My 2017 Travel Trio Pump Set Review:

Travel Trio Pump Set Product Image For Review

Travel Trio Pump Set Product Image For Review

 Travel Trio Pump Set Review:

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Hello and welcome to today’s review is all about Travel Trio Pump Set.

When you’re traveling as a male, you may get urges that need to be satisfied.

There are several things you can take with you to make those masturbation sessions completely amazing.

Instead of buying these toys individually, you can get them in one handy set. You can get all these toys in one box which is called the Travel Trio Pump Set by the company Pipedream.

Here Is What Comes In The Box Set

Here Is What Comes In The Box Set

Inside the Box:

In the box, each of the items are in a plastic tray for easy access. The box has a nice sturdy handle to make carrying it easy for you.

You can take this box with you wherever you go.

Here's The Main Pump

Here’s The Main Pump

Beginner’s Power Pump:

In the box, you’ll find the Beginner’s Power Pump. It’s an 8.75” (22.23 cm) cylinder made out of transparent smoked plastic.

There’s a scale on the side of the pump so you can measure how big you’re getting with the pump. The black sleeve on the base of the tube isn’t the higher quality you normally get from Pipedream.

It smells like cheaper rubber or plastic, but the pump was still useable.

The pump for this device is a handball style pump. It’s made from good quality plastic and rubber.

The device has a quick release valve so you can release the pressure when it’s too much for you.

The pump is a beginner’s pump so you won’t get the pump like you do from other higher quality devices.

It will suffice and do its job for a masturbation session. The pump comes with some nice attachments such as a pussy, asshole, and a mouth to make your session more interesting.

All you do is take the attachment and place this over the opening on the pump base and you’re all set. Each part is made from Fanta-Flesh material and feels realistic. The attachments are a nice touch to this pumping system.

The Bullet That Comes With The Set

The Bullet That Comes With The Set

Vibrating Bullet:

The system also includes a vibrating bullet for added stimulation. You can add this to any of the pump toppers.

The bullet comes with batteries and it’s easy to use. All you do is turn the ring on the end of it from low to high. The bullet has some great vibration.

To get the most out of it, you’ll want to position it downwards so it’s against the balls because when it’s up, it doesn’t do anything.

The Wonderfull Cock Ring You Get In The Set

The Wonderfull Cock Ring You Get In The Set

Cock Ring:

The kit also comes with a cock ring. It’s nice that they added this to the kit because these can really help your session.

Some guys like to use cock rings with their pumps and this is included with the kit so you don’t have to buy a separate one.

To use these properly, you need to remove the hair around the area because this can catch and cause you a lot of pain. You also want to use lube with a cock ring as it makes it easier to put these on and off, plus it eliminates chaffing and other irritation.

Make sure it’s the base of the penis and don’t leave it on passed your session.

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My Conclusion-Travel Trio Pump Set:

The Travel Trio Pump Set is a nice system that will spice up any masturbation session. The pump is a beginner’s one, but it’s perfect for the job. If you want to more vacuum from a pump, you’ll want to buy a more advanced unit.

The bets part of the system is that it’s portable so you can take it wherever you go.

If you feel I have missed anything please feel free to contact me via live chat or the contact form. You can also leave a comment below.

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