My Six Top Secrets To A Bigger Penis…

Here’s is the first thing you need to try to get better quality erections

Here we are my friends, we all know big is better. And we have heard the saying Go Big Or Go Home. Well let me tell you it’s not just banter and chat. The truth is there’s plenty of data saying that Women across the world prefer a bigger dick.

I will post several links throughout the article for you to get your teeth into. They prove without a shadow of a doubt that Size does matter when it comes to your penis.

I have been fortunate to come across several little-known techniques and tricks over the years. These have helps me maximise the overall size of my penis and they will for you.

It’s been an interesting journey to say the least. You need the knowledge and of course knowledge is power so read on and get the size you know she deserves.

Read my Six Secrets i’m sure they will be a MASSIVE help to you!

No 1, Get your Penis Out To Play More Often.

That is for sure right ?. Theres been several studies over the past few decades. One such study was carried out by Dr. Pierre Ducant.

This study proved men loose around 20.3% in Penis size by there 50th Birthday. Shocking statistics for sure. But hey don’t be to scared. With this fact out there in the open, i will move swiftly on to the first Secret.

Simple as it is, its a sure fire way to up your size. You have to make use of your Penis as often as possible. If your not in a relationship or have a sexual Partner your should get your self of at least 4 to 5 times a week.

I say this because you need to keep the capillaries within the two main parts of your Penis shaft working and Moving. This regular exercise will not make it bigger or last longer, but it will put pay to the size loss as you get older. The saying working steel is hard to rust springs to mind.

It will keep it in shape and healthy with a healthy sexual function. I know it feel weird to say all this but believe you me we all need to pay more attention to our Penis health and shape.

Think of it like mowing the Grass, That said great sex is so much better than mowing the grass.

No 2, Testosterone Will Definitely change Everything…

Here one for you all, did you know that around 3% of men on earth are born with a Penis size of 9inches or more?. I’m sure you’ve seen these guys in the gym changing room or in the porn flicks out there.

Well The science guys and girls over the past few years have found the secret to this lucky 3% of guys and there huge penis size. The Secret is in your bodies production of Testosterone and its Free testosterone and its Bound Testosterone.

Here Let me explain this a little better for you guys. Testosterone is the main sex hormone within us, it also play’s a huge roll in your bodies physical appearance. It runs several pathways within your bodies systems, including Penis size.

Bound Testosterone accounts for nearly all your bodies testosterone at 90%.

Free Testosterone Accounts for around 10% of the remainder.

Science has proven time and time again that the more free testosterone your body produces the Bigger your Penis Becomes. So the main thing to work on is converting bound testosterone to Free testosterone. Pretty simple it turns out.

The bound testosterone is mainly found in Albumin, which is the fluid protein found in your blood. Or its in the protein known as Globulin which is a sex hormone(SHBG). The process to free up bound testosterone into free testosterone is luckily very simple to.

This truly is the secret to a bigger fuller penis. This my friends is the KEY. The more free testosterone you have the bigger your penis. Resulting in greater expansion and boosted capacity.

One of the best things out there to convert bound to free testosterone is a little herd of ingredient, an ingredient used in a lot of male enhancement supplements. This power house is called. Wait for it.

scrutinized Tribulus Aquaticus, it comes from a country in Europe called Bulgaria. So guys along with other testosterone boosting ingredients featured on you can get the penis size you want. Just look for these ingredients and your there.

No3, You may want to throw away those old Penis Pumps.

As you have probably seen plastered all over the internet and in sex shops alike. Penis pumps are pushed as the only answer to a massive manhood. What they fail to tell you is that excessive use can be very dangerous and really damage your Penis and more.

That’s not to say that with proper use and the right product you can’t get the gains you want. Just don’t and I mean don’t over do it.

They can with excessive use rupture your main capillaries and course irreversible nerve damage. That said if used as I direct in my penis extender videos you can use a few products safely.

If you think pulling a muscle at your gym is painful try ruining you dick with a penis pump. Pretty gruesome stuff I can tell you.

I tend to use them every now and again with my sexual partner as a toy. There’s nothing greater than pumping it up with your girl. And the sensitivity is super awesome.

so if you want size don’t over do the PUMP. You only get one dick.

No4, Don’t Get Your Penis Confused…

If any of you guys go to the gym, Something i gave up many many years ago. You may of heard of a thing called muscle confusion. Muscle confusion is when the muscle your focusing on peaks out and shows no more growth.

This is brought about by the repetition of a specific exercise. So I mean the muscle gets used to the same exercise and shows no visible growth.

The trick here is to switch up your routine in the bedroom. It’s a great tactic which I use on a weekly basis. The plus side is it keeps things interesting in the bedroom and really spices up your sex life. Which not just you but your sexual partner will greatly benefit from.

Usually after I finish up I personally want to grab something to eat have a cigarette and chill. But every now and again with the help of my girl I go straight back in and do it again. This keeps my cock thinking and stops the dreaded Muscle confusion.

So guys mix it up and keep that penis on its toes.

No5, Vitamin E to Boost Your Load.

Guys i’m some what of a Vitamin, mineral and Male Sexual Supplement Guru now After all my Experience in the field. One thing I can tell you with total confidence is this. Vitamin E you may think is just a staple vitamin everyone uses. But That’s where your wrong this little thing packs a massive punch.

If you want to cum bigger and better loads you will need Vitamin E in abundance. It increases sperm production on a huge level. Any physician will be able to tell you this.

If your not sure take this simple step. Take three to four times the recommended amount daily for one week.   Shoot your load and you will be amazed by the results. It really is that simple.

Your semen production really does go into overload when given large quantities of Vitamin E. With the increase in sperm production iv found it increases you thickness to. So come on guys there’s no excuse now, get out and get you some.

No6, Keep off the Drugs.

 The saying drugs are for mugs. Now that is the truth if your after a bigger stronger penis. Synthetic erection pills do far more harm than good.

Don’t get me wrong if you knocking on a bit, say 70 to 80 years old then yeah viagra may make total sense.But If it still works, your penis that is. Just use natural products.

There tons out there that work and work very well. A few you will find featured on this very site.

The problem with pharmaceuticals is they often make you dependant on them. And I can assure you in the end none of them will make your dick bigger and stronger for ever. It’s only a temporary thing with them.

Your penis health is far far to important a thing to risk with these type of products.

Thanks For Reading

Have Fun And Above All Stay Safe


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