Tim Smiths Personal Guide To Using The Bathmate Hydro Pump:

The Amazing New 2017 Bathmate Hydro Pump Review Man

The Amazing New 2017 Bathmate Hydro Pump Review Man

Guide to a Bathmate Hydro Pump:

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Hello and welcome to Besterectionboosters.com where today I’m telling you all about my great time using Bathmate and everything I found out along the way.

The Bathmate is a quality product for men looking to improve their erections. There’s several pumps from beginners to advanced users.


These pumps are some of the best tools you can buy for penis enhancement. Here’s a guide to help you use your Bathmate pump in the right way.

Here's How To Get The Most From Bathmate

Here’s How To Get The Most From Bathmate

101 On Using Your Bathmate Hydro Pump:

For penis enhancement, you need good quality equipment and the Bathmate provides this for you. To get the most use out of a pump, you must use it properly.

A solid steady pumping routine is what’s going to bring you the results that you want, but you also must know how to use the pump in the right way so you get the maximum results that you’re looking for.

The Bathmat is not a complicate piece of equipment to use, so here’s a little bit more about your Bathmate.

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You Will Be Amazed For Sure Guys

What to Expect Using Bathmate:

when using the Bathmate you can expect to see some of the following. Just remember that it will take time

  • Larger erections
  • More girth
  • Extra length
  • Erections that last longer
  • Better penis health
  • Choose the Right Bathmate
How To Measure Correctly Is Important

How To Measure Correctly Is Important

Internal Dimensions For Each Pump:

  • The X20 – 8.5″ max length; 7″ max for circumference
  • The Hercules – 8.5″ max length; 7″ max for the circumference
  • The Goliath – 10.5″ max length; 9″ max for the circumference
  • X30 & X30 Xtreme – 8.25″ max length; 7″ max for the circumference
  • X40 & X40 Xtreme – 10″ max length; 7.9″ max for circumference

You’ll need at least once inch of added space to grow. So, for example, if you’re penis is 5.5. inches long, then you’ll need a pump like the X30, or the Hercules.

Gaiters Add The Power

Gaiters Add The Power

The Bathmate Hydro Pump Valve:

The newer Bathmate pumps have a valve. It’s easy to setup and you’ll get used to the valve as you keep pumping and using your Bathmate.


The Latch or the Pip Guys:

In the middle of the valve you’ll find a small black tip which is the latch or pip. You want the pip closed when there’s water added to the pump so it doesn’t run out the other end of the pump.

You nee dot push down on the pip. Once it’s filled, then set the pip back to center position to allow excess air or water to exit the pump as you got through the pumping process.

The Valve Cap On The Bathmate Hydro Pump:

On the Goliath X30, X40, X20, and the Hercules model you’ll find a valve cap. To release the pump vacuum, just press down on this cap.

How To Use The Bathmate Hydro Pump

How To Use The Bathmate Hydro Pump

The Xtreme model Bloody Hell She Rocks Man:

When using this model, make sure the valve is closed. To release the vacuum, turn the valve cap so it’s in the open position then press it.

The cap only turns about one quarter, so don’t force it or it may break.

There Are Some Great Additions To The Range Now

There Are Some Great Additions To The Range Now

Now Let’s Talk About Centering:

Keep the pump centred on your penis when you use it. You don’t want the penis shaft too close to one side and rubbing the side of the tube when you use it.

Watch Your Ballocks Boys

Watch Your Ballocks Boys

The Testicles Keep Note On This One:

Make sure the testicles are clear of the pump when you use it. Once you have the pump centred on your penis. Pull the testicles down away from the tube.

Important You Pumping Routine Boys:

Here’s a routine that can be used by an average or beginner pumper. This guide is for those that just want to add some size, but aren’t obsessed with pumping and gaining.


You can take this to another level if you wish, but this should suffice for average users.

Make sure you take things easy at first. Listen to what your body is telling you. Never pump with pain or discomfort.

If you feel this, stop and readjust the pump till things are comfortable.

