Testicles That Hang Low:

image showing how to achieve low hung testicles
Some men suffer from testicles that hang too low. This can make the penis look smaller.

Your testicles may hang low even if you haven’t pulled on them or done any sort of exercise to make them bigger. You don’t have to be concerned about this problem because it can be corrected.

About Long Hanging Testicles:

The main problem with low hanging testicles is that they can make the penis look smaller. If you’re average in size then the lower hanging testicles make the entire package look out of proportion.

This is why it’s not a good idea to do scrotum exercises to make the testicles bigger because they have the side effect of making the penis look smaller and then everything ends up being out of whack.

The genes also determine how low the testicles are going to hang so you have no control over this if you’re testicles are in fact lower down than normal.

When the testicles get warm, they do tend to drop lower than they might normally be.

When testicles constrict and drop we call this the cremasteric reflex.  The normal temperature of the body is at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, but the testicles prefer things to be a bit cooler as they function better when the weather is cooler.

When the testicles are cooler the sperm is healthier and testosterone is synthesized at a higher rate. In some men, the cremasteric reflex is modest and the testicles just drop a bit.

Other men will see their testicles drop so much they look like they might want to hit the floor they are so low. Genetics plays a role in all of this so it’s not something you can control.

Here Are The Options:

There are two options in regard to correcting the issue. You can do penis stretching exercises to make your penis bigger or you can undergo scrotum reduction surgery.

You should only undergo surgery if you have a short spermatic cord which doesn’t drop as far as the ball sack and you get issues with discomfort and pain when the balls drop down.

If you injure yourself frequently while sitting on a toilet seat, biking, or sitting on a hard chair, you might want to have scrotum reduction surgery.

The other thing you can do is increase the size of your penis with exercises such as jelqing. This will create a better symmetry between the penis and the balls.

You can do this if the issue is purely cosmetic to you and you want things to look better. It can take a lot of time for penis stretching to work and the gains will occur slowly so you must stick with the process.

The flaccid gains tend to come faster than the erect gains do.

My Conclusion:

If you have concerns about the size of your scrotum, consider penis stretching exercises as a way to correct this problem which will provide for you a more uniformed look.

These exercises can be done at any time and they will grow your penis over time if you stick with them. Scrotum surgery is expensive and it’s not the best option.

If you do exercises you’ll see gains in the flaccid size quite quickly which will give your penis and balls the uniformed look that you want.

You’ll also find a lot of support through the community if you decide to do penis stretching exercises.

I am writing a guide to penis exercises at the moment and will add a link to that soon, in the meantime.


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