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There are many popular male enhancement products on the market. It can be difficult to find ones that work for you as there’s just so much choice available. 

To make it easier for you to find a good product we’ve done several reviews.  Here’s our review of VigFX.

All if About VigFX:

The manufacturer of VigFX also makes the popular VigRX Plus male enhancement and VigFX use an updated version of this product. 

This male enhancement will improve your erection as well as your sex drive. What makes this product different from VigRX Plus is that the capsules are a gel form of the supplement so they should work as an extended release. 

The ingredients will release slowly so your body can utilize them more effectively.

Differences between VigFX & VigRX Plus:

VigFX uses the same formula as VigRX Plus, but it’s been improved so it absorbs in an optimal way. 

You should get more enhancement results with this supplement over VigRX Plus which is already a great product. 

The VigFX supplement will be absorbed in a rate of 90%, while other supplements may only have been an absorption rate of 10% to 15%. 

This is an intense male enhancement product so you should have more performance and more sex drive while taking it when compared to other male enhancement products even VigRX Plus which is already one of the best-selling male enhancement products on the market.

The Enteric Coating:

This product features an enteric coating so it is absorbed by the intestinal tract to a greater percentage. 

Most other products only have about 20% of the ingredients absorbed by the intestinal tract because they don’t have the enteric coating. 

Most of the ingredients break down in the stomach acid so you don’t get the full effect. 

When you have in this type of coating on at your male enhancement, it safeguards the product from the conditions found in the gastrointestinal tract which tend to break down pills quickly. 

You’ll get the full effect of the ingredients in VigFX because it features this coating.

How This Product Differs from Prescription Drugs:

There are many drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction such as Viagra. These products require a trip to the doctor and they’re usually only used to treat severe erection problems. 

The offer no long-term advantages to sexual performance. There can also be serious side effects of prescription drugs so many men did turn to herbal supplements such as VigFX. 

You can take VigFX whenever you like and you don’t have to worry about this serious side effects, or needing a prescription medication to improve your sex life.

Do I need a Prescription?:

There’s no need for a prescription because this product is a dietary supplement. You can buy VigFX online without the need for a prescription so you don’t have to go to the doctor. 

If you have severe erection problems, I would still see your doctor ensure you don’t have any other medical issues that must be addressed prior to taking any supplement.

Is it Safe?:

If you have any medical condition or are on prescription drugs, please check with your physician before you take this supplement. 

If you’re healthy, and not taking any prescription drug this product should be safe for you to take as it’s all natural. 

Some herbs and supplement ingredients could react with prescription medications in negative ways so it is important to see your doctor before taking VigFX to ensure its safe for you to take. 

Most men should not have a problem with this supplement as long as they are already healthy and not on medications.

Noted Results:

You should see an improvement in your sex life in about 30 days. 

You should have more stamina in about 90 days. It will take some time to work so you will have to take it on regular basis. Most of these products do not work right away. 

You may see some results right away, but more concrete results will happen over time.

It’s Effectiveness:

This product has gone through clinical tests while many other male enhancement products have had no test done on them whatsoever. Here are some of the results of those tests:

  • Increased libido by 46%
  • Sexual gratification increased by 71%
  • The ability to keep an erection during sex by 163%
  • More blood flow to your penis
  • Erections appear larger
  • More performance in the bedroom during sex
  • More libido and sex drive

My Conclusion:

VigFX is an improvement over VigRX Plus because it is more easily absorbed into the body and you get the full effect of the ingredients when taking it. 

That said I have a personal favourite, and I have left you the link to the review below.

You should see an improvement in your sex drive and your erections when on this product. We recommend this product to any man looking for male enhancement.  

Have Fun And Above All Stay Safe

Warm Regards

Tim Smith

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