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Virectin pills product image for consumer info articleVirectin Male Enhancement Review:


Welcome to today’s product under review is Virectin Pills.

There are many different make enhancements on the market. It’s very hard to find quality ones because of all the choice and there’s a lot of misinformation you need to sort through. 

I review these products for you to help you make an informed decision. 

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A Little About Virectin:

Virectin is a natural enhancement that’s said to be made with pharmaceutical grade ingredients. The company claims you’ll have better erections, more stamina, and better ejaculation when you take their supplement. 

The benefit you get from this supplement is said to come within the first few weeks that you use the product. The results will vary individual to individual so you’ll need to take the supplement to see how well it works for you.

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The Ingredients within Virectin Pills:

There are several ingredients in the formula that you need to be aware of which are as follows:

  • Selenium
  • Niacin
  • Zinc Sulfate
  • Tribulus Fruit Extract
  • Oat Herb Powder
  • Eurycoma Longifolia
  • L-arginine
  • Velvet Bean Seed Extract
  • Gingko Leaf Powder
  • Fenugreek Seed Powder
  • Eurycoma Longifolia
  • Epimedium Herb Extracs
  • Saw Palmett 
  • Maca Root
  • Ashwagandha
  • Damiana Leaf
  • Xanthoparmelia Scarbosa Bark Powder

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Virectin Pills Side Effects:

Many of these ingredients are common in other male enhancement supplements. Some ingredients may cause side effects such as:

Fenugreek Seed Powder:

  • Nasal congestion
  • Facial swelling
  • Low blood sugar
  • Allergies
  • Diarrhea
  • Issues with digestion


  • Allergic reactions
  • Increased risk for bleeding or bruising
  • Increases headache risk
  • Raises liver and thyroid cancer risk
  • May cause constipation, upset stomach or a rapid heartbeat

Epimedium Herb Extract:

  • Long-term use may cause vomiting, dizziness, thirst, dry mouth, or nosebleeds
  • Heart malfunctions in some cases have been reported

Saw Palmetto:

  • May cause pancreas or liver problems
  • Constipation, vomiting, dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Flu-like feeling

Damiana Leaf Powder:

This has been reported to have some serious side effects like:

  • May cause convulsions
  • Can have poison-like symptoms

Xanthoparmelia Scarbosa Bark Powder:

  • WebMD has said that this could be unsafe as it contains poisonous chemicals that can cause healthy cells to die. Caution should be taken with any supplement that has this ingredient

My Opinion on Ingredients:

This product does have some beneficial ingredients like L-Arginine and Maca, but there are some potentially harmful ingredients like Xanthoparmelia Scarbosa Bark Powder which could be toxic to the body. 

The quality of this supplement is in question and it might not be safe for all men to take. In Germany, this supplement was restricted due to the fact the supplement was deemed to be too strong to be sold as a “non-prescription”.

Virectin Pills Pricing:

You can get a 30-day supply of this supplement for around $45. You nee dot take it for at least a week before you get the benefits from it.

The Company Behind Virectin Pills:

The manufacturer of this supplement is Gentopia Labs. There’s not a lot of information about the product online. They have no email or phone number for contact and there’s not listed with the BBB or Better Business Bureau.

Image saying reviewConsumer Reviews of Virectin Pills:

It’s important to read reviews before you buy any make supplement. Here are some reviews for your consideration:

Ken:“I took it as directed and absolutely nothing has happened to me.”

Jim:“I got severe headaches from this supplement. I don’t recommend it.”

Dale:“Took the bottle, but saw no benefits at all.”

Mike:“I had no problems with an erection before and this actually made me limp. 

I’ve had erection issues ever since. Avoid it!”

Don:  “Tried to contact customer service for a refund, but couldn’t get through. This company is terrible.”

Shawn:“Saw no benefit from this product and won’t purchase again.”

Eric:“This is a terrible product and I’ll never buy it again. It game me a sore throat and a bad cough”

Unknown:“Just eat better food, this supplement won’t do a thing for you!”

Bill:“I took this to enhance my sex life. It didn’t enhance anything.”

Steven:“Got an upset stomach and diarrhea from it, but not make enhancement.”

Cory:“This took my erection down to nothing!”

Other Reviews:

You’ll also find a lot of bad reviews for this supplement on Amazon. Many had side effects after taking it and saw no tangible results. Many complained about low energy, digestive issues, headaches and other problems.

