repairs them, the penis can grow. 

The entire process happens gradually so is not painless or damaging to the body.  Many cultures throughout our history have enlarged and elongated other areas of your body using similar traction devices.

When the device is used, a ring will go around the base of your penis and this will rest against the body.  Rods will follow the shaft of your penis to the penis head where a strap or a ring is attached.  These rods can then be adjusted so that the right traction is applied so the penis can be lengthened over time.

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Penis Extender Quality

There are many penis extenders on the market that many of them are of a poor-quality.  The Jes Extender is a high-quality penis enlargement system.  It includes many attachments, elongation bars, as well as an instructional DVD. 

The parts are well made and will resist corrosion.  The plastics that are used for medical grade and the entire device is non-allergenic.  The designers of this penis extender system did a good job developing it and it is one of the best devices out there for penis enlargement. 

You can wear this device under your clothing so you able to go to work and you can enlarge your penis whenever you want.

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Is it Effective?

Many men that have used this extender has seen 19% change and penis girth and 24% gain in penis length.  This means that this device is quite effective for penis enlargement. 

The main thing to keep in mind is that this device must be used on a consistent basis to see these sorts of gains in girth and size. 

You will not see any changes right away as it takes a time to see the results that are looking for.  In general, you should wear the device for about 6 hours a day and for about six months. 

This may seem like a long time, but if you continue to wear it you’re going to see the results that are looking for.

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When they talk about adding penis size in one week this is just hype that you need to avoid.  You can add penis size, but it takes time and you have to be dedicated to using the device. 

Those that are dedicated and take the time to use the device properly have the best gains in girth and penis length.

Easy to Use

While penis extenders like the Jes Extender take a time to work they are very easy to use.  The system comes was an instructional DVD so you learn how to adjust and attach the device to maximize the stretching of your penis. 

The device itself is easy to attach and it functions as intended provided you follow the instructions and read all the materials.  If you do this, you will not have a problem with your penis extender system.

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Safety Is Key When Using A Penis Extender

Safety Precautions

Like all penis extender systems, you have to take care with them here are a few safety rules we should be aware of.

  • Please follow the instructions
  • Listen to your body
  • Do not rush the process of lengthening your penis

When you compare a penis extender system like the Jes Extender to penis surgery the extender is more effective and safer to add length and girth to your penis. 

This system is more effective than penis pills, pumps, were to use penis exercises.

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My Personal Conclusion On Jes Extender

A penis extender system like the Jes Extender is one of the best ways to extend your penis.  You will get permanent size increases in your penis if you use the device properly and over time. 

If you want gains in size in length then we highly recommend you use a high-quality penis extender such as the Jes Extender system. 

I hope this article has been informative and there plenty more info here to check out.

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Have Fun And Above All Stay Safe



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