Mega-Grip XL Penile Pump Consumer UK Review:

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Mega-Grip XL Penis Pump Review:

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Pipedream makes many different pumps. One of their offerings is the Mega-Grip XL penis pump.

This is one of the better choices for men looking for a penis pump for male enhancement.

Here’s my review of the Mega-Grip XL Penis pump.

All About the Mega-Grip XL Penis Pump:

This product comes with several features and parts you should know about such as:

  1. Hose
  2. Pump handle
  3. Pump Cylinder
  4. Rubber/Soft PVC sleeve
  5. Comes with lubricant
  6. Toy cleaner
  7. Thickening cream
  8. Enhancement ring

To begin to use your pump, just attach the hose to the vacuum cylinder and then the pump handle. Once you do this, just slide the sleeve over the base.

After this is done you are ready to use your pump.

The Cylinder:

The quality of the cylinder is very good. It’s made from a hard acrylic material. It has a /16” thickness so it’s sturdy.

This cylinder will hold up to a lot of use. The cylinder will accommodate most men.

Release Valve:

Located at the top of the cylinder you’ll find the release value.

Just press the button that’s located on the valve. If the valve is a bit loose, just give it a quick turn to fix the issue.

There’s a small O-ring where the valve screws into the pump cylinder. If you have a leak, just make sure the value is tight.

Don’t over tighten this because it can break so be careful with it.


The sleeve is soft made with rubber and PVC. It smells a bit rubbery, but this is standard with all sex toys on the market.

You slide this sleeve onto the cylinder base and then out your penis through the sleeve opening.

The sleeve opening is 1” in diameter and the material is soft. It can accommodate men no matter what their girth is.

The sleeve has a good seal. It’s a bit difficult to get a flaccid penis into the sleeve. By removing the sleeve and applying cream then place the sleeve around your penis.

You can then put the sleeve on the pump cylinder with your penis inside.

This will help men who can’t get an erection before using the pump or who have some sort of ED or erectile dysfunction use.

Hose and Pump Handle:

The handle of the device is made put of ABS plastic and it features a non-slip design. You can squeeze this even if you have slippery hands.

There’s a textured surface so you can maintain your grip, but it’s still easy to clean. The hose may look cheap, but it’s flexible, thick, and good quality.

The hose on this device should last a long time.

Free Items:

The Mega-Grip XL comes with some free items such as lubricant enhancement ring, toy cleaner, and thickening cream.

You can use the enhancement ring or cock ring to keep your erection so you don’t ejaculate as quickly.

Some men may find this ring useful. The lube is water-based and works well.

The thickening cream makes it easy to slide your penis in and out of the pump. The cream helps provide a good seal. 

You need the cream because if you don’t use it can be difficult to get your penis out of the sleeve.

The toy cleaner will help you keep the pump clean after use.

The performance of the Mega-Grip XL Pump:

You need to use the cream when using this pump, but the pump does work well. If you want to engage in sex after using the pump, then you need the cream.

If you don’t use the cream, then getting out of the pump with an erection is going to be difficult. 

As you use the pump, you’ll be able to see your penis rise which indicates that the pump is working.

It will take several pumps before the penis is fully erect. Once this is done you can release the pressure from the valve.

Your erection may shrink some when you do this. This is an indication that the pump can make your penis bigger.

You can then re-pump after you do this to get your erection back. Once you’re done the clean-up process sis easy.

Just unscrew the valve and then rinse the tube and the sleeve in some warm water.

The supplied lubricants will wash off with ease as they are water based. You can use the supplied toy cleaner after this is you want to clean the pump.

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My Conclusion On Mega-Grip XL:

The Mega-Grip XL works well and you’ll have a lot of fun with it.

The accessories included are a bonus as you have everything you need to begin your pumping session. 

Make sure you take your time with it until your used to the pumping process, but you’ll learn how to use the pump in no time at all.

The Mega-Grip XL is a recommended penis pump for men looking for male enhancement.

Although I personally recommend the one I use which I’ve left you the link to the review below along with the best male enhancement pill I have found to compliment any penile pump.

If you feel I have missed anything please feel free to contact me via live chat or the contact form. You can also leave a comment below.

Have Fun And Above All Stay Safe



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