Siberian Ginseng & Penis Enlargement:

Siberian Ginseng consumer information article for male enhancement info
Siberian Ginseng is sometimes called Eleuthero Root, Eleutherococcus Senticosus, or Ciwujia, but it’s usually known by the name Siberian Ginseng, but this name is misleading.

About Siberian Ginseng:

In Asia, you’ll find the Eleuthero shrub which is Siberian Ginseng. This plant is actually not ginseng at all and the use of the title Siberian Ginseng to describe this plant is banned in the United States.

There are no ginsenosides which are found in actual ginseng in this plant, but you’ll still find Eleuthero in male enhancement products.

Why is Eleuthero Found in Male Enhancements?:

This plant can cause an effect which is similar to actual ginseng which was shown in clinical trials done on it.

Some studies have shown that Eleuthero can reduce depression, but there’s not much else that this plant can do.

Eleuthero lacks all the qualities that real ginseng provides for penis enlargement, so it’s ineffective for that purpose and should be avoided.


Avoid Eleuthero as it’s not going to help your penis enlargement routines. It’s named in a misleading way as it’s not real ginseng.

You would waste your effort, time, and money taking this and you should just get some real ginseng if you want the health and penis enhancement effects that real ginseng can provide for you. If you have depression, then Eleuthero could help in this regard.

My Conclusion:

Siberian Ginseng is labelled in a misleading way as its actually Eleuthero which is a root and not real ginseng at all.

If you want real penis enlargement and other health benefits, just take some real ginseng and avoid Eleuthero completely as it’s ineffective for this purpose.

Have fun & above all stay safe

Tim Smith

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