Tips and Tricks when Using Penis Extenders:

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Easy Tips & Tricks- Using Penile Extenders:

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Hello and welcome to here’s me take on the best ways to use and get huge gains using penis extenders.

There are many tips and tricks that you use when using a penis extender. If you’re just starting out or even have some experience here’s some tips and tricks to help you out.

It’s All About Making The Right Choice When It Comes To Buying An Extender

Choosing an Extender:

You want to buy an extender that’s of a high quality. Some of the top extender systems include Phallosan Forte, Jes Extender, SizeGenetics, and Size Doctor.

These are of a better quality than other brands and they will help you reach your goal of getting a larger penis. You don’t want an extender that will give you a rash or rust.

You want the part to be made from medical grade steel so the extender will work for a long time.

You need an extender that’s adjustable and sturdy so it doesn’t bend or flex when you use it.

A cheap extender won’t be able to stand up to the use you put it through. You want an extender that can be adjusted and has plenty of features.

You want an extender for example that can accommodate all penis sizes.

When you but a generic extender they tend not to fit right and you may not even be able to get the extender to work. 

A low-cost extender doesn’t provide the tension required. Many cheap extenders provide too little or even too much tension.

Here’s a list of extenders that provide you the most value for your money they have the best quality, effectiveness, and functionality that you need:

  • Jes Extender Titanium or
  • Silver Sizegenetics Comfort Package
  • Size Doctor
  • Phallosan Forte
Make Sure It's Going To Be Comfortable

Make Sure It’s Going To Be Comfortable

The Comfort of Your Extender:

Straps and attachments. You want the extender to grip the penis tight enough so that t can pull past the normal erect length for a long time.

If the strap is loose then the penis will slip out and if it’s too tight, the there’s a loss of circulation or discomfort.

Some extenders come with a noose and some come with a strap, it all depends upon the brand of extender that you buy.

Other accessories for the extender may include non-slip rubber pads, sheets, gauze, and foam pads.

Fitting Is A Very Important Part Of Using An Extender

Fitting Is A Very Important Part Of Using An Extender

Putting the Extender On:

Most brands such as Phallosan Forte, Proextender, Andro Extender, Jes Extender, and SizeGenetics are put on in about the same way.

• You slide the base over the penis. Your penis is place din the carrier and it’s attached just behind the head or glans. The corona or penis head will protrude so the fastener can’t slip off.

• You then pull the penis outward and the extender will rock into the carrier

Modification Is An Important Subject

Modification Is An Important Subject

Modifications to Penis Extenders:

There’s a Velcro strap on some extenders and you might want to consider this if you don’t have one on your device.

It makes it easier to attach and then remove the device and it gives you a better grip than one that has a standard rubber strap. You should try various ones until you find one that works the best for you.

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The Flaccid Penis Before Fitting The Penis Extender

The Flaccid Penis Before Fitting The Penis Extender

Flaccid Penis:

When you attach the extender, it needs to be done on a flaccid penis. If the penis isn’t flaccid it will slip out of the extender when it does get flaccid.

The extender also won’t work on an erect penis so using it in that manner isn’t going to do anything.

If your uncircumcised or have a foreskin, then try attaching the extender with the foreskin pulled back or fully forward.

With a standard extender, you can wrap the penis with the foreskin fully forward by using protection plaster or gauze.

After you do this, you should be able to tighten a noose or a strap over the wrap behind the head of the penis. The mushroom shape of your glans will keep the strap from coming off.

If you have some slipping, then try to pull the foreskin back enough so you can attack a noose or strap around the penis behind the penis head.

Use wrapping and padding as you need it. The noose can be used without padding as this tends to work well.

Protection When Using A Penis Extender Is A Must

Protection When Using A Penis Extender Is A Must

Protection and Padding:

Most devices come with at least one type of padding or protection. Place something between you and the noose or strap as this will provide more comfort and allows you to wear the extender for a longer time.

You should try various combinations of padding and don’t be afraid to choose one over another.  If you’re using Phallosan Forte for example, you can use the protection sheet first and then put the foam pad over this.

3M Plasters Are Ideal To Protect Your Penis When Using A Extender

3M Plasters Are Ideal To Protect Your Penis When Using An Extender

3m Comfort Plaster:

If you have 3M Comfort Plaster that comes with your extender, then you should use this.

You should apply this with a bandage and then place it between your penis and the extender noose or strap which eliminates irritation and chaffing.

