Lasting Longer in the Bedroom:

Here Is A Couple Enjoying A Healthy Sexlife

Here Is A Couple Enjoying A Healthy Sexlife

Lasting Longer in the Bedroom:

Hello and welcome to today let’s chat about How to last longer in bed.

If you want to last longer in bed, this guide is for you. I teach men how they can gain control of their ejaculation for better sex.

This guide contains proven techniques that will help you last longer and techniques that will work for any man looking to have better sex.

These methods come from the Ejaculation Freedom Program, but the information I give you here is free.

If you’re currently lasting only five minutes in the bedroom, and want to last longer, this guide is for you. These techniques will help you if you struggle to last in the bedroom.

Here's How To Last Longer In Bed

Here’s How To Last Longer In Bed

How to Last Longer in bed:

I’ll show you tow cooldown techniques you can use in the bedroom tonight.

I’m going to teach you how to breathe correctly and explain the best positions and sexual techniques so you last longer during sexual activity.

You’ll learn about three training techniques which teach you how to control your ejaculation muscles.

I show you ways to put negative thoughts out of your head so you’re a champion in the bedroom.

You Need To Cool Down To Last Longer In Bed

You Need To Cool Down To Last Longer In Bed

Cool Down Techniques:

To start, you need some cool down techniques. These are actions that you can perform so you cool down during sex and come down from almost orgasming.

These techniques will help you gain confidence in the bedroom.

If you’re not lasting in the bedroom you tend to panic which just makes the problem worse and you soon lose control and have an orgasm too soon.

If you use cool down techniques, you’re less likely to feel that way during sex and will last longer.

These techniques are easy to learn, but you can’t overuse them as they are more of an insurance policy so you don’t orgasm right away.

Once you have better skills, you won’t need to use these techniques at all since you’ll have greater ejaculation control.

My full guide which is free will teach you ten separate cooldown techniques that you can use in the bedroom.

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The TBP Method

The TBP Method

TBP Method:

This method was developed after working with clients for several years and it’s very easy to learn. You can use this technique tonight if you like in the bedroom.

TBP stands for Tongue, Back, Push. There’s three parts to it and when you begin to feel your arousal level rising, you want to use it, but before you reach the point of no return.

You want to take the tip of your tongue and run this in a circular fashion around the tip of your mouth.

This can be done with your mouth closed so your partner doesn’t notice what you’re doing. This may seem weird, but it does work.

At the same time, you do this run your hands up and down the back for your partner in long strokes. Go up to the shoulders and then back down the lower back, just avoid the butt.

If you’re in a position where you can’t reach her back, then just rub your hands up and down the lower legs as well as her side.

You want to tune in to how her skin feels, this will be explained later.

The final thing you want to do is push your PC muscle. You want to push out like you were going to have a bowel movement.

You want to visualise pushing out and then releasing all the tension within. You want to hold it for 5 seconds and then release.

You can relax for 5 seconds and then do it again. You can change it up a bit depending upon what works the best for you.

Here's Why The TBP Method Works

Here’s Why The TBP Method Works

Why It Works:

During sex, most men have a very narrow focus. They don’t take into consideration all of the other sensations they are experiencing.

This trick will bring you out of that state. The push part will help you remove tensions from your muscle sin the pelvic region.

This will distract you from only focusing on your genitals, but you’re kept in the moment as you have sex.

What you don’t ant to do is count or think of something disgusting. You’ll find this on many sex sites, but it’s one of the worst things which rarely works for ejaculation control.

The PBT methods works because your partner won’t even know that you’re doing anything. The extra attention you pay to her back will also be something she enjoys.

You Hit Snooze You Loose

You Hit Snooze You Loose

The Snooze Button:

You can use this one as your last line of defence. In involves manually stopping yourself from ejaculating.

You must know the difference between an orgasm and an ejaculation. These are two physical actions and they often occur together, but don’t have to.

This technique will cool you down and you’ll have an orgasm, but you’ll stop your ejaculation.

There’s a spot between the scrotum and the anus and as you start to climax you can press on this area and hold it through your orgasm.

You will have strong contractions during this so keep holding this until the contractions are over.

You should practice this in your own, but you don’t want to overdue the technique. You want to use this technique as a last line of defence when you have an emergency.

In my full Guide, I teach 10 full cool down techniques. The other methods are more powerful, but they must be combined with other training methods to work well.

It's All About Your Minset

It’s All About Your Mindset

How to Have the Right Mindset:

Some will tell you that if you can’t last in bed, it’s a mental program and that the problem is all in your head, but I’m NOT one of these people as it’s mostly a physical problem.

