Understanding Performance Anxiety:

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Sometimes you may worry about having sex and how you perform during sex. You may have a lack of confidence in your body or think that your partner may not enjoy sex with you. 

This is what we call performance anxiety and it can impact your enjoyment of sex.  When men that have this issue, they might not be able to get an erection.

Why Performance Anxiety Impacts Your Erection:

When you have performance anxiety it can be difficult to get an erection because of stress or anxiousness. 

Our bodies release hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. This is a physical response that helps us in times of danger, but it’s not very helpful during other times such as when you want to have sex. 

The hormones can constrict blood vessels in the body. Since you get an erection from blood flowing into the penis, the constricted blood flow makes it difficult to get an erection and keep that erection for sexual activity.

What You Can Do:

If you have performance anxiety and can’t get an erection, talking to your doctor can help.  You can speak to your doctor about your medical history. 

Some health conditions, as well as medications, can make it difficult to get an erection so these must be checked because they might be a cause of erectile dysfunction and not associated with your performance anxiety. 

If you have erectile dysfunction, this can be treated with medications. You can talk to your doctor and work on ways to reduce stress and anxiety in your life. 

You might make some lifestyle changes and this can reduce stress as well as anxiety which can lead to better performance in the bedroom.

People often have stress or are anxious, but for some, this impacts their ability to have sex. 

You may be able to reduce stress and anxiety through exercise, by eating a healthy diet or speaking with a qualified counsellor. 

You should also speak to your partner as this may help you understand your performance anxiety. 

But talking about the problem, this can build up your confidence so you don’t have as much stress or anxiety during sexual activity.

Cures for Performance Anxiety:

If there’s no single cure that’s available for performance anxiety. If the cause of performance anxiety is ED or erectile dysfunction, then there are medications such as Viagra they can help you get an erection.

If anxiety and stress are causing performance anxiety then you can focus away from the actual act of intercourse. 

You can be intimate with your partner in many ways besides just penetration sex. If you place a lot of influence on penetration sex, then this may impact the ability of them and to perform. 

If you focus on different ways of pleasuring your partner, you’ll be better able to relax in android sexual intimacy without worrying about your erection. 

You can combat anxiety and stress with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

My Conclusion:

Performance anxiety doesn’t have to be something that ruins your sex life. 

You can reduce stress and anxiety through various methods. If you have performance anxiety, speak with your physician as their treatment options available for this problem. 

Try to reduce stress in your overall life by getting enough sleep, eating a healthy diet, and getting regular exercise. 

All these things can help combat performance anxiety. If you need additional help, you can speak to a qualified counsellor to address your individual issue.

Now there is no real need to spend your hard earned money trying to achieve a better quality sex life, you need to know what works and how and know where to get it.

Have Fun And Stay Safe

Regards Tim Smith

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