6 Month Review Of Max Performer:

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Max Performer 6 Month Trial:

Hey, my name is Tim Smith I am now 37 years young and this is my attempt at building a male enhancement website to help guys like me.

So, today I am going to share with you my full 6 months using Max performer pills. It has been an emotional journey and one that really opened my eyes.

I mean I had been through a lot what with suffering from Performance Anxiety and a mild case of ED (Erectile Dysfunction).

I must say before we go on the lessons I learnt along the way have meant I can live a normal life and my relationships do to suffer.

image of me with male enhancement products under review
This Is What I Review And I Love It

A Little About Me:

I review male enahcnement products, here is how it started.

I was around 16/17 years old when I first had sex, I was very nervous and really didn’t know exactly what I should be doing.

I did know I was turned on and that was enough to get me started at that age.

It was after going to a friend’s for a smoke and drink (young I know) that I managed to attract the attention of a girl, I won’t say her name.

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I had liked her for a few months and Never had plucked up the courage to tell her.

Anyway, with a few ciders down, I got friendly, my father was staying with his partner so the apartment was free.

We ended up in my bedroom, Poster of drum and bass raves and a collection of empty aftershave bottles was about all that was there.

me holding all of my 6 month supply of max performer pills
Bloody Excited with My 6 month Supply

Oh and my bed, we slipped into the sheets and after a while, we got to it, we started kissing and she took the first move, to cut a long story short I got nervous and too turns on and couldn’t get it up.

When I eventually did I only lasted a few seconds and I mean like 30 tops. As embarrassing, as it is to write about that, was how it all started for me.

Ive thought about it over the past few days before writing this review.

Now this pattern while not as severe lasted up until around 3 years ago. That’s when I started testing male enhancement supplements and pumps and things.

I wanted to do something about it and wasn’t going to be crap in the bedroom anymore. 

Fast forward to 6 months ago, when I then decided to give the supplement Max Performer a trial, I had been through a fair amount of pills, Pumps and Extenders as well as guides by then. 

But now it was Max Performer Pills turn under the microscope. 

featured image of max performer pills and me holding a box
My first box of Max Performer

All About Max Performer Pills:

So Max Performer is a male enhancement supplement, that’s a pill, capsule or soft gel that you take to enhance certain areas of your sex life. They can help with things like;

  1. Low Libido
  2. Erectile Dysfunction
  3. Low Stamina
  4. Low Semen/Sperm Levels
  5. Low Testosterone
  6. Premature Ejaculation
  7. Low Moods

Now the main thing to note is that there are a lot of supplements out there that claim to do all of the above and some even make your penis bigger for life, now let me just shatter that dream for you right now.

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No medication, not even Viagra can give any guy permanent gains in size be it girth, length or both. It just isn’t possible well not yet.

Maybe in a few decades but NOT now.

That said supplements like Max Performer can give you greater quality erections, that will last longer than without taking the supplement.

The Max Performer brand is rather good and we will get into that a little more in depth later on guys.

The Company Behind Max Performer:

So Max Performer was devised by a company called Silverblade Nutrition, they are a UK based company and have been active for around three years now. 

I did a little research on them and they regulated by international consumer law in regards to the supply and manufacturing of their product. Which offers peace of mind. 

They manufacture the pills in a laboratory facility in the UK, and the USA orders are manufactured and shipped from there.

I suppose because of USA law and the fact the US customers will get their orders faster.

So good all round I think, don’t you?. Their details can be found on the UK Companies House Official Website the link to that is >>Here<<.

The company is registered as a limited company and has been operating since 2015.

image of max performer pills with a green tick
Yes I Think Max Performer Are Tops

What Do I Think About Them?:

Well, I personally think they are one of the better bands out there, as they have defiantly put a lot of thought and effort into the formula they use.

I mean usually, I would have to say that for 1 most male enhancement pills fall short just because of their inclusion rates.

The inclusion rates of the ingredients and compounds they use within their formulas.

They also tend to not use the most refined ingredients both of these points are just down to money. 

The cheaper the ingredients and the less you put in the more the profits. That’s my view anyway. Now that is where Max Performer Stands out and above the majority.

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But il go deeper into the formula and what makes them powerful a little later on.

They also offer a Guarantee and free shipping, il give you all those details later on to. Now on to the Blend/formula they use to great effect.

image of the max performer box with ingredients list
The Formula Of Max Performer Pills

The max Performer Formula:

Max Performer pills have really set the benchmark for quality and consistency.

They produce the same quality each and every time and include the powerful compounds within their formula at super high and effective rates, I’m talking 500mg – 1000mg and up. 

This is still to this day unheard off in the male enhancement industry as the ingredients they have chosen to use are expensive to buy even in bulk quantities they order in.

I actually e-mailed the guys at Max Performer before I started writing to get a few FAQs on their company, ethos and brand.

