Yohimbe & Penis Enlargement:

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Yohimbe has the technical name Pausinystalia Johimbe or just Yohimbe Bark as it’s commonly referred to.

This tree is native to Africa and in the tree, is a chemical which we call yohimbine. It’s considered to be one of the most effective treatments for erectile dysfunction on the market that is natural.

You will find Yohimbe bark in many male enhancement products.

Yohimbe and Penis Enlargement:

There have been many studies that have shown that Yohimbe is a powerful aphrodisiac, treatment for erectile dysfunction, and a sexual stimulant.

Yohimbe works to increase blood flow to the penis so you get a harder erection. You need more blood flow to the penis as it supplies the penis with nutrients that it needs for harder erections and better health.

Yohimbe Problems:

One of the downsides of Yohimbe is that it can be dangerous for some men to take. You can suffer from increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, headaches, skin flushing, insomnia, and other conditions.

There’s no recommended dosage for Yohimbe and many men end up taking too much of it or too little.

If you plan to take Yohimbe, see your doctor prior to use to make sure that it’s safe for you to take as it may interfere with certain conditions or medications and be dangerous under certain circumstances.


I would only recommend that you take Yohimbe if you’re healthy. If you have health problems, please see a physician prior to use.

It can still be a good idea to see your doctor, even if you’re healthy before you take Yohimbe due to the risks associated with its use. In some countries, you cannot use a product that contains it.


Many studies have shown that Yohimbe can be effective to improve male sexual function.

These studies have shown that taking Yohimbe can improve sexual behaviour and improve your overall sexual stamina. You can have improved erections when you take Yohimbe.

My Conclusion:

Yohimbe is an effective treatment for sexual problems and it can be an effective ingredient for your penis enlargement routines.

Care must be taken with its use as it can cause problems with medications or react to certain medical conditions. See a doctor prior to its use to determine if it’s safe for you to take.

Have fun and above all stay safe

Tim Smith

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