How to Shave Your Testicles and Manhood

How to Shave Your Testicles and Manhood:

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You may have considered shaving your testicles before, but aren’t sure how to do it or have some concerns about it.

This guide will help you learn how to shave your package in the right way.

How to shave your penis

How to shave your penis

Why Should I Shave?:

There are several reasons why you might want to shave your testicles as well as the penis. This is quite easy and it just takes a bit of time.

Here’s how you go about it.

You might decide to shave your pubic area because the hair can get in the way. You might be using a penis pump, cock ring, or doing penis exercises.

The hair can get in the way, pinch, and cause you pain. Sex can be more enjoyable with less hair, especially oral sex for your partner as the hair isn’t in the way.

When you clean this area, you can also look a bit larger and it can also be more sexually appealing to your partner.

What Works for Shaving:

There are several things that work for shaving this area. Here’s a run down on what you should and shouldn’t use on your private area.

Hair remover options

Hair remover options

Hair Removers:

These products aren’t a good idea as they have a lot of chemicals which may burn the area or cause irritations.

Electric Clippers:

You can use various electric clippers, but these can be a risk. The main reason is that they can easily nip you and you don’t want a cut in this area as it will be very painful as it heals.

Electric Razor:

You may use an electric razor for your face, but using one on your private area is a recipe for disaster.

Pubic hair is quite long so an electric razor will have a tough time cutting this hair. You are more likely to get the hair caught in the razor or have some serious pinching going on.

Manual Razor:

The best way to shave your testicles and manhood is with a regular razor. A good quality regular razor is best and it will give you a nice clean shave.

Here’s some tricks to do this the right way.

Watch Your Ballocks Boys

Here are some tips and tricks to help

Tips for Using a Regular Razor:

• Use shaving cream. Regular old shaving cream will do fine for this job.

• Make sure you use a decent razor. It doesn’t have to be the top expensive brand, but avoid the cheaper ones as this can dull very quickly or nip you as you shave.

• Make sure you apply a good amount of shaving cream around the area. You can also do this in the shower as the water can soften the area before you shave.

• Work the hair around the sides of the penis by the groyne and abdomen areas.

• Use a lot of shaving cream and pull your penis to one side to shave the other side and then do the same thing to the other side, top, and bottom.

• When shaving the balls, go slowly. They can be hanging or shrivelled, it doesn’t matter what state they are in when you shave them. You should use short strokes. Ensure you always have some shaving cream to work with. Pull the testicles to get the best surface area to shave. Avoid the skin just under the penis as you don’t want to nip this.

• Wash the cream off and look for hairs you may have missed. Go over these areas when you’re finished.

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My Personal Conclusion On Shaving Your Penile:

If you do this slowly and take your time, there will be no cuts or nicks. 

Shaving is easier then it looks, but it takes some time so don’t rush the process and you won’t cut yourself. 

Once you do this a few times it becomes a lot easier to do.

If you feel I have missed anything please feel free to contact me via live chat or the contact form. You can also leave a comment below.

Have Fun And Above All Stay Safe



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