Now Here’s How To Use A Penis Pump The Easy Way

Using a Penis Pump

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There’s a few reasons why you might want to use a penis pump. The two main ones are for male enhancement or pleasure. You can use a penis pump as an alternative to taking herbal supplements. They help you get a bigger and a harder erection and are a safer alternative to surgery options. For other men, the penis pump creates a sucking sensation which is pleasurable so they can be used during masturbation sessions.

How a Penis Pump Works

The pump creates a vacuum inside the pump cylinder. As you pump, air is drawn out of the cylinder and the penis swells as more blood flows into the penis. Men enjoy the temporary change in their penis size, but the effects of this wear off. For those that are serious about penis enlargement, then using a penis pump will cause the erectile tissues to expand over time and inches are added to the flaccid penis.

The Anatomy of a Penis Pump

There are many designs and styles of penis pumps. There’s vibrating pumps, hydro pumps, and vacuum pumps among others. The main feature they all have in common is that they provide maximum suction. The main parts of a typical pump are:
  • Flexible tube
  • Pumping Cylinder
  • Air release value
  • Comfort seal
  • Hand pump
Some pumps are larger than others. It’s important to check the manufacturers information to find the right size of pump that’s best for you.
The Steps to Using a Penis Pump
  • For a comfortable insertion, you need to apply a water-based lubricant to the opening of the penis pump.
  • Insert your penis into the chamber of the pump. If you’re using a Bathmate pump, your penis needs to be flaccid, but with other pumps it can be semi-hard, hard, or flaccid for the pump to work.
  • You want to press the pump firmly to your body so a tight seal is formed between the pump and your skin. You’ll need to trim the hair around the base of your penis so there’s no pulling and that the pump sits flat against your public bone.
  • You’ll want to place a finger over the quick release value or twist this so it’s shut. Refer to the instruction for the right way to do this.
  • You want to pump slowly and between each of the pumps you want to allow your penis to adjust to the pressure created before you squeeze the bulb again.
  • You want to continue the pumping process until the penis is fully erect.
  • Remove your penis from the pump and check to see if there’s any discoloration. The penis may have a purple color to it. If you have pain or change in the penis, then stop the pumping session. If things feel fine, then give the shaft a short massage. Use lube as this will make things more comfortable. If you feel fine, then you can do another session if you like.
  • One you reach the maximum pump time, then release the air pressure value or turn it to open it. This lets the air out of the chamber and then you can remove your penis.

Keeping Your Size for Longer

Once the pumping session is over, the penis will begin to go back to its normal size. To keep the appearance of your new size for longer, you can use a cock ring and place this around the base of your penis. You don’t want to wear the ring for more than 30 minutes or you may prevent regular blood flow returning to your penis.
For results that last longer, you should use your pump on a regular basis. If 10-15 minutes is enough for you, then pause and massage your penis for around 4-5 minutes. It takes about 3-6 months to see lasting results in penis girth, but this will vary.

Penis Pumping Safety:

Using a pump on a regular basis is safe, but here are a few safety points to keep in mind. It can take time to get used to the sucking sensation that the pump creates. You should not have discomfort or pain when penis pumping. If you experience this, stop using the pump right away. If the penis has a lot of discoloration or a severe change in your penis color, then stop sing the pump and seek some medical attention.
I hope youve learnt the right and wrong ways to use your pump and enjoyed my personal views.
Have fun and above all stay safe
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