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Penis Growth, Exercise The Eazy Way:

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Welcome to, So here are some of the best and most awesome and effective ways to naturally enhance the overall size of your penis through easy to learn and use exercises.

Here’s a Review that I know will give you the details you need to get big in the penis department.

You may not think of it, but it’s possible to get a larger penis with exercises. You may not be currently satisfied with your own sex life or have just wanted a larger penis so sex is more satisfying for you.

I can say that this is, in fact, possible as I have gained around 2.5 inches in three months’ time. Here are some of the exercises you can do that will work for you too.

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My Comprehensive Research:

I began my journey towards a larger penis by doing some research. I realized that surgery wasn’t for me a sit’s very expensive, and there can be complications.

What I discovered was that there are some exercises that are very beneficial to creating larger size. There are various exercises that you can do. Some of these exercises are for beginners and others are for those that are at a more advanced level.

I had a lot of success with the exercises I did, so therefore I created this enlargement guide so you can have the same success that I did. You won’t need any expensive equipment to perform any of these exercises and you can get started with them right away.

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Importance Of Penis Measurement:

The first thing you need to do is measure your penis correctly. Many people don’t do this in the right way so they get a wrong measurement.

A cloth measuring tape is your best bet to measure your penis in the right way. You should measure your penis in the flaccid state and start the measurement from the side.

You want to stand up and extend your penis in front of you. Don’t stretch it or try to make it any longer when you do this, it should just be natural. With one hand put the measuring tape at the side of the penis and then write down the inches.

You Erect Penile Length:

The erect length is the most important aspect of measurement as you’ll want to gain more length when it’s hard. You want a 100% erection when you measure the erect length. Put the measuring tape at the side of the penis and mark down the measurement.

Your Erect Penile Girth Size:

To measure the erect girth of the penis you can wrap the measuring tape around the penis. It’s best to do this around the middle of the penis shaft. You want to stand up and make sure you have a 100% hard-on when you do this. Place the measuring tape around the penis and make sure it’s comfortable and not tight.

Your Flaccid Penile Girth Size:

Getting an accurate flaccid girth is a bit difficult because this can vary a great deal. It’s best to do this from the center of the penis. Just stand up straight and put the measuring tape around the middle of the penis and measure it this way.

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Here Are My Top Exercise Tips:

Before you begin the exercises, you need to ensure you have some sort of lubrication. You don’t want to chafe the skin or injure your penis in any way as you perform these exercises.

The lubricant should be comfortable to use and not dry put as you’ll need it to last throughout the exercise that you’re doing. Some options are baby oil and Vaseline as you may already have these in your home or you can use another option that you like.

You may also want to cut the pubic hair because it can cause irritation when you perform the exercises.

Warm up and Warm Down Must Do:

You need to warm up because this will reduce the chance of injury. This warm up will take about 8-10 minutes.

To warm up, take a towel or cloth and get this wet with hot water. Remove all the water and then wrap this hot cloth around the shaft and the testicles.

Hold this for 2 minutes and then repeat the process for another 2 minutes. Perform the warm-up 3 times and then dry off the testicles and shaft.

To warm down just massage the penis in its flaccid state for 2-3 minutes. Many exercises will have warm-ups and cool downs as a part of the regime. Now that you’re ready, let’s get on with the exercises.

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Effective Penis Enlargement Exercises:

In the past, doctors and the media claimed that penis exercises don’t work. Currently, there’s a lot of positive news about penis enlargement exercises.

Many experts are now coming up with exercises that enlarge the penis. Despite the good news, there are very few programs that work. One program that does work is called John Collin’s Penis Enlargement Bible. It has a two-step method to gain penis length.

Many marketers these days try to sell products and methods that don’t work at all so you need to be careful about what you buy if you decide to purchase a penis enlargement program.

We did our research into the John Collin’s Penis Enlargement program and here are some of the exercises from that program below.

Top Banana Kegel/PC Muscle Exercise:

One of the best exercises for enlargement is the Kegel exercise. This will allow for more girth as well as length. The exercise also gives you more control of your ejaculation.

This is a great exercise if you suffer from premature ejaculation which is a very common problem.

Performing the Kegel Exercise;

The first thing you need to do is find the PC muscle. This is located between the anus and the scrotum. If you hold the urine stream as you pee, this is the PC muscle.

Another way to do this is to get an erection and move the penis left and right without touching it as this is also the PC muscle at work.

Exercise One:

Contraction & Relaxing The PC Muscle:

This method works well for penis enlargement. You want more blood to flow into the penis when you get an erection. With more blood flow, you’ll have a larger erection.

