Libido Max Soft Gel Review:

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Libido Max The Truth Behind Applied Nutrition’s Male Enhancement Liquid Soft Gel.Libido Max, Let’s get into this Soft Gel Male Enhancement Supplement.

Libido Max claims a fair few sexual benefits to help people like you and I. And here’s a few of their claims.

Their Claims:

  1. A boost in Erection Size and Strength
  2. A boost in your Performance
  3. Boost in stamina
  4. A boost in want and desire for sex
  5. Quick Acting Liquid Soft Gels

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What Libido Max say about their product. So as you can see the above benefits are very appealing for guys like us. here’s a brief rundown of Libido Max’s take on things.

To begin with, the main benefit is the fact they come in Liquid soft gel form.

This is great purely because a Liquid soft gel supplement enables the intake of the ingredients within their Power Extending Formula that much quicker, due to the fast breakdown of the Male Enhancement Liquid soft gel.

That’s a Bonus, right? well, ill go into that a little further on as it’s not always the case.

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That said the size of this male enhancement Liquid Soft-Gel supplement is huge. When I say Huge I mean too big in my eyes.

The next Benefit Applied Nutrition claim is the so-called fact that their Power Extending Formula is Doctor Developed.

To be honest, whenever I see this I am a little weary as it kind of seems they are using it as a Purely sales technique. It was written in red on the front of the box and bottle I received. So it is a little bit in your face.

It was written in red on the front of the box and bottle I received. So it is a little bit in your face.

The recommended dosage of Libido Max By Applied Nutrition is as follows. I was told to take 1 to 4 of these Huge Liquid soft gels daily for maintenance and for a good response to take up to 4 an hour before I wanted to have sex.

Then they state not to exceed a daily recommended dose of 4 of these monstrous things.

The Ingredients:

Here are a Few of there the ingredients within Libido Max By Applied Nutrition. Click the green text and you can read and watch my videos explaining the full benefits of each.

  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Tribulus Extract
  • Yohimbe Extract
  • Maca Powder
  • L-Arginine
  • Ginger Extract
  • Bioperine

As you can see with Libido Max‘s list of ingredients there are a few really beneficial things they take the time to include in their power Extending formula.

These are Maca, Horny Goat Weed and Bioperine. I have seen these used time and time again in many male enhancement products iv reviewed and trialled over the years.

A lot of these ingredients iv taken the time to compile articles of, under the category sexual enhancement Herbs.

This is because in the right inclusion rates and in the right formulas they really can work wonders for a whole host of sexually related issues.

But the real trick is the amount included the quality and the other ingredients that run and work alongside them.

The ingredient L-Arginine is a widely proven and used aid to increase blood flow. It does help greatly with the increased blood flow into our sexual organs.

And is a big contributor to obtaining and maintaining a healthy erection.

They also provide you with a contact form which is a good thing as you can fire away any questions or queries relating to Libido Max By Applied Nutrition.

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My Personal Results:

Well, I began my trial back in 2015, Libido Max Had Been Requested For Trial by a few of my followers on youtube and here on

So I was intrigued as to what this big brand could actually do. And whether all the hype was true.

Starting with my order. I went to Walgreens online store and had a good read of their sales pitch. A little over the top it has to be said. But I had already committed to giving it a full test so nothing was going to stop me now.

I ordered the 2 bottles containing 75 soft gels in each. Purely to give it a true test. They are very reasonably priced at under 10 Dollars a bottle.

This is not always what I would advise as you really do get what you pay for in the male enhancement market and it was a bit on the cheap side. This usually means they compromise on quality.

The package arrived on time. It took around a week and as I was in the UK at the time it was fairly quick as it came all the way from the USA. It came in plain packaging which is also great as it’s a little more low key.

Upon opening the boxes and popping open the bottles the main thing that got me was the enormous size of the Libido-Max Liquid Sof Gels.

I’m by no means squeamish but having to swallow these bad boys was a real struggle. Lot’s of water needed to get these down for sure.

So I began the use as stated I only took 2 a day for maintenance and on the days I made love I would take the other 2 around an hour before having sex as advised.

The Pros:

  1. Let me tell you the blood flow to my penis was greatly improved and it really did boost my erection noticeable.
  2. I really did see a positive push in my sexual desire and libido.

The Cons:

  1. With those benefits comes a really crappy side effect. Just as I got into the swing of things with my Sexual partner at the time I began to feel a little sick in the stomach. Don’t get me wrong the erection was great and I was really enjoying it, and the sensation was heightened in my penis.
  2. But every time I began to thrust and speed up I began to feel sick and get pains in the back of my head. this didn’t give in and my heart was really beating hard. I found this too uncomfortable and slowed to a stop.
  3. I tried to finish myself off through masturbation with a little help from my partner but a headache was still there.
  4. As you can imagine I was a little pissed as I had a whole lot of Libido Max left. But hey you live and learn.

My Personal Conclusion:

I’m going to conclude this review and say guys this one really wasn’t for me. Yes its cheap and it’s not going to break the bank.

Yes, you would get a few noticeable gains and benefits. But the side effects of this one really turned me off. And I would not recommend it to you guys. But as always we all need to make up our own minds.

My #1 Choice – Max Performer

Max Performer product image for review articleI have personally tested over 40 different male enhancement pills. Max Performer Pills I have found to be the most effective. It gives good solid results and all feed back from customers is positive.

Max Performer pills boost’s stamina/energy and libido. As well as being the best in its class. At helping give better quality erections that stay stiffer and harder for longer.

Now PROVEN through extensive use. Max Performer is set to become a house hold name in male enhancement.

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Have Fun And Above All Stay Safe

Warm Regards

Tim Smith

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