Review of PhalloGauge® Penile Extender:

image saying Phallogauge® for consumer review article on penile extender traction devicesA image saying buy yours todayPhalloGauge® Extender Review:

Welcome to today I am reviewing Phallogauge® the penile traction extender device used to gain permanent length gains in penile size.

There’s plenty of penis extender systems on the market and many of them are of a high quality while some of them are inferior. 

I have reviewed quite a few of these penis extenders and one new one that I just looked at is called PhalloGauge.

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A Little About PhalloGauge®:

This is a new penis extender system and it’s a simple system but very effective. It uses a waist belt design and a strap to stretch your penis. It’s very comfortable to use and easy to use. 

It can stretch the penis without the normal slippage issues that occur with many conventional extenders you’ll find on the market. 

product features

What You Get With The PhalloGauge® extender:

  •  1 waist belt
  • 1 foam donut
  • 1 silicone penis wrap

Main Features:

  •  The device is fully adjustable
  •  It accommodates most sizes of penis
  • You can wear it under clothing
  • You can move freely when wearing it
  • It’s a lightweight penis extender
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • It’s a product made in the U.S.A.

My adviceUsing Your Extender:

Like many men that want to try the penis extender, you may have some concerns about it. 

The main thing you need to know bonus extender is that it’s very easy to use and you shouldn’t have any problems with it. 

It doesn’t suffer from the slippage issues that other penis extenders suffer from. 

You also don’t have to buy a lot of accessories for it like you have to do with other extenders. This extender also gives you a lot of freedom of movement say can go about your daily life when you wear it.

There are instructions on the website which show you how to use it. 

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You wrap your penis with a silicone material provided for you. You take the black ring and put this around the base of your penis shaft. 

Once you have the silicone in place and the ring in place you connect it together. You can then make adjustments with the Velcro loop so the device is comfortable for you. 

The entire process is explained on the website so you shouldn’t have any difficulties when you use this extender. 

You also need to know that it’s very comfortable when you are wearing it. 

I didn’t find issues with this extender like other ones tend to have in terms of comfort. Your penis is held comfortably and securely when you use this extender.

On other extenders, the noose and the strap can take the time to get used to, but the way PhalloGauge is attached reduces slipping and problems with tightening the device. 

This makes it very comfortable and easy for you to use. It also fits easily under repair shorts or pants so no one will know that you’re wearing it. 

When you wear this device, you can sit, bend, jog, or even run so you can enjoy the benefits of a penis extender even when you go about all of your daily activities.

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My Conclusion On Phallogauge®:

PhalloGauge use an excellent penis extender system as it’s very comfortable to wear and it has an easy adjustment. 

You can move freely when you’re wearing it. I would recommend this penis extender to any man looking for any sort of quality penis enlargement. 

It’s one of the better products I have found. The ease of use and a comfort level of this extender makes it one that you’re going to want to use.

As much as this extender does perform I have to say that I have found two more penile extender traction devices that outperform this one in particular. No, as you can guess there no point me just saying that.

So I have tried and tested them and written a full review with an HD video on them both. Please feel free to;

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