Try to do 24 contractions and relaxations. Once this is done relax for about 5 seconds and then do them again. If this number is too high, try 16 contractions and relaxations and then work your way up to more.

Exercise Two:

Contraction & Breathing:

Start by making sure you’re breathing normally. You want to connect the contractions with your breathing. muscle gradually and slowly and do this until you can’t do it any longer.

After this, hold your breath and count to 20. Once the 20 count is up, release the PC muscle. Practice this until you can make it to one minute.

Exercise Three:

Climb the Hill:

This exercise will increase the PC muscle intensity. Hold the PC muscle gently and keep this hold for 5 seconds. The next contraction should be more difficult than the previous one.

Once you can get to a deep contraction, hold it for 5 minutes and then repeat from the beginning.

Exercise Four:

The Tidal Wave:

In this exercise, you want to start with a light contraction. Instead of releasing the contraction, you want to increase the intensity of it.

Do the exercise for 3-4 minutes at a time and hold the contraction for 30 seconds when you can’t do it any longer.

Penis Stretch:

A penis stretch is another great exercise for penis enlargement, is a penis stretch. This works well because it increases the penis length.

The girth isn’t as well represented by this penis stretching exercise. You need to ensure that you have the right lubrication before you perform this exercise as you don’t want pain or irritation to occur.

Twirl Method:

To perform this method, use the “OK” sign to grasp your penis. make sure you hold the penis just below the penis glans. Move the penis, left, right, upward and downward slowly and gently.

You want to rotate the penis 5 times clockwise and then five times anti-clockwise.

Slap and Pull Method:

Create the “OK” sign and use the left forefinger and thumb. Move the penis left, right, up and down and then slap the penis in the left hand 15 times and then right 15 times.

Advanced Techniques

Advanced Slap and Twirl:

This uses a combination of the previous two methods. You want to perform the previous exercise and be comfortable with them before you do this exercise.

Hold the penis with the “OK” sign. Move the penis left, right, up, and down. Rotate it clockwise and anti-clockwise for 15 times each. next slap the penis on the left and then the right leg 30 times each. This makes one set of this exercise.

The Original Jelqing Exercise:

Another popular exercise for penis enlargement is the jelq. This is also called milking and it’s much like milking a cow.

The exercise is very effective and it’s why many people recommend it for enlargement. When you get gains from jelqing, they will remain with you. You need to ensure that you have proper lubrication when you do this exercise.

It’s also a very good idea to do the warmup routine discussed above before you do these exercises. There are two methods for jelqing discussed below.

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 The Wet Jelqing Move:

The Wet Jelq is also called wet milking. Make sure you use lubricant when you perform this. Make sure you apply more lubricant if the penis dried out during the exercise. Create the “OK sign with your left hand and hold it at the bottom of the penis.

Use the right hand and bring the penis forward and keep the left palm facing outward. Then you want to move the left hand from the bottom tot he top of the penis. Do the jelq with a 50-70%

Do the jelq with a 50-70% erection. if your erection is 100% then stop doing the exercise and wait for a 50-70% erection. If you get the urge to ejaculate, try not to do this as you’ll get better results with the jelq.

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The Well Known Dry Jelq:

This is like wet milking, but you don’t need any lubricant to perform this exercise. Dry jelqing will work just as well as wet milking, but there’s no cleanup involved. You do need to stretch the penis and warm-up before you perform the dry jelq. It’s up to you to decide if you want to do a wet or a dry jelq

Jelqing Routine

  1. warmup for about 5 minutes
  2. Stretch the penis for 5 minutes
  3. Basic Jelq 10 minutes
  4. Warm down 5 minutes

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Your Exercise Routine:

Make sure you do these exercises on a regular basis. You don’t have to do them every day, just make sure it’s on a consist basis. A good routine is 4 days a week.

Make sure you do the exercises carefully so you don’t get an injury You should get results in about six weeks. If you want to increase the process, then try John Collins Penis Enlargement Bible as this will work well and with the 2-step method you’ll get results of about 1-2 inches in about 30 days.

Now, these exercises are the best and most effective that can be used to get your penis permanently bigger. You HAVE TO keep a regular routine and YOU WILL get some great results.

It’s just about getting into a routine and getting used to doing these exercises every day.

I would always advise the use of a good quality Male Enhancement Pill along with this type of penis exercise routine as it can really produce some amazing results.

I hope you find the time to give these a try and get some massive results.

Have fun and above all stay safe



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