Selenium & Penis Enlargement:

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We need many different vitamins and minerals for good health. One trace element that we need for good health is selenium.

If we don’t get this mineral in the diet, we can suffer from health problems. You can find selenium in various male enhancement products.

About Selenium:

Selenium is found in high concentrations in male semen so it’s essential for fertility and virility. If you have low volumes of selenium you can have poor sperm health and low volume of semen produced in the body. Selenium can also reduce cholesterol and aid in thinning your blood.

This may have a positive impact on your sexual health. Selenium also has powerful antioxidants that are beneficial to your overall health. Most dosage recommendations are for 200-200ug daily.


Some of the benefits of taking selenium include:

  • Increased virility
  • Better semen
  • Improved general health
  • Needed for optimal health

Selenium is an essential mineral and it can improve the health of the semen and raise semen count. You find a very high concentration of selenium in semen and you need selenium for semen production. If your body doesn’t have a lot of selenium, then you may not produce a much semen and the recovery time from sexual activity can be longer.

Selenium and Penis Enlargement:

While selenium is great for overall health, it’s not going to increase the size of your penis or maximize your penis enlargement routines.

It will improve the quality of your semen which is important for reproductive purposes, so you still need selenium in the diet.

Deficiency or selenium is quite rare, and you really don’t need further supplementation as too much can be toxic to the body. There’s not a lot of research into selenium and how it works for sexual health besides what it does to semen production and semen health.


You should get enough selenium in the daily diet if you already eat healthily. The body does need selenium, but most people already get enough of it.

Selenium will improve the health and quality of your semen, but it’s not beneficial for penis enlargement routines. You can get selenium from foods such as oats, spinach, eggs, tuna, sunflower seeds, brazil nuts, beef, turkey, chicken, and mushrooms.

My Conclusion:

Selenium is an important nutrient and it’s good for your health, but it’s not that beneficial for penis enlargement.

Most people already get enough selenium in the diet, so supplements are not needed. If you have issues with your semen quality or production, selenium may be beneficial to you. See a doctor if you have any questions about selenium.

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