Maca & Penis Enlargement:

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Maca is a root vegetable that you’ll find in high altitude regions of Peru as well as a few other areas. This is a very common ingredient that you’ll find in male supplements for penis enlargement.

This is also a common food that is eaten by certain cultures.

Maca is considered to be an aphrodisiac and it’s often given to livestock to increase their fertility. You take it as a food, powder, or in a pill form.

It’s sometimes turned into Maca Chicha which is a fermented drink. Maca is full of amino acids and fatty acids so it’s also very healthy for you. It should be consumed with meals for best results and you should take about 1500-3000 mg of it.


  • Helps improve testosterone levels
  • It’s considered to be an aphrodisiac
  • It can increase sex drive
  • Wil improve fertility
  • Can improve semen fertility and quality
  • Can reduce swelling of the prostate

Maca and Penis Enlargement:

It’s not known exactly how Maca impacts libido, but studies have shown that it can improve male libido. It improves blood flow, so you get a better erection.

Maca can also improve semen quality, decrease anxiety, reduce swelling of the prostate, and won’t impact your normal hormones.


Studies have shown on rats that Maca improves sexual function and improved the rats that suffered from erectile dysfunction. It was also shown to be a powerful aphrodisiac in other studies.

One study showed that it increased the size of the rat’s testicles. Maca has also been shown to reduce prostate size.


If you’re doing penis enlargement routines, then adding Maca to your supplementation is going to be beneficial to you.

This supplement has been shown to work through many clinical studies for male enhancement and better overalls sexual function. It can be taken as a food as well so it’s the perfect choice to add to shakes and smoothies as a powder supplement.

My Conclusion:

Maca is one of the better supplements for better male sexual function. It can be consumed in various ways, so it can be added to the daily diet without much effort.

It can improve libido and give you a better erection. It has healthy fatty acids as well as essential amino acids that the body needs for improved health along with better sexual health.

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