Therefore, the physical training techniques I teach are more effective. Having said this, there are mental factors that do play a role.

If you can’t regulate your mental focus, perceptions, and your thoughts before and after you have sex this can sabotage you subconsciously so you lose control during sex.

In my full program, I go through a full checklist and so you easy actions that you can take to get the thoughts in your head working for you. Here’s a few things you can do to get started.

It's All About Lightening Up Man

It’s All About Lightening Up Man

Lighten Up the Mood:

You can convince yourself at times, that it’s the end of the world if you have an early ejaculation during sex, but you need to put things into perspective.

If you put pressure on yourself during sex, then you’ll tense up and you won’t be able to last during sex.

It's All About Talking Man

It’s All About Lightening Up Man

Talk to Your Partner:

Many guys are reluctant to talk to their partners, but by doing this you’ll take pressure off yourself and your sex life will benefit from this.

Your partner is going to be understanding and you can work on the problem together.

A woman is only going to get upset with you in you think you don’t care about them and are not willing to correct the issues.

If you’re working techniques to control your ejaculation, let her know about them so she can help.

Switch Your Mindset

Switch Your Mindset

Switch Focus:

You shouldn’t focus on your performance and yourself. Many guys that last in bed do this without even realising that they are doing it.

You must switch your focus to your partner. You need to focus on how it feels. Focus on her legs, hair, back, and not just the sexual areas of her body.

It's About Learning New Skills

It’s About Learning New Skills

Physical Skills of Ejaculation Control:

Your mindset is going to only go so far for you, you need the physical skills. You can’t play a sport for example, without having the skills even if you have tonnes of confidence, it isn’t going to work. You need training so you’ll last longer in the bedroom.

Here’s some techniques that you can use.

Anchored Breathing Is A Must

Anchored Breathing Is A Must

Anchor the Breathing:

To last longer in the bedroom you need the right breathing techniques. If you’re not breathing right, you’re going to struggle to maintain control of your ejaculation.

If you breathe in the right way, this relaxes the muscles so you don’t have tension in the body.

Many sex sites say you need to breathe deeply when you have arousal, but by this time it’s too late and you’ll end up having an ejaculation.

You want to begin deep breathing, even before you have sex.

Just Breath Guy's Breath

Just Breath Guy’s Breath

Breathing During Sex:

To last longer in bed, you need diaphragmatic breathing. You want to breathe steadily through the nose for about fifteen seconds.

You want to visualise the air being pulled deep into your body. While you do this, don’t tense the muscles. Hold this for about three seconds.

You want to breathe out evenly and at a steady pace through the mouth for 20 seconds. You don’t want to rush this. Try to visualise the tensions leaving the body from deep within the core of your body.

Make sure you have a comfortable position and do five sets of this. Once you get the hang of it, then its just going to be an automatic thing.

Once you have correct breathing, this will give you a solid foundation to work from. When you ejaculate it’s always co tolled by the involuntary muscle tension in the body.

You want to reduce this tension during each stage of your sexual arousal. If you use the right breathing methods, then this gets you started out right.

This can be used before and during sexual activity and you’ll also get a powerful one you can use to cool the body down quickly.

You can use visualisation as well as meditation techniques which are also included.

Say It With Body Language

Say It With Body Language

Reading Your Sexual Responses and Acting on Them:

You may it feel in control now, but your body wants to work with you. The body sends signals when you have sex, but most men just misinterpret these signals.

It’s very simple to listen to these signals in the body.

Try And Control Your Reactions

Try And Control Your Reactions

Conditioning and Ejaculation Control:

The methods I have explained already should help you out. To develop your staying power, you need some physical training.

You probably don’t know what the physical mechanism of your ejaculation is.

This is a simple thing to understand. There’s one muscle group that’s responsible for ejaculation.

These are the PC muscles and we’re going to learn how to control these muscles. If these muscles are relaxed, then it’s almost impossible to ejaculate.

You don’t want to tense these muscles.

It's About The Edging Technique

It’s About The Edging Technique


Many techniques such as the squeeze method, stop and start, as well as edging have been around for a long time.

These are taught by many sex counsellors and you’ll find the techniques in books. My clients found that this information wasn’t enough for them.

I did a lot of research and came up with some very powerful techniques that you can use. There’s some advanced edging techniques that you can use.

You’ll be able to use these edging techniques so you have more resistance to intense stimulation during sex.

