My Review of Penis Enlargement Supplement VigRX Plus Pill’s

Here’s The Hype  About My  6 Month VigRx Plus pill’s Trial
Vigrxplus Penis Enhancement PillsAfter the wait for this much-anticipated Trial of VigRX Plus pill’s, I’m happy to say the results are in. And they really are Great, I guess now I’m going to have to tell you all about it.

I am getting amazing growth in my penis length and the girth has seen a massive boost in size.The other huge bonus by this Male Enhancement Behemoth that is VigRX Plus pill’s, is the brilliant gains in my Erection strength and Longevity.

I really could not speak more highly of these guys. And I know for certain my  girlfriend loves my new growth and energy just as much as I do.A few people upon my research have mentioned mild headaches, although I can say I have not experienced these. Not sure why they would considering its all natural.

My VigRX Plus Pills Results+6 Month Trial:

  • VigRx Plus Pill’s Increased My Penis Length By 2.5cm 
  • VigRX Plus Pill’s Made My Penis Girth Grow By 1.45cm
  • VigRX Plus Pill’s gave me a large Boost in my Libido
  • VigRX Plus Pill’s gave me Bigger Erections and For A Lot Longer
  • I get Much More Intense Orgasms

 Now before I carry on with what VigRX Plus pills does for me and a little about the things you should know. I need to say that I really do give this the thumbs up. And as for recommending it to you or any of my mates. It’s A Definite “YES” From Me. Also here’s a quick tip, as a few people have contacted me about the fakes being sold on Ebay and Amazon. All you need to do is enter the Enter the number on the sticker which they put on the box now, on their official website and it will tell you if the Supplement is authentic.

Jan 2016 – Final Review After 6 Months on VigRX Plus Pills:

Vigrx Trial and ReviewVigRx has been the No1 Male Penis Enhancer for a long while. Now with their new and improved Formula’s VigRx Plus pill’s has steadily become a House Hold Name in Penis Enlargement.

The Boys and Girls at VigRX are constantly evolving and making positive changes to Better their formula all the way back since the early 2000’s. Their new addition to the already great Blend is Bioperine. I have an in-depth article with all the good points under the Enhancement Herbs Category here on the site.

Thier drive to Empower Men all over the Globe to realize their full potential in the areas of Sex and Love Making. And to give them Long-term Natural gains in penis growth and solving sexual related issues such as Erectile Disfunction and low Libido, This is why VigRX Plus pills are Number 2 in my Top 3 Male Enhancement Tablets. Here’s what VigRX Plus pills are widely recognized to achieve:

  1. Enable you to last Longer                                                            
  2. Give You Stronger/Stiffer Erection
  3. Give you Great Gains In Penis Girth
  4. Give you Long Growth in Penis Length
  5. Boost your Want And Desire for Sex
  6. Optimize your Blood Flow and Volume into your penis
  7. Give you Heightened Orgasm’s

Now Does VigRX Plus Pill’s Work?:

Il cut to the chase now “YES” it does well it has for me and thousands of men around the world. That said there’s people out there who don’t seem to benefit. I would put these cases purely down to how each of us absorbs nutrients etc.

From my Research and the feed back I receive on a regular basis. I’m sure that the success rate of VigRX Plus Pill’s is near the 80% to 90% rate so it really stands up to the test.

Another Great Bonus from VigRX Plus Pill’s is their offer of a full Money Back Guarantee if you not totally satisfied.

And It Doesn’t Work for You which there’s no reason why it wouldn’t. Now, this really does show me how confident they are in their Formula. That says it all really.

“You Can View Their Information Here”

 So Heres How VigRX Plus Pills WORKS:

The Main purpose of VigRX Plus Pill’s is to greatly increase oxygen enriched blood into your penis. As you can understand that the higher volume of vigrx plus pill's great resultsblood Pumping into your penis will make it thicker and longer. This though it has to be said is only a temporary Gain.

