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Natural Male Enhancement That Works

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Hello and welcome to here are all the juicy FAQ’s you need to know before choosing a male enhancement product.Men are looking for the best natural male enhancement. They want one that will give them long, wide and strong erections.

Men want to look big even when they are flaccid. They want a method that will give them permanent results without adverse side effects or other issues. Men want male enhancement products that will work for anyone that tries it and comes with a guarantee that it will work.

If you could get all of this, it’s safe to say you would think that the product was the best male enhancement product ever created.The sad fact is that pills, patches, and other products, don’t make the penis grow at all. All these products do is make your erection a bit harder when you wave ED issues, but they don’t give you added size.

They are called vasodilators because they let more blood through the veins and into the penis so it has the appearance that it’s bigger because it’s harder.The natural products you but work like the prescription drugs Cialis or Viagra.

These natural products are milder and don’t come with the side effects of the prescription drugs, but they do have some risks associated with them. If you want a bigger penis from these products however, it’s just not going to happen.

How Pills and Other Products Work

Pills and other supplements only allow more blood flow into the penis so it gets harder than it might normally look. If this is your goal, then supplements will work for you, but these pills don’t make the penis bigger, even by a small fraction.Products that claim three inches or more do one thing, they make the manufacturer a lot of money.You can’t be fooled by these sorts of statements by pill producers, because it’s impossible to do this with a pill. If this was true, every male would take them and we would all have a huge penis, but this simply isn’t the case. You don’t want to waste your money with these products.All these products are is advertising hype, nothing more.To get a bigger or wider penis, you must create more tissue or more stretchable tissue as there’s no other way to make the penis bigger, unless you have evasive surgery. You could take pills for years and never gain any penis size at all so stop wasting your money on them.

What Makes the Penis Bigger

There is good news because you can make the penis bigger with other methods that work. These results will be permanent and you will gain size. This method will give you some nice size so you have more confidence and feel better about yourself. You must stop obsessing about the giant cock you want as women simply don’t want this, but if you want to add a little size to your manhood this is possible by other methods.
 To make the penis bigger, you must do this safely as you don’t want to injure yourself or have other issues. When you enhance your size, you will:
• Feel better about yourself
• Have more confidence
• Enjoy sexual activity more
Male enhancement is much like any other enhancement whether it’s gaining new muscles, having cosmetic surgery to improves flaws and so on. What it does is gives you the confidence that you may be lacking in the bedroom.

 Is Male Enhancement for You?

 It’s up to you as an individual to decide if male enhancement is for you as no one else can make this decision for you. It may just make both you and your partner happy. Natural male enhancement is done via a stretching device which grows the penis over time.


When you use a stretching device for male enhancement, it must be done correctly and safely. You want to enjoy the results and not suffer from any injury or other issues.  These devices are the most effective and safest method when the device is used correctly for adding penis size. These devices are even better than surgery options or other forms of male enhancement.Stretching and traction devices are medically endorsed in twenty-nine countries as the pest way to fix a curved or a bent penis so they can also help with other penis issues you may be experiencing. Traction devices date back thousands of years.

How They Work

We are made from soft tissue, muscles, skin, ligaments, tendons, and do on. These can be stretched and made larger over time. You have probably seen people in African tribes that stretch various body parts such as their ear lobes, for example.This same principle can be applied to your penis with a stretching device. There’s no adverse side effects when you use these stretching devices to grow the length of your penis. If you use these devices over time, you’ll gain length and girth in your penis provided you use the device daily and consistently.


These devices don’t cost all that much to use. It will cost under five hundred dollars which isn’t all that much considering medical procedures for an increase in penis size cost $9,000-$12,000 and up and there’s all the side effects and risks associated with these sorts of procedures.