You can create cheap padding with gauze or baby wipe material. You can take one of these materials and wrap this around the silicone noose on the extender which reduces chafing and pinching.

Try to wrap the penis in a few layers of baby wipe material or gauze. Baby wipes are durable and soft, but they should be dried up prior to use this way.

Try one-half of a wipe to start and then trim it for comfort and a good fit.

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Do It Properly And You Will NOT Have Any Discomfort

Do It Properly And You Will NOT Have Any Discomfort

Issues with Pain:

You should not experience any pain with an extender. The extender stretches the penis without causing injury or pain. When you go through the extender process there should be no discomfort or pain issues.

The tension rods must be adjusted to a length that’s reasonable for you.

There may be some discomfort when the fastener clamps onto the penis. This is usually caused by a faster that’s too tight or the tension it too much.

The tissues and the urethra get irritated and this can cause an urge to urinate.

If you do feel pain or have discomfort before or after you use the extender, then you need a couple of days to recover from this before you use your extender again.

When you begin to use your extender again, then you need to set it at a lower setting and then increase the tension slowly.

It all depends on the extender type that you have, but the fastener may be a silicone nose or a strap. You need to be careful because the penis may get pinched when the noose or strap goes through the carrier hole or slot.

You want to hold the penis to the opposite side of the piece that you’re pulling through the slot or the hole and you must do this slowly.

Attaching the extender is not quite as easy that it looks like in demos. The penis is very sensitive so you need straps, padding or a noose.

You’ll need a bit of practice to get the extender on without a few problems.

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Shave Your Pubic Area Before Fitting Your Extender

Shave Your Pubic Area Before Fitting Your Extender

Shave the Pubic Area:

You don’t want the pubic hair to pull so you need to shave the whole area before you use the extender. If you don’t shave the area the hair can get wound-up on the tension screws when you try to adjust.

Make Sure You Take A Wee Before You Use Your Extender

Make Sure You Take A Wee Before You Use Your Extender


It’s very difficult to urinate when wearing a penis extender as the penis is stretched and the urethra is constricted.  If you try to do this, then you’ll have a lot of pain. Take off the extender or loosen it if you need to use the bathroom.

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Adjustment Is Key When Using Your Penis Extender

Adjustment Is Key When Using Your Penis Extender

Adjusting the Extender:

You want to start with the extender set to the length of the erect penis. Remove the rods or add rods as necessary to get the right starting length.

A good extender system will have add-on tension segments so that your extender can be set properly.

The Size Doctor extender, for example, has 8 pairs of add-on segments that have various lengths to choose from.

After you use the extender for a few weeks, then add a small rod segment which will increase the stretch and the tension.

Many extenders use screws to adjust the traction of the tension rods which are on the extender.

Put the rods at the short position and then you want to turn the screws as you hold the tension with your other hand.

When you do this properly you will see that the rod and the screw extends in unison and this allows for an effective and a quicker adjustment.

You want to turn each of the adjusters in an alternating fashion for a few turns until you ge the a desired tension force. Some extenders will allow you to adjust both tension rods at the same time.

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Image saying results for results section of super Vialipro pills review

Results with Your Extender:

To get detailed instruction for your individual extender, please refer to the user manual that came with the extender.

For the first week of using the extender, you need to extend the penis to a length that doesn’t exceed the erect length of your penis.

This will help you get acclimated to the process of enlarging your penis. You don’t want to increase the tension too much as you may have discomfort or even pain. This must be done gradually with a couple days rest in between.

Make Sure Your Penis Extender Is Adjusted Correctly

Make Sure Your Penis Extender Is Adjusted Correctly

Settings on Your Extender:

To find your initial setting, you want to measure the length of the erection from your pubic bone to the tip of your penis. With your extender, off, you adjust it to the measurement of your erection.

You want to consider the penis head that might extend past the head of your extender. Remove length or add length by using rod segments and screws if your extender has this feature.

Once you have your extender adjusted to the right length that you need to back off your thumb screws to get the extender on. Once it is one you can readjust to your original setting.

First Week:

Set it to the erect length and wear about 1-2 hours each day. You can increase the tension after the first week to apply more stretching force.

You want the tensions rods to compress somewhere in the range from being fully extended to around the 900g mark for most extenders.

Take the starting point from week one and then adjust the extender to reach the right range of traction.

Week 2:

Set the extender to 600g – 900g and wear this for 2-3 hours per day. This force will stretch the penis from the original setting, but there’s no need to readjust.