I really wanted to see what made them tick.

Now as we work our way through the ingredients list you will see exactly what I mean by the amount of forethought and attention they must have been put into the development of the product.

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They said it was a full two years before they were ready to go live and start taking orders.

So that alone shows the dedication and the want and desire to deliver and quality product that works well and really gets lifelong customers.

So without further ado here is the Formula, the inclusion rates along with a brief description and a link out to my articles on each of them so you can get that bit more info if you need it.

The Formula In Full:

I am going to list them from the bottom to the top so the most powerful of the ingredients will be last on the list below. You really will be surprised at what can be achieved.

Banner leading readers to ingredient facts articles

  1. MACA; This is a root that is found in the most potent and refined form overseas, sourced directly from Peru. Known mainly for its use as a great aphrodisiac it has been used by several cultures for hundreds of years. I china they make it into a drink to boost your sex drive. A super testosterone booster it can help in the gym too, buy giving an extra boost of test to lift heavy and stay charged. Also used by health care professionals to stop anxiety and performance issues in men and elevate semen levels.
  2. ZINC; You know this one all too well but do you know the benefits it offers in fairly high doses? Well il tell you quickly, 1 thing is that it keeps your prostate healthy, yeah you probably are not fussed about that but let me tell you its one of the most affected areas in men related to cancer. So keeping it healthy matters so make sure you remember that. Second is its ability to boost sperm levels and intensify organs, stamina is improved too. You may think what all this from ZINC but yes all from ZINC. This is because at high levels and complimented with other compounds it achieves quite astounding results.
  3. SELENIUM; Now this is needed to make use of the other ingredients in the blend, it does this by helping the synthesis of all the nutrients and compounds, basically it processes them and makes them travel and be absorbed by the body easily and efficiently. The main benefits of selenium as a stand-alone supplement are increased sperm count so great for virility and fertility in men but also it aids the production of testosterone.
  4. CORDYCEPS; As weird as it sounds this is actually found in the mountain ranges of Tibet where Silverblade Nutrition actually ships it from. Now most companies buy from labs that farm this under controlled conditions. Not Max Performer, it is a fungus that is small but very very. Very potent when ingested, it has been shown that the hurts of goats in the highlands of Tibet are some of the most sexually active and fertile in the world, this is only because they graze on the grass and Cordyceps Sinensis all year round. It will give you greater want and desire for sex and make you really feel horny that and a healthy boost in stamina for those longer bedroom sessions.
  5. RED KOREAN GINSENG; Amazing people don’t take this every day really, it is the most effective energy booster I have ever used, and at the inclusion rate its packed into Max Performer you’ll be running around day and night. The main reason for adding it to this supplement though is the increase in blood to your sexual organs, ie penis. It gives you greater quality erections that are stiff hard and last a lot lot longer. Libido is the final benefit for this ingredient.
  6. HORNY GOAT WEED; otherwise known as yin yang Huo or Epimedium, this is the holy grail when it comes to sexual prowess and libido, it offers the user unrivalled stamina in and out of the bedroom. I used this on its own for years prior to taking Max Performer and for good reason. There really is nothing else out there that can and will have you going all night if you desire.
  7. BIOPERINE; This is the best for me it stops performance anxiety and depression mostly, so it will help you to concentrate and not think too much as well as increasing your sensitivity and intensifying your orgasms, so with the other above ingredients you really are covered for any sexual issue you might have or be worried about.
image of six of the max performer pill ingredients
Here Are The Top Ingredients

Final Thoughts On The Big 7:

As you can see from the above-listed ingredients they are super effective and I can’t sing there praises enough, to be honest.

I will quickly list the inclusion rates I touched upon earlier in the review so you can see what I mean by the potency Max Performer offers you.

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Please note that most male enhancement supplements include their ingredients at far lower rates at around say 100mg to 500mg.

Which really is not enough to offer you the great benefits they are capable of displaying when used regularly.

You can see the trend there cant you big doses produce big results that is for dam sure. Now onto the part, you need to know, how much to take and when.

image of me holding a glass of water and 2 max performer pills
Take 2 Max Performer pills A Day

How Many To Take & When?:

So as with all supplements, I review here on my website, I recommend that you take the recommended dose with water and some food.

Could be a cereal bar or something. Now Max Performer comes in small blue tablets that are easy to swallow unlike some supplements out there, such as libido max which you nearly choke on.

You are advised by the manufacturer SilverBlade Nutrition to take two per day, I split them up so I take one in the morning with my multivitamin and omega three, and one before bed or half an hour before sex.

When you first get your order and begin the course you will need to remember to take them every day as they take a little time to build up in your system.

Around 8 to 10 days for me. 

I weigh around 230lbs if your smaller could be quicker and vice versa. Now I can’t stress how important it is to try to remember to take them every day.

