Phalogenics My Straight Up Review:

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Hi and welcome to Best Erection Boosters, my name is Tim Smith and this is my personal review site.

Men are looking to improve their penis size, but often don’t know where to turn. There’s a whole host of products on the market that promise results, but fail to deliver.

In this review, I will look at Phalogenics to see if it’s worth the purchase.

All About Phalogenics:

This product is a program you can buy to help you increase your penis size. The program consists of exercises and guides as well as videos and PDFs to help you in your quest for a larger penis.

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On this program, you’ll see girth as well as length gains and more control over your orgasms.

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The Benefits:

  • Better Erections
  • Stronger erections with no need for surgery or pills
  • Larger and fuller penis head
  • Control over your ejaculation
  • More sexual pleasure
  • Improvement in any penis curvature
  • More semen production
  • More sexual confidence

How the Program Works:

The program explains the male anatomy and shows you how you can make your penis grow. The penis can grow when it gets nutrients, oxygen, and proper blood flow.

The cells are torn down and new cells regrow which results in a larger and thicker penis when your penis gets the right exercise. If you perform exercises all the time, then the penis will grow.

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If the Corpus Cavernosa, which is the penile chambers get adequate blood flow, it will help grow the penis as it will expand to allow for more blood flow. When you have more blood flow to this area, you get a harder, thicker, and a longer erection.

The Phalogenics system is an online program so you won’t get any materials in the regular mail. You will get a code in your email to unlock and begin using the program in the member’s area of the website.

What You get:

A guide to help you start the program

You’ll learn about penis exercises such as jelqing. You will learn the right techniques to do these exercises properly and there are video guides to help you out

Full Exercise guides for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced users

The First Two Weeks:

  1. Week 1; In the first week of the program, you’ll learn how to warm up and jelq for 10 minutes before you do a cool down routine. This is explained fully in the guide so you’ll know exactly what to do.
  2. Week 2; You’ll learn new exercises in the second week such as a stretching exercise which is called the side stretch.

The program also contains a schedule which will help you fit the exercises in even if you’re very busy. The tracking system helps guide you along so you know how you’re doing.

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The program also features a support system which you can use to help you throughout the program.

There’s a video series which shows the exercises so you’ll know how to do them in the right way. As a member, you’ll also get some bonus items through the website.

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The Cost:

It will cost around $70 to access the members of the program only area and this is where you’ll access the entire system.

The program does come with a money back guarantee so keep this in mind before you order. You can get a money back guarantee within 60 days.

Phalogenics has an official “Dedicated Website”, this should always be used to be sure that you purchase the Genuine quality penile enlargement program.

The Pros:

  • No need for penis devices or pills
  • Money back guarantee

The Cons:

  • You need to keep up with the exercises to see real results
  • The exercises have to be done each day
  • A lot of the information through the website is free if you look elsewhere online
  • No real independent reviews about the program found online

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My Conclusion:

I would highly recommend this guide for anyone who wants permanent penile size gains without the need for expensive and dangerous surgery.

  1. This program can help you gain penis size provided you do the exercises on a consistent basis.
  2. This program is quite cheap and much of the information can not be found online for free.
  3. This program is only recommended if you need some sort of guide for penis enlargement.

Now as you can see from my review these guys are pretty good so here is the >>LINK<< to their official website so you can check them out.

Have Fun And Above All Stay Safe

Warm Regards

Tim Smith

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