The Accessories of The Jes Extender:

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If one of the best penis enlargement systems is the Jes extender as this is a medically proven device for penis enlargement. 

All of the accessories and parts of this system are made to the highest quality.  You do not want to use inferior parts with your extender so you should buy them directly from the Jes extender manufacturer.

Here’s a few of our recommendations for accessories that you can use with your Jes extender penis system.

Velcro Strap:

One of the first recommendations that you should use with your extender is the custom Velcro strap. If you have an older model or another type of extender you won’t have this attachment. 

This is one of the best ways to secure the penis to the extender. You can combine this with protection pad or the no-slip Protech.  If this should make the penis extender fit better and be more comfortable

The No-Slip Protech:

This accessory is another one that you want to have. You can wrap this around the penis and it keeps your penis slightly stretched.  This makes it easier to secure the penis to the extender. 

It also offers a lot of protection when you use other methods of attachment such as the Velcro strap, noose, it’s for the standard strap. 

This may not come with your Jes extender so you’ll want to pick one up because it is a great accessory. It’s also a good idea to have a spare around so pick up a couple of them.

Soft Attach:

If you use the silicone noose, then this accessory is another one you want to have. 

This is used with the transparent silicone noose and provides more comfort. It distributes the tension on your penis and reduces concentrated friction when you’re moving around.

Another great item to have, especially if you use the silicone noose, is the Soft Attach accessory.

This small item is used with either the red or transparent silicone noose and allows for an improvement in comfort. It helps distribute the tension on your penis while also reducing concentrated friction from movement.

The company that makes the Jes extender offers all of these accessories directly from their website. You should have no trouble getting the parts and accessories that you need. 

If you do not find the part that you need just contact the manufacturer and ask them about the availability of the part.  I am sure they will order what you need and help you with your penis enlargement system.

Now as you can see they have put a lot of thought into the parts to help make the user experience as close to perfect as they could.

With all that said I do not think they got it bang on, as I have tried and tested this along with several others, and my opinion is still the same.

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Have Fun And Above All Stay Safe

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Tim Smith

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