Think of it this way your putting compounds into your body until they reach an optimum level and you get all the benefits from them. 

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If you skip a few days you lose out and the benefits are not as great.

And you do not want that, there really is no excuse if you want positive change in your sex life then just remembering to take a little pill once or twice a day isn’t that hard is it????

It is best to take them just like you would take a multivitamin, think of it like this like I do.

If you can take a multivitamin or aspirin if you have a headache. Why not a sexual health supplement. It really is a no-brainer.

So to summarise 2 Max Performer pills 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening ok.

delivery box of max performer pills
The Box Max Performer Arrived In

Shipping Of Max Performer:

Now one of the most important things when you finally decide Max Performer is for you is to know that the shipping of your order will be discrete and that just due to your privacy and discretion no one will be able to know what you have ordered. 

So from the moment the order is placed and the parcel is packed and shipped description is of utmost importance. 

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The order will arrive within a day or so, if you fall outside the EU or the united states of America this may stretch to a week, but hey that’s not long in the great scheme of things now Is it.

The package will arrive by courier and be in plain packaging with nothing other than the delivery address present on it.

So you can be confident your business is your business. 

The other great thing is no matter where you are in the world the order is tracked so you can follow its journey to you and it is FREE totally FREE worldwide shipping.

You can also get a discount on orders over 3 months supplies.

The unique code the guys at Max Performer gave me when I begged them to pass it on to my readers is >>SAVE10<<

I will tell you how to enter that a little later on when I’ve got through man actual results diary.

image of frequently asked questions
Frequently Asked Questions Click Here To Visit Page

Are There Any Side Effects?:

So one of the most asked questions I get and see across the blogs and websites on male enhancement supplements is SIDE EFFECTS.

Now it is true that some well a lot actually can give you side effects. 

They vary from nausea, headaches to vomiting.

But this is either because they are using inferior quality ingredients, risky or banned substances or the user has some health issues that react badly to the formula taken.

>>Visit The Official Website Here<<

Now I personally have not had any side effects using Max Performer pills, and after asking the guys at Max Performer.

Reading through most of the reviews on the product I can honestly say that this is one of the most powerful yet safe male enhancement supplement that you could take to date.

image of the 6 month supply of max performer pills
My Multi Buy Of Max Performer Pills

Any Multi-Buy Deals For Max?:

As with anything in life getting the best deal possible for anything to save money makes total sense and you would be stupid not to search these deals out.

So below I have listed the package prices for you as of the publishing of this trial and review.

As mentioned before for orders of 3 months or more there is a hefty 10% discount coupon code. This is not really that widely publicised and for good reason. 

They don’t really want to lose money but hey its there for a reason, I reckon its because people buying three months or more are repeat customers and they are rewarding their loyalty with this discount.

You can enter the code SAVE10 on the order page of the official Max Performer website which you can visit by >>Clicking Here<<

So here is the current price list from 1 month to 6 months supply.

  • 1 month supply 30 days, 60 pills, $69
  • 3 month supply 90 days, 180 pills, $138
  • 6 month supply 180 days, 360 pills, $200

As you can see the discount above for multi-buy orders is huge and that is without the secret code SAVE10.

image of the order page on the max performer pills website
The Order Page Of Max Performer Pills

How To Order Max Performer:

As I always tell readers, you need to only use the official website of the brand you are ordering.

So, in this case, the link to Silverblade Nutritions Max Performer Supplement you can get Here.

Please note when you click on the link there is no strange text or Url just https://www.maxperformer.com.

There should always be a padlock icon in the search bar to verify the website is secure and trusted by all major search engines.

Now once you have arrived at the official website you will be on the home page, this is where you will get a detailed overview of the supplement.

With all the information you need.

They also have a regular asked questions area where any further queries will be answered, they really have made this section easy to use and understand so thumbs up there.

On the right-hand side of the page, you will see a green button which will take you to the order page with all the options available to you today.

It’s only when you click on a specific option that you will be able to enter the code I gave you earlier.

image of the different payment methods of max performer pills
The Different Payment Methods Accepted

Payment Methods They Take?:

Now as with most online shopping carts they take all major credit and debit cards as well as PayPal.

With PayPal, you don’t need to have an account already set up as you can just enter in your cars details and proceed to checkout easily and with no fuss.

Because they use these main payment options you have peace of mind knowing that your transaction is protected.

When you make your order you will receive an email thanking you for your purchase and giving you the tracking number for your order.


They use the major courier providers such as UPS etc.

I counted the time it took to hit the home page and make my order and it was under 5 minutes so it really is quick and easy and pain-free.

image of man and woman enjoying sex
I Was Looking For A Great Sex Life

What I Wanted Max Performer For:

I really wanted something I could take/use which wasn’t expensive and was easy to fit into my day to day life. Now I was already taking multivitamins so a supplement was the best option for me.