As you learn these techniques you’ll gain more ejaculation control.

The Kegel Excersises

The Kegel Exercises


There’s a lot of training online that tells men to use Kegels, but a lot of that material won’t help you last very long in the bedroom and your problem may even get worse.

While Kegels are very good at improving the control of your PC muscles, these exercises don’t help you gain control over the muscles.

Lasting longer in bed isn’t about strength, it’s about control. The flexing and tensing of these muscles is what triggers ejaculation.

You don’t want to strengthen without some boost to your control. Standard Kegels tend to so this, so I recommend a safe and more effective Kegel exercise called Stamina Kegels

Stamina Guy's Stamina

Stamina Guy’s Stamina

Stamina Kegels:

This exercise doesn’t focus on force; they train your ability to release tension from the PC muscles. You want to focus on isolating the muscles and controlling them without flexing any of the areas that surround them.

It’s more of a mental process than a physical one.

It doesn’t take long to build your muscle memory so after one week of daily five-minute training sessions, you’ll be able to relax your PC muscles when ever you want.

You need to be careful with random information online as much of it isn’t correct and you may make your ejaculation problem worse.

Tactics Are A Must In The Bedroom

Tactics Are A Must In The Bedroom

Lasting Longer in bed with the Right Tactics and Techniques:

There’s some sexual positions that will cause you to have an ejaculation sooner than other ones will.

Many think is because of how the penis is being stimulated, but there’s more to it than that.

Some positions require more muscle tension that others do and these positions will make you ejaculate sooner.

The excess tensions that you feel will travel through the body and they go straight to the pelvic area and the ejaculatory muscles.

Many men don’t release this is happening until it’s too late. You can make some small adjustment to keep this from happening to you.

There’s specific sexual techniques that you can learn and switch to at certain times. 

These techniques still allow you to have sex while you’re cooling down, but still stimulate your partner.

You don’t want to stray and stop during sex as many women don’t like this.

You should use these techniques instead of stop and start because they are more effective. I’m not including these techniques this site as they are too explicit.

Start Lasting Longer

Start Lasting Longer

Start Lasting as Long as You Want:

In this portion of the program, it’s all about getting yourself in a “zone.” This is where you stop worrying about your ejaculation and just relax the muscles and forget about things.

You forget about the “what-ifs” and you focus on the woman you’re with. This is what sex is all about and I will show you hoe to get into this state all the time.

There’s a method that you can use to reach this state. “You can check that out in my new Guide Here”

This is where you’ll go from lasting fifteen minutes to as long as you require. This is what we called Ejaculation Freedom and you’re going to love it.

Advanced Techniques

Advanced Techniques

Do You Want to Learn These Advanced Techniques Right now?:

Many women need about fifteen minutes of straight sex before they can orgasm. You must look at this as being the bare minimum for any sex session.

If you can already last in average about five minutes, then you should go and try what I have showed you before you try the full program. If you’re struggling to last five minutes, then you want to keep reading.

Once you read my guide, you’ll have a full understanding on how your ejaculatory systems works and you’ll learn may ways to train yourself so you last longer in bed.

Many men simply give up because they can’t last in bed. If you’re reading this now it shows that you’re not that type of man.

This shows me that you’re the type of man that these methods and techniques are going to work for you.

I have a lot of faith in my Guide as I have seen it work for thousands of men just like you. If you follow my straightforward methods, it’s going to work for you too.

Image saying results for results section of super Vialipro pills review

My Personal Conclusion:

Well, there you have it. This method works well with sprays, pills, gels, creams and other methods that are out there to help you last longer in the bedroom.

With my Guide, you’re guaranteed to see improvements with each method that you learn which will make it easier to learn and improve upon the other methods you have already learned.

For example, when you learn the cool down methods you’ll be taking pressure off yourself and this will make it easier to get the mental conditioning to where it needs to be.

If you have better mental conditioning, then the other sections of the program are easier to learn. Once you work through the sections you’ll reach what is called the tipping point.

When you reach the tipping point this is where you realise that you’re in control of your bodies signals and responses.

Your relaxed and you’re breathing properly and you have the emergency tactics that you can use should you need them.

You’ll have the confidence that you need as you release the tension from your body. This is the same tension that works against you during sex.

You’ll be able to enjoy sex again and focus on your partner. You’ll no longer have any embarrassment and you’ll be able to enjoy sex again.

So without much further ado punch in your E-Mail and I’ll send over the full guide,

Have Fun And Above All Stay Safe



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