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There are many male enhancement products that you can buy, but some of them can be a little suspicious. 

You may find reviews for products on Amazon for example, that are all positive.  I recently looked at the male enhancement Male Performance Rx which has many positive reviews on Amazon. 

This is always a little suspicious because most of these products don’t have these sorts of glowing reviews or at least have a few negative reviews. 

Here is my review of Male Performance Rx to see if it is one that will work for you.

All About Male Performance Rx:

This is a male enhancement supplement. When doing this review, it was difficult to find information about the product because the official website is quite poor. 

There’s not enough information on in this product so it is hard to find out more about it.  You can find the product on Amazon, but it’s hard to find it elsewhere.

Upon further investigation, I discovered that this product is a fast acting male supplement. You need to take it 2 hours before you engage in sexual activity. 

On the downside, you only get 10 tablets per box so it’s going to be quite expensive as it will cost you around $4.50 per pill. 

This makes it more expensive when you compare it to other male supplements which have 30 or more pills per bottle.

The Ingredients:

One of the most important things that you need to do is to determine what’s in your male supplement to see if it includes ingredients that are known to work in the male enhancement industry.

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The main ingredients in Male Performance Rx include:

  • Herba Cistanches Extract
  • herba epimedium Extract
  • Cornu Cervi Extract
  • Radix Ginseng
  • Radix Glycyrrhizae
  • Fructus Lychii
  • Bulbus Lily
  • Fructus Schiandae

These ingredients are a bit different because they’re not found in other male supplements that you can buy on the market. 

These ingredients are unique, but it’s not known if these ingredients will actually work for male enhancement.

My Conclusion:

On Amazon, there’s a lot of positive reviews about this product. Despite this fact, the official website is very poorly done. 

If a product has such glowing reviews, you would think that it would have more information on the website to promote the product. 

If you look at the reviews many of the reviewers have only used Male Performance RX so this is very suspicious.

You’re simply not enough information about this product online to recommend it. Amazon is notorious for false reviews. 

It is not enough information about the ingredients, possible side effects, and other information that you need before you buy a male enhancement. 

The company needs to update the website and provide testimonials from real users before this product can be recommended for anyone looking for real results with a male enhancement product.

Have Fun And Above All Stay Safe

Warm Regards

Tim Smith

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