But if you take VigRx Plus Pill’s on a regular basis over months you are going to see definite and permanent gains in your penis Size and Girth. Along Boosted libido And Stamina.

These Gains built over a few months, will last you the rest of your life, So definitely worth a try right?. As long as you take the 2 Pills a day over time these temporary changes will become permanent ones. That’s how simple it really is.

Along with the regular use of VigRX Plus Pill’s you should try to stick to a Penis Exercise programme. There are a few articles and tips here on best erection boosters and youtube etc. These exercises will bring on the Gains a lot Faster and keep your Erection Fitness up at peak levels.

VigRx Plus Pill’s Provide their own Penis Excercise Program when you order 4 months Supply or more. And it’s easy to follow. Doesn’t take much of your time and really helps give you that extra boost.

How Much VigRx Plus Pill’s Do I Need To Take?:

All you need to do is follow the recommended daily dosage on the packet. It says to take 2 tablets a day. You need to take them every day for at least the four-month mark if you want to see changes that will last a lifetime. You will see Gains if taken for less than three months so don’t worry its just they won’t  be permanent.

You can take the two VigRX Plus Pill’s at once or separately it’s not a problem either way. You’ll still get the same results. I took them together in the morning with breakfast. I always take my supplements with water and food.

 Are There Any Side Effects When Taking VigRX  Plus Pills?:

Well as you know I personally didn’t experience any side effects from VigRX Plus Pills. I have heard a couple of people mention Headaches but I can’t Vigrx plus pill's side effectssee it Myself. If they did it most probably would have been nothing to do with VigRX Plus Pills.

VigRx Plus Pill’s Postage And Packaging Costs Etc:

  • USA Postage Costs Around Just $6 
  • Uk Postage from The USA is £14 
  • They Also Offer Faster Shipping For An Extra Cost.

VigRX Plus Pill’s Discrete Packaging:

My Order came in a plain Brown Cardboard Box. There was no distinguishing marks on it. So no one was any the wiser what was inside. That is something I look out for when I make Orders . The box was quality cardboard. So there’s less chance of damage in transit, so everything arrives in tip top condition. The box is sealed tight also so alls good there also.

VigRX Plus Pill’s Prices

Now The Guys at VigRX Plus Pill’s have a few packages on offer. They run from 1 month to 6 months, Then right up to the full 12 Months Supply. The 12 month Supply is for the Guys out there that take VigRX Plus Pill’s regular and have for years. And also those that know what they want and know what works.With the 4 Month, 5 Month, 6 Month and 12 Month Supply Orders you get the Erection Fitness Exercise Program that VigRX Plus Pill’s Provide. And with 5 Month, 6 Month and 12 Month Supply Orders you get a free bottle of Semenax Volume Enhancer.   Here’s The USA VigRX Plus Pill’s Price Table.

Vigrx plus pill's pricesBellow are the Price savings as of time of time I published my review

  1. A One month supply is $76.99 that’s $77 a month
  2. A Two month supply is $143.99 that’s $72 a month
  3. A Three month supply is $205.99 that’s $69 a month
  4. A Four Month Supply is $267.99 that’s $67 a month
  5. A Five Month Supply is $329.99 that’s $66 a month
  6. A Six Month Supply is $384.99 that’s $64 a month
  7. A Twelve Month Supply is $489.99 that’s $42 a month

So VigRX Plus Pill’s do bring the price right down the more you buy. And offer you a free gift which is nice for your Loyalty.

Here’s What I Personally Think About VigRX Plus Pill’s

I have had a few sexual related problems and they are always there on and off without the use of Male Enhancement Supplement Pills. My main issues are My Penis Size, want for sex and my Problems with getting and keeping an erection.

I get regular Benefits from a few Supplements iv Trialled in the past. VigRX Plus Pill’s, I am now really confident with and do plan to keep on my Supplement regime. It’s helped with all of the above Problems and really gives me the confidence iv been looking for in the Bed Room.

