How Saw Palmetto Helps:

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One of the most popular herbs used in male enhancement is Saw Palmetto. This herb is safe to take and offer many different benefits to male health and sexual performance.

Understanding Saw Palmetto:

Serenoa Repens or Saw Palmetto is a plant that looks a bit like a palm and it’s indigenous to Florida. Most herbal Saw Palmetto supplements are made from the plant’s berries.

Saw Palmetto has been used in both traditional and non-traditional medicine. Saw Palmetto extract contains various phytosterols which were used by American Indians to treat sexual dysfunction as well as unitary tract infections.

Mayans used Saw Palmetto to create a drink which they claimed gave them a lot of energy.

Health Benefits of Saw Palmetto:

Many men use Saw Palmetto to treat prostate enlargement as men tend to experience this as they get older. Some of the problems that occur because of prostate enlargement are decreased sexual function and more frequent urination. There are other benefits to taking Saw Palmetto such as the following:

  1. Less risk of baldness
  2. Can cure asthma as well as coughs
  3. May be able to treat migraine headaches
  4. Can treat respiratory infections and bronchitis

How Saw Palmetto Helps with Male Enhancement:

We know that Saw Palmetto helps with prostate health, but Saw Palmetto can also help with male enhancement.  Saw Palmetto can help increase testosterone levels in the body.

Researchers discovered that Saw Palmetto can prevent testosterone from breaking down into dihydrotestosterone. The study showed that it reduced break down by up to 40%.

Researchers at the University of Maryland said that by taking 160 milligrams of Saw Palmetto extract it can produce optimal testosterone levels.

Men can also double the dosage on advice from a physician. When you have more testosterone in the body, these leads to a higher libido. When you have a better libido sex can be more exciting even if you have been with the same person for many years.

When you decrease dihydrotestosterone, you can also reduce the risks of baldness that is common with men.

Side Effects and Safety of Saw Palmetto:

In the EU, many urologists prescribe supplements which contain Saw Palmetto for men that have prostate issues.  This herbal extract is safer than taking pharmaceutical medications and can provide real results.

There may be some mild side effects for men that take Saw Palmetto. Some side effects that may occur can be diarrhoea, constipation, or an upset stomach. These side effects usually occur when a person first takes Saw Palmetto.

It’s important to take a quality supplement and follow the dosage recommendations which will reduce side effects or other problems. If you have medical issues such as an enlarged prostate, see your doctor before you take Saw Palmetto.

My Conclusion:

Saw Palmetto can help with male enhancement. It can improve sexual function and raise testosterone levels in the body. It’s safe to take, but if you have any medical issues see a doctor before you begin to use this supplement for male enhancement.

Now there is no real need to spend your hard earned money trying to achieve a better quality sex life, you need to know what works and how and know where to get it.

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Have Fun And Above All Stay Safe

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