The Bathmate Warm Up

The Bathmate Warm Up

The Warmup Is A Must:

You may want to warm up as this can be helpful for some. Use the pump for a few minutes with a full erection and then take the pump off and allow the penis to go flaccid, then you want to pump again.

This routine can make you more responsive to a longer session. You can also do this without the pump by using some lubricant and give the penis a slow massage with an erection prior to your pumping session.

Bathtub Pumping The Easy Way:

You want to fill your pump with water. Tip the pump up and place it over your penis and then press against the pelvic area. If you do it this way, you won’t have to use the pip.

The Shower Is Clean Quick And Easy Man

The Shower Is Clean Quick And Easy Man

Shower Pumping It’s Fun To:

You want to close the pop and fill up your pump with water, then place it over your penis.

You want to press the pump against the pelvic area and then open the pip to the center position.

Once you have a vacuum in the pump the water won’t come put of the end.


Out of the Shower Pumping Up To You:

You can use air or water here, it’s all your preference. When you use water, ensure that the pip is closed.

You want to add a small amount of water, like 2 inches. Put the pump over your penis with the pump pointing downwards.

Hold the pump against the pelvic area and then tip the pump up so that the water doesn’t run out of it. Push the pip to the open position and your ready for your pumping session.

The Bathmate Results Speak For Themselfs

The Bathmate Results Speak For Themselfs

Results with the Bathmate Here’s The Fun Bit:

If you want the most expansion in your penis, the Bathmate is the way to go. You want to begin with a 100% erection before you use the pump.

Try to be aroused and in the right frame of mind before your pumping session. If you have ED issues, then this pump is going to help you a great deal as it has a wide opening and will get blood flowing into the penis.

Try to use the pump to the pressure that you can tolerate. Use the pressure you can handle, but don’t overdo this. 


Make sure you’re doing it with your comfort level or just a bit above as any ore than this may cause injury or problems.

The pump should be used for 5-10 minutes when you begin and then you can work up to about 15 minutes maximum.

Do this exercise about 3 times each week. You can use the pump in a  warm shower or pump as this will help you get loosened up for your pumping session.

You can use the pump out of the shower if you want and just expel any excess water into a bucket.

Problems with Your Bathmate

Here Are The Only Things You Need To Know About Satisfying Your Woman

No Pressure No Stress Like This Dame

There’s no Pressure So Don’t Stress:

If you have no pressure, then you have a bad seal or your valve is open. Make sure the valve is closed and that there’s a good seal at the base of your pump.

You don’t want hairs in the way. Make sure the pump is pressed firmly against your pelvic region.

“Ultimate Guide To Penis Pumps”

No erection Watch This:

If you have no erection, the pump probably isn’t seated in the right way. The penis should expand during the pumping session.

Pulling on the Scrotum It’s Just About Centring The Pump:

If you have uncomfortable pulling on your testicles, then your pump is not centered. The pump should be centered and the testicles should be out of the way.

Get the pump in place and then pull down the testicles so they aren’t in the way.

Have Any Pain? Don't Worry

Have Any Pain? Don’t Worry

Pain or Discomfort Ease Up:

If you have pain or any sort of discomfort, you’re pumping in an aggressive fashion. You must slow down and allows the process to work.

If you continue to have pain, see a doctor as you may have injured yourself in some way.


Bruising or Red Spots Take A Rest:

If you pump all the time, you may get bruising or red spots on the penis or around it. Try and pump every other day as you need 24 hours between sessions to rest.

When you resume, slow down you pumping and see how your body reacts as you don’t want to overdue it.

The Penis is Cold Just Warm It Up:

You don’t want to overdue pumping as you may have circulation problems if you experience this, reduce your pumping session and if it persists, see a doctor.

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My Personal Conclusion On The Bathmate Hydro Pump:

The Bathmate is a great penis pump and will last you a long time. Take things slowly and work your way up. You should ensure you pump without any pain and if you have serious issues, reduce your pumping sessions.

If problems persist, see a doctor.

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If you feel I have missed anything please feel free to contact me via live chat or the contact form. You can also leave a comment below.

Have Fun And Above All Stay Safe



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