Saving your erections is easier than you think:

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How to Save Your Erection:

Hello and welcome to Today I’ll be explaining how to save your erections and what causes you to lose them plus how easy it is to boost your overall erection quality. 

Men want to always have an erection when they need one, but many things in life reduce our erection quality and ability to get one when we need it the most.

Here are a few tips to help you save your erection so you’re ready for those times with your partner.

Reduce Stress:

Your penis isn’t very fond of stress. If you have stress, it makes getting an erection more difficult.

If you have anxiety and stress during the day, your sexual performance at night will suffer.

To reduce stress, you need to take breaks from your work, eat well, get lots of sleep, and exercise on a regular basis.


We tend to take a lot of drugs now for various ailments. These drugs are erection killers and if you take prescription medications, your erection usually suffers.

While you may need to take a medication because of your condition, talk to your doctor to see if there are many alternatives or how the drug may impact your erection.

Some drugs that are erections killers are muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-anxiety, and blood pressure medications.

Illegal drugs like cocaine, barbiturates, or amphetamine are also erection killers.

Get Sleep:

To keep your erection hard, you need a lot of sleep. You should aim for six hours or more of sleep each night. Sleep helps keep your libido high.

If you lack sleep you’ll have poor sexual functioning because your testosterone levels will be lower.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption:

Alcohol may loosen you up so you can talk to the opposite sex easily, but it does a number on your manhood. If you drink a lot, then your erection is going to suffer big time.

Alcohol is a depressant and makes it a lot more difficult to become sexually aroused.

In general, your sexual performance will suffer a great deal if you’re drunk.

No Smoking:

If you smoke right now, you need to stop. We all know smoking is bad for us, but it’s a killer for your erection as well as your lungs.

The cigarette smoke can damage the blood vessels to the penis and impair the functioning of your penis. If you smoke, you are going to have erection problems.

Nicotine is usually the culprit, so you may get some relief with nicotine free electronic cigarettes if you still need to smoke.

Brush Your Teeth Often:

If you have gum disease or bad oral hygiene, you may also have some sort of erectile dysfunction issue.

The bad bacteria on your teeth and gums gets down into your bloodstream and can impact the blood vessels so your erection suffers.

You want to floss and brush your teeth often to keep bacteria out of your system as it impacts your erection.

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My personal Conclusion on saving your erection:

By making some changes in your life such as getting more sleep, reducing stress, cutting back on alcohol and drugs, you can have a better quality erection.

If you continue to have erection problems, see your doctor to address the issue.

If you feel I have missed anything please feel free to contact me via live chat or the contact form. You can also leave a comment below.

Have Fun And Above All Stay Safe



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