I was a little put off by the price considering you really need to take a 4 months supply to really notice long term changes. That said they do bring down the cost a fair amount with the more you buy. And with their free gift’s I feel you get what you pay for. Now I would say it is a small price to pay for the great permanent changes you see.

And Yes I Do Recommend VigRX Plus Pill’s to Everybody and already have to be fair.

“You Can Check These Guys at VigRX Plus Pill’s Here”

Here’s my Review & Trial And What I Found VigRX Plus Pill’s Can Do

So you all probably know me by now.? I’m Tim and iv been Reviewing Male enhancement Pills for a couple of years now. And for myself to help me with some of my issues that I want to improve upon. If you are looking for real and honest results and all the info you need to make an educated choice when it comes to choosing an Erection Booster or Male Enhancement Pill that can work for you is here to try and help.

Feel free at any time to contact me via the contact page. Any questions or queries you may have on anything iv written about or anything you think I may be able to help you with.

Here’s Why I Take VigRX Plus Pill’s

great sex with vigrx plus pill's

This should be the first question. That’s because VigRX Plus Pill’s helps me with a whole lot of things. I suffered from Erectile Disfunction and this was because of my bad Blood circulation to my sexual organs, my Penis to be exact. Iv had this problem since I was in my teens. Although I didn’t know back then why I couldn’t get a hard erection and hold it for very long.

I researched on and off for a while and only now as iv got older iv taken the time to really get to the bottom of what else is out there that can benefit me in the long-term.

I obviously went down the Viagra route as many of us have. But the side effects and cost really did put me off.

VigRX Plus Pill’s came up time and time again through my long sessions on forums and the net. There is a lot of guys who have got great Gains and long-term, which is what I was looking for. This is why after this review I am pleased to put VigRx Plus Pills in my Top 3.

There’s lots of male enhancement and enlarging Supplements out there today. A couple of my Friends at work have been using VigRX Plus Pill’s for a while now. They swear by it. I was going to go halves on a years supply with one of them. This didn’t happen in the end as I ended up making the order of the six-month deal purely to get started on my review. The point is that it was a good idea to go in with a friend as you end up making a huge saving. You get the next six months for just $105 which is really cheap.

I received my Order in a couple of days as I am a little impatient and for the little extra cash it was worth it for me. Plus I was in the UK at the time so it was rather quick. I don’t know if they have a warehouse or something in the Uk.?

So I was now ready to begin.

My Measurements + What To expect From VigRX Plus Pill’s

before and after measurements using vigrx plus pill's

Here’s My Penis Measurements when I get an Erection And the issues I wanted to solve

  • My Penis was 14.7cm in length
  • My Penis was 12.4cm in Thickness
  • I found it hard to Get a Hard Erection
  • I found it Very Hard to Keep my Erection when I did manage to Get it.

Here’s the Much Anticipated results I was really looking forward to and expecting over the next 6 Months. Results came within a week though.

  1. My Penis Getting Longer
  2. My Penis Getting Thicker in Girth
  3. Stopping My erection Problems
  4. Being able to keep my Erection for as long as I choose to
  5. A heightened desire for Sex
  6. A Boost in my Stamina and Energy in the bedroom

The other great bonus is the well thought out Penis exercise Programme I had heard so much about. You get this when you order a 4 month supply or more so, I was in for a treat. It’s wise to follow the program as it is a sure fire way to get the best results from VigRX Plus Pills. It’s been developed to work your penis and Enhance your Penis Size. And it is easy to follow, doesn’t take much time and it Works.