After researching the top 5 brands of male enhancement pills out there today I decided to start with Max Performer Pills.

I had several things that I wanted or expected Max Performer to help or even treat. Below I will list the main 3 most important to me.

  1. Slight Erectile Dysfunction
  2. Low Sex Drive/Libido
  3. Poor Sexual Stamina

Now as explained earlier the ingredients all claimed to be able to treat or even get rid of these symptoms and I was excited about the thought of finally being able to have a better quality sex life. 

My girlfriend at the time was very highly sexed and it was putting a strain on my relationship with her because I was coming home from work tired and really wasn’t up for sex.

image of the box my 6 month supply of max performer arrived in
Max Performer Packaging

My First Month On Max Performer:

After placing my order little under a week ago I had the boxes in my hands and I opened the first of 6.

The boxes are blue in colour and have the unmistakable Max Performer logo emblazoned on the front.

On the Back was the list of ingredients and the inclusion rates were the same as boasted on the >>website<<.

It was around 6:30 am the day after the delivery that I decided to take the first dose, so just after my cereal and with my cup of tea in hand I took my first tablet. It went down easily which is nice.

I tend to take a mouth full of water or tea and tip my head backdrop in the pill and swallow the water or tea, down goes the pill with it and you don’t even notice it.

So I repeated this morning and evening for about 8 days before I really noticed any benefits, I have to say I was a little worried until then that I had wasted my time.

>>Here Is What They Say About It<<

The money wasn’t an issue as you get a full money back guarantee with Max Performer.

So I knew all I had to do was put them back in the box and send them back and I would get a full refund so nothing lost.

But this didn’t happen as on a Tuesday night she was feeling horny so I got a chance to put Max Performer through its paces.

One thing led to another and before I knew it we were at it on the floor in the kitchen.

I lifted her onto the kitchen side and it was one of the best nights in a long while, she fell asleep in my arms and I felt great.

image of guy in gym showing how max boosts testosterone
I Had Huge Surges In Power In The Gym

Month 2,3,4 Just Got Better:

As the weeks rolled on I found myself actually waking up feeling rested, I work in construction and I get tired and moody.

But about 2 months into using Max Performer I was feeling a lot more energy and I felt alive again.

I was putting in more effort at the gym, which gave me even more confidence in the bedroom. She could notice the change. I had left a box of Max Performer out on the side in the bedroom and she mentioned that them.

She asked if they were Viagra and if that was why I was wanting to make love more and going longer( I could use other language but that would be too rude huh) you don’t know who could be reading.

Anyway months 3,4 the gains were getting bigger and better day by day I mean I never felt the power or I don’t know desire like I did like I do now.

I just wanted her al the time, which she loved.

Couldn’t stop looking at the women though, to be honest, but hey its ok to look but not touch. I felt like the alpha male you know.

Now I got on at work better for it, the guys at work noticed my better mood and we got along better.

image of me in bed with girlfriend
She Was More Than Happy In The Bed

Month 5,6 Erection Time:

The final few months the pills work and work well, I am used to taking them as a routine now. I can’t tell you enough how mental it is now.

My favourite benefit is my erections, its crazy how hard and firm they are now.

I get them quick sometimes too quick lol, and they stay as long as I want them to. I feel relaxed when having sex if that makes sense.

>>Money Back Guarantee Here<<

I mean I am horny as hell but I really can enjoy sex without my mind messing it up. I get a bit wild now in bed which she loves and my orgasms are unreal so what more is there to say.

Thumbs up.

screen shot of max performer money back guarantee
Here Is The Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee:

Unlike most other male enhancement supplements out there Max Performer offers a full 100-day money back guarantee.

I thought it best to explain that as everyone should know they really have nothing to lose at all.

Silverblade Nutrition is tops and built to last, so the guarantee shows how confident they are and for good reason.

So for your peace of mind, you don’t need to worry if they do not work for you (which they will) you can get your money back.

And second don’t forget about the Discount Coupon Code SAVE10 you need to enter it in upper case capital letter though or else it won’t work.

image of the contact details of silverblade nutrition
Here Is The Online Support Page

Customer Support:

One of the final things to know is the amazing customer support area on the official Max Performer website.

You have the opportunity at any time before or after your purchase to contact the guys at Silverblade Nutrition for help and advice.

My Final Conclusion:

The Max Performer supplement is one of the highest quality male enhancement products out there in 2018.

It contains the most useful and potent ingredients and inclusion rates I could find. It far exceeds the other top 3 in terms of effectiveness.

I strongly recommend that you try Max Performer, it works as intended and you will get a greater quality erection, better stamina and an overall amazing sex life using it.

Have Fun And Above All Stay Safe

Warm Regards

Tim Smith

Click Below To Visit Them Today

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