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How to attract a woman

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How to Seem Sexier Than You May Be:

Welcome to today I’m going to help you to feel and be sexier and attract the opposite sex.

There are several ways that you can seem sexier than you are right now.

Use these methods to be a sexier person and attract more people of the opposite sex.

Be a Confident Speaker.

Speak Up And Be Heard

Speak Up And Be A Man

As a Man You Need To Be A Good Speaker:

A woman is attracted to a man at a primitive level who she thinks can provide her with resources and take care of her and her offspring according to a study at Albright College by Susan Hughes, Ph.D.

Intelligence and confidence are attractive to women. If you want to sound more sure of yourself, you need to speak louder than you might normally do around women according to Hughes.

This doesn’t mean yelling, it means speaking in a confident manner.

Wear Red

wear red women find it sexy

Wear Red Women Find It Sexy

Women Find Men In Red More Attractive:

A study by the University of Rochester in 2010 found women like men standing next to a red backdrop or wearing the color red. Researchers said the color is associated with eroticism and passion.

Women Find Stubble Manly

Women Find Stubble Manly

Keep Your Stubble:

While facial hair makes you look older, an Australian study in 2012 found that women are attracted to men with a lot of stubble. Men with more facial hair are more masculine and women may see them as good fathers according to the research.

A Smile Is Worth A Thousand Words

A Smile Is Worth A Thousand Words

Smile in Bars, Not Your Pictures:

We are told to smile when someone takes our photograph, but a 2011 Canadian study found that women find men that smile in pictures to be less attractive.

When you don’t have the body language cues and the environment around you in person, smiling men in pictures are seen to be less dominant and more feminine.

If you’re in a bar and talking to a woman, then it’s fine to smile:

You might want to wait a bit though before smiling because German and British researchers found that if you delay a smile a bit when first meeting then you’re more authentic, flirtatious, and trustworthy then men that smile right away when meeting a woman for the first time.

Sexy Man Sweating

Women Love A Natural Guy Smell Man

Have a Natural Scent:

Pheromones are said to attract the opposite sex, but you should avoid the heavy cologne.

Women are more attracted to odors then men are according to adjunct professor at University of Pennsylvania and member of the Monell Chemical Senses Center, Charles Wysocki, Ph.D.

Your scent is biological and every person has a scent an odor print that conveys their genetics.

Since women have fewer chances to reproduce than men, then on the evolutionary level they are more drawn to genetics when they choose a mate and your odor plays into this.

Be Yourself Man

Just Be Yourself Man

Your natural scent can attract more women than the artificial cologne will.

Swiss researchers looked at 100 individuals and gave them six scents to smell and not one of them was pleasing to everyone.

This indicates that your favorite scent may turn off certain women. In 2012 the Wysocki team found that women can smell your stress sweat, so matter what cologne or scents you use to cover it up.

Marketing has convinced us we need to cover up our natural scents, but the natural scent is a lot better and more attractive to the opposite sex.

I hope this brief guide will help you to boost your self-confidence and get the partner of your dreams.

Have Fun And Above All Stay Safe



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