Glutamine & Penis Enlargement:

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Using Glutamine for Penis Enlargement:

I consider L-Glutamine to be a non-essential amino acid. It’s important for protein synthesis, some physiological functions, and for cell energy.

There’s been quite a bit of medical research done on Glutamine which shows it’s effective for muscle growth, accelerated healing, intestinal functions, and immune function. Glutamine is often used by athletes and by bodybuilders.

Glutamine and Penis Enlargement:

Glutamine has been shown to accelerate healing and it’s given to a patient that is undergoing cancer therapy or have AIDS. Many diets are deficient in glutamine, so it can be beneficial to add this to your normal diet.

If you’re doing penis enlargement techniques this ingredient can help heal blood vessels, ligaments, and the smooth muscle of the penis.

The penis goes through a lot of wear when doing exercises such as jelquing or other penis stretching routines.

The cells are broken down in the penis and need to be repaired so glutamine can help in this area.

If you take glutamine, you’ll be able to do more robust routines to increase the size of your penis as it will heal faster.

Some say that Glutamine can help release human growth hormone in the body, but there’s no evidence to back up these claims.

What Glutamine Can Do:

  • Provides protein so the body can repair penile tissue
  • Gives you more endurance as well as sexual excitability
  • Reduces stress so you have a better psychological state


You should add glutamine to your penis enlargement routine. It can help with recovery, so your penis will grow in less time.

It can help regular muscle just as much as it can help your penis in terms of growth. Don’t take it if you have liver disease, mania, MSG sensitivity or suffer from Cirrhosis as there may be some complications with it. Consult with your doctor if you have any questions about using glutamine.

My Conclusion:

Glutamine can be part of your penis enlargement routine. You can take it on its own, or as a part of a supplement for the best results.

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