Phallosan Forte Review 2017:

Exciting Stuff The New Phallosan Forte Review Of 2017

Exciting Stuff The New Phallosan Forte Review Of 2017

Does the Phallosan Forte Work?:

Hello and welcome to, today’s review is all about Phallosan Forte my new favorite penis extender here in 2017.

If you have been interested in the Phallosan Forte, you may want to know more about it.

This review is for those looking to know more about the Phallosan Forte penis extender. Many reviews of this product don’t go into much depth and you never know what you’re going to be getting.

I took a comprehensive review at the Phallosan Forte so you know what you’re going to be paying for and more importantly if the device is going to work for male enhancement.

This review is based on my results with the device so you can make an informed buying decision.

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Phallosan Forte The Penis Extender Of Choice

Understanding Phallosan Forte:

One of the top penis enlargement devices on the current market is the Phallosan Forte. It has a 14-year track record. Many men have used this device and had success with it. 

There’s been physician tests, scientific studies, and other tests done on in this device which shows it to be an excellent orthopedic penis enhancement system.

This penis extender device is considered one of the best because it has a good design and it’s a comfortable device to use for men.

The device helps improve the girth of your penis as well as correct penis problems like erectile dysfunction or even Peyronie’s Disease.

Men that use it also have stronger erections as well as better orgasms. The device improves blood flow to the penis which allows for a better and longer lasting erection.

One of the top reasons this device is popular is because it’s one of the most comfortable penis extender devices you can use.

You can wear it for up to 12 hours both night and day and there’s no pain. Since you can use this device for a longer time, gains will come a lot quicker than they do with other penis extender devices.

Phallosan Forte Have A really great website which I was particularly impressed with because of the wealth of information and support they provide you can see for yourself below.

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How To Use Phallosan Forte

How Phallosan Forte Works:

The Phallosan Forte is used to extend the length of your penis and improve the girth. The device features a pump, glass bell, and a tension belt.

You begin by placing your penis into the protector cap which is used to help prevent discomfort when using the device.

There’s the glass bell condom where you roll the rubber condom sleeve over this and put the head of your penis into it.

After you do this, you roll the sleeve back over the penis. Once your set you’ll pump the bell pump.

This allows for a gentle exertion of pressure that creates a mini vacuum which holds everything in place.

Once this is done the orthopedic belt system is attached to the base of your penis, then around the hips. The other end attaches to the end of the device. You get a constant tension which will stretch the penis so it can grow.

When you add tension the fascia of the penis will stretch. This then causes micro tears and then the new tissue is added as the penis is repaired which adds to girth and length over time.

As the penis repairs, it must send more blood to do the repair so your erection quality is enhanced. You’ll have a harder penis as the body repairs the tissues.

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Here Is The Full Kit You Can Expect From Phallosan Forte

Does the Phallosan Forte Device Work:

The Phallosan Forte does work at increasing penis size and girth. When you expose a body part to tension, much as you do with weight lifting, that body part will grow over time. The device works much like weights do with a bodybuilder.

If you look at African tribes, they stretch earlobes and necks and other body parts in much the same way with plates and rings.

The penis can be stretched in much the same way. The Phallosan Forte allows you do this in a safe manner. Many porn stars and others use these stretching devices to give them the large penises that you see in the movies.

How to help grow in penile size

Does it Work Better Than Competitors?:

The research, feedback, experience, and design on the Phallosan Forte indicates that this device is one of the best ones for penis enlargement on the market. Many regard the Phallosan Forte the very best that you can get for penis enlargement.

There are been studies conducted on this device that show its works for penis enlargement. These clinical studies looked at the use of the device over the period of 6 months.

The studies looked at 24 men aged18-65 years old. The study indicated that the males had significant changes in both girth and size after the study was conducted.

On the average, the erect length of users changed 0.45 inches after 3 months and after six months they gained 0.75.” Users saw a 0.25” increase in girth after three months and a 0.30” in girth after six months of use.

This is a significant gain after just six months of use.

During my use of this device, I had almost double these values. Just remember that these numbers are just the average from one study.

Men that use this device may have even more significant gains that what the study indicated. The main thing that you’ll need to do is wear the device for a long time to allow it t do the job it’s intended to do.

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Here Are The User Testamonials I Found Pretty Good HUH

Testimonials Of Phallosan Forte:

There’s plenty of testimonials about this product which are positive. Many devices out there don’t even have reviews so you never know what you’re getting.

It’s important to read reviews before you buy a product such as Phallosan Forte Here’s some of the reviews for your consideration.


“I have a lot of comfort when I use this product. I have used a lot of them out there and this is by far the most comfortable one on the market.”


“The vacuum in this thing works great. The tension allows for gains in both girth and length.”


“I use this device wherever I go. I can wear it on the town, at work, or in the comfort of my own home without any problems or issues with pain. This is an excellent penis extender.”


“I used this for a week or so and already have gained in both length and girth. My wife loves my new size and our sex lives have been great. It’s a comfortable device and I can wear it for a long time without any issues at all.”

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Phallosan Forte My Personal Growth Chart

Phallosan Forte My Personal Growth Chart

My Personal Gains Using Phallosan Forte:

After I used the Phallosan Forte for around 1000 hours, I gained 0.4 inches in girth and 1.3 inches in length.

My gains are a bit high, but you can get results like this. If you sleep well, watch what you eat, and get plenty of exercises your gains can be similar.

It’s going to help you if you take care of your body while using this device. Most new users will break the 1-inch barrier when they use this device if they use it correctly and for an extended period.

To maximize gains, you need to eat well and get enough sleep so the penis can recover. As you use the device, you’ll notice a change in your sex drive which should increase because you’ll feel more confident.

You’re also going to have better orgasms as well as erection quality. I’m very satisfied with the gains I have made with Phallosan Forte. You can visit their official website below.

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Phallosan Forte Penis Extender Product Image

Where You Can Buy Phallosan Forte:

Many penis enlargement devices are just scams and don’t work. Phallosan Forte isn’t one of these product’s as it’s designed to work and will work for you.

Make sure you don’t buy a cheap version of this device or one that’s at a huge discount. This may mean you’re looking at a knock-off product.

You want a device that has the right tension and quality. You don’t want to risk injury so buy a quality Phallosan Forte product.

You should buy from the official website, that way you’re going to be guaranteed that you’re getting the real deal. You may pay more, but it’s worth it because you want a device that’s going to work for you.

If you purchase elsewhere, you may not get a quality device and you won’t get the gains you want. If you order from the Official website, they currently offer three free sleeve condoms for your device.

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Phallosan Forte The Penis Extender Of The Year

Phallosan Forte The Penis Extender Of The Year

Summary Of Phallosan Forte:

The Phallosan Forte is the best penis extender you can buy on the market.

If you want to grow your penis in both girth and size, the Phallosan Forte is the device you want to own.

I highly recommend the because it has worked for me. It has the trials and positive testimonials to back up its claims.

If you want to experience real substantial penis growth, then you want to get the Phallosan Forte.

my recommendation

My Personal Recommendation To You:

I also recommend the use of a quality male enhancement supplement such as my personal favorite at the moment which is Max Performer Pills. Visit Them Here

They have included the best ingredients available and at really high inclusion rates.

The supplement will help with increased blood flow into your penis which will help with the growth of your penis when using Phallosan Forte.

That as well as the boost in stamina, sexual desire and generally elevating your mood.  It’s a win-win really guys.

Here are my personal review and results using Max Performer Pills.

If you feel I have missed anything please feel free to contact me via live chat or the contact form. You can also leave a comment below.

Have Fun And Above All Stay Safe



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Phallosan Forte

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