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Many men are concerned about their penis size. There are quite a few products in the market that can address this issue, but many of them are quite ineffective at creating real size and girth gains.

One of the best devices to accomplish this is a penis extender. In this review, we look at the X4 Labs penis extender product.

All About X4 Labs Penis Extender:

The X4 Labs Penis Extender is designed to help a man increase size and girth in their penis over time. These devices can even help men that have penile conditions such as penis curvature.

There are many poor-quality penis extenders on the market, but the X4 Labs Penis Extender is a high-quality product that will help you get the results you want.

A penis extender like the X4 Labs works by increasing penis size with traction.

The device wills stretch the penis slowly over time and cause small tears in the cells. These tears will be healed by the body and this increases penis size over time.

You need to wear this device for several hours per day to see real results. If will take several months for you to see changes in penis size. An extender also helps the penis get proper blood flow so you’ll have fuller and harder erections when you use this sort of device.

You will also have better libido and sex drive when using a penis extender. Many men have gained 1-3 inches when using a penis extender over time like X 4 Labs.

This device is made with high-quality materials and you can wear it whenever you like to extend the penis. You should wear this device for at least six hours per day which will give you the maximum results you’re looking for.

You may also use other products such as male supplements with your penis extender if you want, but they aren’t necessary.

The Pros:

  • You’ll have more girth and a longer penis
  • You’ll enjoy better sexual performance and sexual stamina
  • The device can fix penile curvature and diseases such as Peyronie’s Disease
  • It treats premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction
  • The device is medically approved and it’s tested in clinical trials
  • There are five different packages available

The Cons:

  • This extender can be expensive. They feature the Starter Package which is the cheapest option, but this lacks a guarantee, support, and the comprehensive user guide which the more expensive sets feature
  • Some soreness will occur through the first few uses of the product
  • It takes time to see real results which will average 2-3 months or more

Side Effects of X4 Labs Penis Extender:

There are no real side effects with this device. You will have some mild soreness at first, but this will go away after you use this device for some time.

You want to wear the strap so it’s snug, but not too tight. You want to be able to tolerate the tension of the device. If it hurts too much, dial back the tension.

When you first start, make sure you only wear it for around four hours and then add more time as you see fit. Here are some other tips for comfort:

  • Wear clothing that is loose and comfortable when you have the extender on
  • Increase the time you wear it once you’re comfortable with the tension
  • Use vitamin E oil and apply this to your penis after use
  • Take a break of a couple of hours during the day when wearing the extender
  • Take a full day off once per week to allow the penis to heal
  • You can wear the device at night, but it’s better to use it during the day for maximum comfort

My Conclusion:

The X4 Labs Penis Extender is an excellent device for men looking to grow their penis. It will take some time for the device to work, but if you’re dedicated to the process, you’ll see the results that you want.

This extender will also improve your libido as well as your sexual performance. This device is the right option for natural male enhancement as it’s been proven to work in clinical trials.

It is one of a handful that really does what they say, so bellow is my personal favourite extender. It helped me to gain extra length.

The link will take you to my review and my results.

Have Fun And Above all Stay Safe

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Tim Smith

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