VigRX Plus Pill’s and the First Month of Results

my 6 month supply of vigrx plus pill'sI received my package after making my order in under a week which was fast as it came al the way from the USA. The Box was full of foam nuggets so as nothing got damaged. This attention to detail was great as there is nothing worse than getting something that’s been damaged in transit. And we all know what couriers can be like. The box was plain and there was no way anyone would know what lay inside. This is good because if you are like me I can be a little shy when it comes to ordering male enhancement products. This is just down to me not wanting people to know the issues I’m trying to solve. In the box I received a leaflet about their other helpful products and a loyalty card with $25 on it which was a lovely gift.

within the first week I began to see really positive changes in my want and desire for sex. I felt a lot more horny which was great to see. over the next couple of weeks, I steadily noticed my Erectile Dysfunction symptoms going away. I suffer from it most of the time but VigRX Plus Pill’s seemed to be making a big difference. Not only was I getting an erection in the first place but I was managing to keep it a hell of a lot longer than normal.

Month 2 Using VigRX Plus Pill’s and my Brilliant Results

Into the second month I was still getting the same benefits as the previous month but it seemed the more I took the more the ingredients were my first box of vigrx plus pill'sbuilding in my body. I know body builders and health supplement users mention the stacking of nutrients in their system gives them better and better results and I think this was happening to me. I remember one night when I was making love to my girlfriend she actually mentioned the difference in me and my erection. This as you can imagine made me happy and more confident. And I was really happy she was enjoying the experience as much as me. She always supports me no matter what but it was nice to know I was on the right track and pleasing her that bit more.

Month 3 And Getting Really Happy With My Results From VigRX Plus Pill’s

Now I am really pleased with my changes and I can see it only getting better. One extra thing that I can say about month 3 is the boost in my stamina. I work a hard dau job in construction and I am usually very tired in the evenings. But my energy levels were a lot better as I used VigRX Plus Pill’s and when I made love I wasn’t getting so drained which helped me to enjoy it that much more. I felt a little more energetic in the mornings too. And I’m not really a morning person so that deserved a thumbs up to.

Month 4 And I Felt Really Positive About VigRX Plus Pill’s

I have to mention here the change in my sperm/Semen levels. VigRX Plus Pill’s isn’t really orientated to help so much with this but it does hold some ingredients that do help. And I could see the difference now. My Loads were that much bigger. And my Orgasms were getting more intense. It must be down to VigRX Plus Pill’s. I was really enjoying the experience and having sex around 4 times a week. Before it was about 1 to 2 a week. I think with my boost in sex drive and the fact my girlfriend was enjoying sex with me that much more this was why I was having more sex.

Month 5 And 6 Using VigRX Plus Pill’s Where the Same Great Feelings So I’ve Put Them Together

The culmination of this review was that I was experiencing a lot better sex life and my problems with Erectile Dysfunction were really non-existent now. And that is the main reason I use Sexual Health Supplements. My Penis Strength was so much better and the quality of my erections was brilliant compared to before I began the review. I must say that I’m impressed by the fact that the results have not dropped off at all and only got better.

My Final Thoughts On VigRX Plus Pills:

The Answer to this is a definite “YES” and I’m happy to be able to let you all know about this great supplement that can and will help guys like me around the world.

I have had positive changes in my sex life my relationship and of course it has really helped me with my issues with Erectile Dysfunction and low Libido.

It has given me more self-esteem and confidence in the bedroom. So I would say to anyone I know “YES” please give it a go. You will only be pleased with the changes it will bring into your life.

I’m Going To Post The Link Here So You Can Check It Out Your Self Its A Great Option:

“VigRX Plus Pills”

I Hope This Review Will Help You And If You Found It Useful Or Just Want To Ask A Question Please Leave A Comment Below

Here’s another great choice that actually sits on the number 1 spot for me.

Have Fun And Above All Stay Safe



My #1 For Male Enhancement –VigRX Plus Pills

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  • VigRX Plus Pills I have found to be the most effective.
  • It gives good solid results and all feed back from customers is positive.
  • VigRX Plus pills boost’s stamina/energy and libido.
  • Gives erections that stay stiffer and harder for longer.

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