Once the extender is set, leave it alone and don’t apply any more tension to it.

Week 6:

Set the extender to 900g – 1200g and then wear for 3-6 hours each day.

Week 9:

You want to increase the traction in small amounts every two weeks and wear it for 3-6 hours per day.

Penis Extender Warnings

  1. Start slow with your extender and work up over time
  2. Remove the extender every 1-2 hours and have a rest
  3. Don’t use if you see bruising

Extenders have a way to gauge the amount of force you apply using notices or a reference. Common reference marks:

  1. 900g, 1200g, and 1500g
  2. SizeGenetics has of 2800g of force
  3. SizeDoctor has fourteen grades of traction that go from 400 to 1800g
Pay Attention To The Time Your Using Your Penis Extender

Pay Attention To The Time You’re Using Your Penis Extender


You need to give the extender time to work. It may take several weeks for the extender to give you the full effect or longer. If you give the extender time to work, you’ll be pleased with the results that it gives you. You need to wear the extender for at least one hour per day for at least a month or longer.

The typical treatment is 7 days per week and 8-24 weeks.

Slippage When Using Your Penis Extender Is Something To Watch

Slippage When Using Your Penis Extender Is Something To Watch


The penis may slip out from under the rubber strap which is found on most penis extenders which is a common occurrence.

You don’t want to overtighten, as this isn’t going to help. To avoid slippage, you can follow the tips listed below.

If you bought an extender with other options for attachments like a Velcro strap or a noose, you’re in luck.

The noose can be quite effective and comfortable when you use the right padding or another piece of protection. Baby wipes, gauze, foam pads or other materials can be wrapped around the penis just behind the penis head.

You want to use a strap to attach to this. The material should be snug, but not very tight.

This will help the noose or the strap from slipping past the head of your penis.

If you have a thinner penis and a smaller penis head, you’ll get less girth as the penis is stretched and you won’t be able to use a standard strap fastener.

Here’s a method that will work better in this fashion:

  • Use a noose with or without foam pad and a non-slip protection slip
  • Use protective plaster with a non-slip protection slip and secure with the Velcro strap
  • Use a smaller diameter sleeve is you use Size Doctor

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Baggy Clothing Should Be Worn

Baggy Clothing Should Be Worn

Loose Clothing:

When you wear a penis extender, you need to be able to do your daily activities, but this is made difficult if your pants or underwear are two type.

The extender will not fully extend if you have tight clothing. You should wear loose pants and boxer style underwear or even no underwear at all for the extender to work properly.

Maintain Your Penis Extender Well

Maintain Your Penis Extender Well

Maintenance of the Extender:

You may need to oil the adjusters or thumb screws of the extender so they work smoothly. You can use a bit of light lubricating oil to achieve this. You can also oil the spring-loaded tension rods with a bit of oil each month so the internal springs won’t bind.

Make Sure You Keep Your Extender Clean

Make Sure You Keep Your Extender Clean


Since you’ll be wearing the penis extender for several hours each day for several months, the extender should be washed each week.

This will avoid infections or skin irritations. At least once per week, you should take the extender apart and then wash everything using hot water and soap. Dish soap works well for this purpose and it will eliminate body oils and bacteria that accumulate on the extender.

You can use disinfectant products such as Isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and bleach as well since this will be equally effective to clean the extender.

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Make Sure You Upgrade Your Penis Extender

Make Sure You Upgrade Your Penis Extender

Upgrading or Replacing Parts:

Over time parts can wear out on the extender or break. The pads and straps are the ones which often fail.

Most manufacturers do have replacement parts so you’ll need to check with the producer to see if they have the part that you need.

Safety Is Key When Using A Penis Extender

Safety Is Key When Using A Penis Extender

Safety Tips:

We need to keep safety in mind when using these devices. Here are some safety tips that you must remember.

  1. Don’t use doing bowel movements or during urination.
  2. If performing heavy work or rigorous activity
  3. Don’t use if your penis has an infection or wound
  4. Don’t use the device when you’re sleeping

Keep An Eye On Your Circulation When Using Your Penis Extender


You must be aware of circulation loss. When this occurs, the head gets purple and numb or it cold. If this happens the system should be loosened so circulation is regained.

Make sure you check the penis after every half-hour when you wear an extender to ensure your penis is fine.

The head of the penis will keep its natural color throughout the extending process.

You nee dot remove the device about every two hours to give the penis a break so the full circulation is restored before you continue using the extender.

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Have Fun And Above All Stay Safe




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