Image saying my conclusionMy Conclusion on Virectin Pills: 

I cannot recommend Virectin to anyone. It does have some effective ingredients which are known to help with male enhancement, but it has too many issues. It has certain ingredients which may be toxic. 

There’s a whole host of negative reviews on this supplement and users saw no changes to their body after taking it. I recommend that you go with another supplement and forget about Virectin. 

There are other effective supplements which are all natural and won’t cause side effects like Virectin does. These products have gone through clinical trials and have great customer feedback and are the better choice for quality male enhancement.

If you feel I have missed anything please feel free to contact me via live chat or the contact form. You can also leave a comment below.

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Virectin Compliant:

Virectin is a male enhancement product that has some problems with it. There’s been a lot of negative reviews about this product including the following:

“I ordered Virectin to correct a make medical condition. The company said they offer a 91% success rate so I felt I was buying a quality product. 

I spoke to my doctor about this supplement and he claimed it was fine for me to take. He looked at the various ingredients that were listed on the company website.

I took this supplement for two weeks. My results included a lot of irritation, blistering, burning as well as severe diarrhea in the “male private area.” 

I’m still waiting for my credit card to be refunded and I hope that the company gives to me soon. I’m recovering from my use of this product, but I wanted to warn other men about using it and how ineffective it is.”

My Conclusion:

It’s clear to see from this review posted on a popular website that deals with customer complaints that Virectin is not a quality make enhancement and may even cause severe medical issues if you take it. 

I would avoid this product and try another make enhancement.

advice for consumer on free trial scams in the male enhancement market

Is Virectin Male Enhancement Some Sort of Scam?:

Hello and welcome to my contribution to my brother Tims review on Virectin Pills, now he asked me to steer in the direction of the bad publicity and media surrounding this male enhancement supplement.

Virectin is a male enhancement product that has a lot of bad publicity. This product has a lot of negative reviews. I’m going to look at it to discover if it’s a scam. 

A few medical experts have looked at this supplement and this is what they have found.

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What I Found Out About Virectin:

This supplement is designed to help men that have sexual dysfunction, but it appears that this product really doesn’t help address this issue at all. 

There’s no evidence to back up the claims made by the manufacturer and there are no clinical trials done on this product that prove the effectiveness of the supplement.

The Side Effects Of Virectin:

Many that have taken Virectin have experienced some serious side effects. 

Most natural male enhancement products don’t have a lot of serious side effects, but Virectin seems to cause all sorts of various problems for men that have taken it. 

Many herbal supplements will cause some minor side effects, but these usually go away over time as you get used to taking the product.

Some claim that it does work, but there are few more reviews on this product that are negative. You’re taking a bog risk if you buy it because it probably won’t work at all and you could suffer some serious side effects from this product. 

Most men take herbal enhancements to get away from side effects which are associated with prescription drugs like Viagra.

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Be Wary of “Experts on Virectin”:

There are some sites that have “supposed medical doctors” that may claim Virectin is safe to take and very effective. 

You should believe anything these “experts” tell you as there’s far more evidence that this make enhancement product doesn’t do what the manufacturer claims it does. 

The company advertising this supplement appears to want to do whatever it can to get you to buy the product, but the results from this particular supplement are not going to be what you want.

What You Should Do:

The main thing you need to do before you buy any male supplement is a lot of research. There’s far too many poor and suspect supplements on the market as well as misleading information. 

When you’re presented with claims that the product works well, look for tangible evidence such as clinical trials and documentation to support the claims made. 

There are supplements that work quite well for male enhancement, but you must be cautious about what you’re buying. 

When a supplement such as Virectin has mounting evidence that it doesn’t work, then simply avoid it and find a product that does work.

Image saying conclusion of review

Sam’s Conclusion:

You must avoid products that sound “too good to be true” and the ones that offer wild claims about what their male enhancement can do. 

If you cut through all of the hype associated with these products, you’ll find that are quality ones in the market that will improve your sex life. 

You need to avoid ones such as Virectin because they won’t do much for your sexual health. 

Please use your common sense and be willing to investigate before you buy any enhancement so you don’t end up wasting your money on inferior products.

Please take a look around on the internet and research this product for yourself before you buy, as you may or may not find pros that suit you or cons to steer you away.

Kind regards

Samual Smith

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