VigRX Delay Spray Review:

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There are many sexual problems that men face. One of the most common ones is erectile dysfunction, but another common problem men face is premature ejaculation. 

This is where the male has an ejaculation quickly during sex which can reduce the satisfaction of his partner. 

There are plenty of products on the market that can help with this issue, but one of the better products is VigRX Delay Spray which I looked at in this review.

What is VigRX Delay Spray?

This product is a desensitizing spray that you can apply to the penis before sexual activity and there’s a mild anaesthetic in this product which desensitizes the nerves of the penis so you can enjoy sex for a longer duration without having an orgasm. 

You simply spray on the product and rub it into your penis and it’s absorbed into the penile tissue.

The Ingredients:

It’s important to understand the ingredients in this product. Since it’s a desensitizing spraying there’s the anaesthetic benzocaine which works to desensitize that penis during sexual activity. 

Another common ingredient in these sorts of sprays is Lidocaine, but it can cause a lot of numbing so this product contains benzocaine as it produces less of a numbing sensation and allows for more penile sensitivity. 

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  1. Lidocaine
  2. benzocaine

This product is also made with strict safety regulations and health regulations in the United States so you know we’re getting a quality product.

Using the Spray:

To use this product, simply apply 1 to 3 sprays on your penis and then wait around 10 minutes four to absorb into your skin. 

You may need to experiment a bit to find the perfect dosage for you. 

The effects of the spray should last around 20 to 30 minutes so there should be enough time for you to engage in sexual activity. 

You can reapply this spray as needed. You can also use the spray with other male enhancement products such as pills for an even better result. Many men that use VigRX Plus pills use the spray for great results.

Side Effects:

These sprays tend to numb your penis so you don’t want to use too much of it. It’s recommended you use 1 to 3 sprays for each sexual session because if use too much of it, you could have a lot of numbing occur. 

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If you have any sort of allergy or are taking prescription medications, you should speak with your physician to ensure that this product is safe for you to be using. 

You should also stop using the product if you or your partner experience are rash or itching from the use of this spray. In general, most men should not have any problems with VigRX Delay Spray.

Where to Purchase It:

You can only get this product through the official website. If you buy a larger order, you get a discount so it’s always a good idea to buy an extra amount as this will just save you money. 

You can also return the product within 67 days for a full refund if you do not like it. This is ample time to try the product to see how well it works for you.

My Results:

This is my favourite desensitizing spray. I had good results and less premature ejaculation when I used the product. It works very well and will help you last longer in the bedroom. 

It’s easy to apply it and you can use it whenever you want to. If you suffer from premature ejaculation issues, this spray will help you overcome it. 

This product effectively delays your orgasm and will give you much better results than similar products.  Make sure you do not use too much of it so you don’t get increased numbness. Stick to 1 to 3 sprays and you should it be fine.

My Conclusion:

I highly recommend VigRx Delay Spray to any man looking to reduce problems with premature ejaculation. 

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This product will allow you to have sex for a longer duration and will allow you to satisfy your partner in the way that you want. 

This is one of the best desensitizing sprays on the market and recommended for any man that suffers from this common sexual issue.

With all that positivity, I would be selfish if I don’t be honest about the best possible way to help with achieving better quality erections and stamina in the bedroom.

I have and probably always will recommend a quality male enhancement supplement along with the delay spray or any other product aimed at helping you sexually.

Have Fun And Above Stay Safe

Warm Regards

Tim Smith

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