Eliminating Stretching Device Dangers

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The only real risks these devices bring is in pulling the penis too hard or incorrectly. This can cut off the blood flow to the penis and cause problems. This is an issue, but if you follow safety procedures you shouldn’t have a problem.The penis does have to be stretched some to see any real gains and results with stretching devices. If you use these devices in the right way, you won’t have any issue to deal with. These devises are effective, convenient, and safe for natural male enhancement.

The Traction Device

penis traction device for male enhancement article on methods that work

The best natural male enhancement traction device was developed by Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, M.D., in 1994. He is a penis surgery specialist as well as the director and founder of the Scandinavian Clinic of Plastic Surgery in Germany and Denmark.He developed the traction device to help patients after penile surgery so they would avoid bends or curves in their penis. He then found out that the device could make a penis longer if the device was used over time. He even noted that the penis could grow by a considerable amount of the traction device was used on a consistent basis.

Traction Devices vs. Surgery Options

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Many men seem to think that surgery options are the only way to get a larger penis. Men want a fast and an easy way to gain length in their penis, but these surgeries come with a lot of risks. Men should know that traction devices give better results and that there’s minimal risks involved when you compare to surgery risks which can include:
• Infections
• Losing sensations
• Inability to reach orgasm
• ED or erectile dysfunction
• Impotence
• Wider, but shorter penis
• Damage to your urethra which is the tube carrying semen and urine from the body
• Scarring which can cause the penis to bend later if the scar is hardens
These complications are the reason why traction devices are preferred for growing the length of your penis. In twenty-nine countries, these devices are medically endorsed.

Other Methods

There are other methods which stretch the penis, but these have been shown to be unreliable as they pull tissues differently. Inferior equipment and other methods can cause strangulation, bent penis, or broken blood vessels in the tip of the shaft or other deformities which can be permanent. A proper traction device is the best method for natural male enhancement. If you have erectile dysfunction now, these devices can also help you get a stronger and harder erection.

The Best Equipment


 If you’re interested in traction devices, there’s some that are better than others. Many companies produce these devices, but some simply make poor devices which
don’t offer you any real results. The traction device is simple so manufacturers will use inferior parts which will lead to an inferior result when you buy the poor-quality traction devices. You may think that you’re saving money, but you’re not because it will take more time to get results and you might not get any results at all or even an injury.These inferior devices can malfunction, break or even injure your member. The difference between the inferior models and the medically recommended devices is only about $200. If you want real results, then you’ll need to pay a little more. It’s well worth the cost considering the inferior products may lead to injury of other issues that you don’t want.
The best devices I found after all my research were the Quick Extender Pro and the X4Labs units. I researched over twenty-four of these devices.  These two devices are both effective and safe and met all my requirements. They are both made with high-grade materials so they are going to work in the way they should work. Both devices are:
• Class 1 medical devices
• Medically recommended
• Made with medical grade materials
• Have the CE seal. This is a safety stamps given to medical devices by heath authorities in Europe
• The devices are guaranteed by the manufacturer so you get results
I’ve been talking about these devices for over five years as they will give you the results that you’re looking for. For men that want the best natural male enhancement to grow size, these traction devices are the best way to go. The side effects from other methods like surgery are just not worth it, plus they cost a lot of money. If you want to enjoy sex and have more confidence, a traction device is for you. There’s no side effects with these devices all you must do is follow the directions and use them safely.

Why These Devices are the Best

• You get added size
• Affordable method
• Safe with no side effects
• Permanent results
• Most effective method when compared to other methods

My Conclusion On Male Enhancement Devices

If you want to use a traction device, the decision is up to you. These devices can change your life if you use them on a consistent basis and follow directions. You can get permanent results without the hassles and costs of surgery and other methods. That said I always have and always will use a natural male enhancement supplement alongside physical male enhancement devices. Below is my favourite although there are several other effective pills out there. The main point here is that a male enhancement supplement increases blood flow, libido, stamina and your general sexual health.
Have fun and above all stay safe

My #1 Choice For Male Enhancement –Max Performer

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