Pump Worx Vibrating Waterproof Suction-Cup Pump Review 2017:

Pump Worx Vibrating Waterproof Suction-Cup Pump In All It's Glory

Pump Worx Vibrating Waterproof Suction-Cup Pump In All its Glory

Pump Worx Vibrating Waterproof Suction-Cup Pump Review:

Hello and welcome to besterectionboosters.com today’s review is all about The Pump Worx Vibrating Waterproof Suction-Cup Pump.


There’s a lot of various penis pumps on the market. Some of them are made very well while others are quite poor and not worth what you pay for them.

Some pumps are made for penis enlargement, while others are designed just for pleasure. Before you buy one, you need to know more about them so you get a quality one for your needs.

My review will look at the Vibrating Waterproof Suction-Cup Pump by Pump Worx.



Pump Worx Vibrating Waterproof Suction-Cup Pump Description:

This isn’t your average penis pump. On the end, there’s a flexible piece that has a large suction-cup.

There’s an added vibrator so you get more stimulation and you can use it in the bath or shower as it’s waterproof.

On the open end, like other penis pumps is a sleeve. This sleeve is made from PVC plastic and not the regular thermoplastic rubber that you’ll find on other penis pumps.

The PVC material works as a cock ring so your erection stays harder. The cylinder should be adequate for most men. There’s also a pump ball and release value so you can remove vacuum to suit your comfort levels.

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It’s Easy When You Know How

How to Use the Pump:

When you get the unit, add the batteries for the vibrating action. Place one with the positive end up and the other with the positive end down and the unit will work.

I used the pump in the shower and the suction cup works well. You can stick it to the shower wall and it will stay there so you can use the unit hands-free if you want.

You need some lubrication to get your penis in and out of the sleeve. You can use the lube they include or just buy your own.

It’s better to be a bit flaccid to get into the opening of the unit. Once the penis is in the opening, give the ball a few pumps and the vacuum will get you into the tube.

The sleeve will feel tight, but you’ll get used to this quickly as you use the pump. The pump allows you to get a bigger erection as you pump and it will stop with just enough suction so you get more blood into your penis for a good solid erection.

To get working with the vibes, just turn the ring by the suction cup. The on-off dial is the cap end so this should be tight if you expose the unit to water.

The vibration of the unit works quite well as when combined with the suction there’s a lot of pleasure when you use the unit.

There’s an included cock ring so if you decide to use this just make sure you use a lot of lube.

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Here Are The Amazing Features

Features of the Pump:

  • Has a clear 7”x2” cylinder
  • On the end piece is vibrating suction
  • The sleeve fits tight and is removable
  • Has a pump ball and a quick release valve
  • The unit is waterproof
  • There’s an included cock ring
  • Cleaner and lube included with the unit

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My Personal Conclusion On Pump Worx Vibrating Waterproof Suction-Cup Pump:

This is a solid product and the hands-free suction along with the vibration of the unit will give you a lot of pleasure.

There’s a tight grip with the pup so it will give you a good solid erection when you use the system. This pump works well in water or the bedroom so you’ll get a lot of fun and use out of it.

If you feel I have missed anything please feel free to contact me via live chat or the contact form. You can also leave a comment below.

Have Fun And Above All Stay Safe



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