Tim Smith & His 30 Days Using The Penomet Pump 2017:


30 Days with the Penomet Pump:

Hello and welcome to Besterectionboosters.com where today I’m telling you all about my great time using Penomet and everything I found out along the way.

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Penomet Official Website

The Penomet pump is considered one of the better penis pumps on the market, so I decided to give this pump a try.

If you’re concerned about your penis size or hardness, a good penis pump can help you out.

Here are my results after using this pump for 30 days so you can decide for yourself if this pump is the right one for you.

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My Journey with Male Enhancement Products:

I have used various penis enhancement the market. Most of these products don’t make your penis grow at all and are all very disappointing products.

There are a few products that do work for male enhancement and penis growth, but you must weed through a lot of stuff that doesn’t work.

You can visit their online store here @ the Official Penomet Website Check That Out Below:

Penomet Official Order Page

In addition to pumps, you find pills, other supplements and a lot of other products on the market for penis enhancement.

I decided after using various products that I would try a penis pump. I heard Penomet was a good brand so I ordered one of their pumps to try out.

I had done some research before I purchased by Penomet to compare various brands.  A lot of products were endorsed by porn stars who already have a huge penis so I dismissed those reviews right away.

Some reviews looked like they were written by the actual company as they were just far too positive. After my research, I decided to try Penomet.

The Flaccid Penis Before Fitting The Penis Extender

From An Average Joe To A Big King Kong Dong

My Own Personal Results Using Penomet Penis Pump:

If I was asked a couple of months ago, that I would be using a penis pump, I would have laughed at you, but here I am now with my review.

My impression before would have been that there’s no way these things can work. Well, I can say after my use of the Penomet over 30 days that I now have a larger penis.

I gained about 1.5 inches which are not too bad and I’m quite happy with my result. I also have a lot more confidence as I have no more shame about my penis.

This lack of confidence can bring down other areas of your life and not just your sex life because you lack confidence in all areas because you are worried about the size of your penis.

Here are the techniques for using you penis pump

No Need To Be Down Do Something About It

The confidence you get after using one of these things is through the roof and you will find yourself approaching women that you may not have even considered before.

If you have a girlfriend or are married, well your sex life is going to be great.

The gains you get will depend on how often you use the pump. You’ll get gains with solid, steady use of the device.

You won’t see gains with an occasional session, it needs to be consistent. It’s a good idea to have 10-15 minute sessions as this will help you get gains in less time.

Don’t use the pump for extended periods or if you have pain. You need shorter, regular pumping sessions.

The gains take time and any initial growth will shrink back once you stop using the pump. Keep at it and those gains will come for you. After you get some gains you can keep at it to see more gains if you want.

My First Time Using Super Bull 6000 Pills

Versatile And Quick And Easy

The way you use the pump is up to you.

The device comes with gaiters which allow you to change the pressure on the pump. These are color coded and easy to put on or remove.

You can experiment with the pressure to see works the best for your needs. The gaiters may scratch a little bit, but you’ll get used to this and it shouldn’t bother you after you use the pump for a bit.

You must get used to standing with the pump and using the right angle during your sessions so it doesn’t scratch.

You might feel like quitting when this happens, but just keep using the pump and you’ll see results with it.

I can’t stress enough that you need to use the device on a consistent basis to see results. A few sessions aren’t going to do anything for you.

Here Are A Few User Comments Pretty Positive Huh

Above Are Some Of The User Comments

Here Are Some Customer Testimonials On Penomet:

Other have used the Penomet pump and had success. Here are a few of those reviews for your consideration.


“I had libido problems before Penomet, but now I have great erections and my sex life is a lot better. I’ve seen some gains in flaccid and erect length with Penomet. Great product.”


“I tried pills and other equipment without a lot of success. I tried Penomet and was very happy with my gains as they too only a month and I have added an inch to my penis.”


“The Penomet pump is comfortable and the pressure it provides works for my needs. if you want to try a penis pump, I suggest the Penomet brand.”

Penomet Certified & Trialled

Penomet Certified & Trialled

Certified and Safe Product:

The Penomet is a safe product. It has regulatory as well as industry certifications. It has been certified by medical professionals and has had the test that you would expect to be done on a device such as this.

You know the product is made with quality materials and that it’s going to last.

Image saying results for results section of super Vialipro pills review

My Personal Conclusion On The Penomet Penis Pump:

This product works and I can recommend it. You may have a lot of discomfort with the gaiters, but you’ll quickly get used to how this pump works.

If you use the pump on a consistent basis, you’ll see length as well as girth gains in your penis.

The price for the device is reasonable and it’s just overall a solid product for male enhancement and penis growth.

You can visit their online store here @ the Official Penomet Website Check That Out Below:

If you feel I have missed anything please feel free to contact me via live chat or the contact form. You can also leave a comment below.

Have Fun And Above All Stay Safe



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