HMB & Penis Enlargement:

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In Leucine, you’ll find HMB which is a metabolite and mediates the effects that you get form Leucine. HMB has the technical term of Hydroxy Methylbutyrate and it’s been used by bodybuilders and other athletes.

They use HMB because it helps prevent muscle protein breakdown whibeenas been shown to be the case in many clinical trials. It’s used to prevent muscle atrophy and really isn’t that effective for muscle growth.

HMB can help mitigate muscle atrophy to some extent and can be effective for a long-term muscle building routine.

Can HMB Help with Penis Enlargement?:

HMB is effective for:

  • Improving body composition and strength
  • Gives you more power performance during exercise
  • Minimizes the damage to muscles during workouts

Studies have looked at HMB and how it impacts circulation, non-muscle body tissues, recovery rates, growth hormone, and testosterone, but there have been no benefits were seen as a result of the studies.

HMB can reduce body fat around the base of the penis and this can show more of the penis, so you look bigger.

If you need to lose weight, you can take HMB and a reduction in fat can make the penis look bigger because more of it has been exposed. In terms of direct impact on penis enlargement, HMB won’t do much for you.


HMB won’t impact your penis enlargement results, but it can help you improve your overall general health, so it can be beneficial in health terms, just not penis enlargement.

There are other ingredients that will be more beneficial for your PE routines as HMB isn’t going to help you. If you want to improve your health, take 3 grams each day of HMB.

It’s better to supplement as you won’t get the recommended amount in food. You can find it in milk, Catfish, and citrus fruits, but a supplement is your best bet.

My Conclusion:

HMB is a good supplement in terms of your overall general health as it can help your muscle recovery after exercise and help you lose fat.

HMB isn’t going to help you with penis enlargement so you should find something else which will give you more benefits during your penis enlargement routines.

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